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I love the Captain’s advice. I’d like to add a story of how I managed a similar call situation.

For awhile in my 20s my mother would call me at home when I was at work. (She had my work number.)

She’d start calling at around 10am, and finish around 4pm. The messages on my answering machine would get progressively more upset (both worried and angry). Her thought process was that it would be interrupting to call my office, and surely I picked up the messages from my answering machine. (I didn’t)

Eventually she stopped. Instead she’d call me at work, we’d chat for a few minutes, and that would be that.

I no longer have an answering machine, nor a land line. Even so, if she wants me she calls only once.

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Why does my mom call me everyday?


100% of Deposit Amount

Credit Limit

Classic – MMK 2 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs

Gold – MMK 10 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs

Silver – MMK 10 Lakhs to Maximum Credit Limit 300 Lakhs

Period of Facility

3 Years

Billing Cycle

On 15th of each month

No Interest Period (applicable only for full payment)

45 Days (Starting from beginning of billing dateand end on the payment due date)

Interest Rate

20 %

Repayment Amount

• Full Payment

• Partial Payment

• Minimum Payment – 10% of Total Outstanding

Repayment Method

• Auto debit from customer current Individual or Joint Account (Personal) a/c

• OTC at branch

• Mobile Banking (QuickPay)

• KBZPay (QuickPay)

Supplementary Card

• Maximum 4 Supplementary Card

Required Document

• Application Form

• NRC (Front/Back)

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What is mpu card?


The terms e - commerce and e - business are often used interchangeably The term e -tail is also How does e - commerce work? E - commerce is powered by the

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Why do businesses use e commerce?


$text = '

Test paraagraph.

Other text'

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How to strip html tag php (PHP Scripting Language)