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— Here, you can think of AWS as a infrastructure-as-a-service provider on the other hand OpenShift as a cloud-native platform let's you host, build, deploy,.

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Openshift and aws difference?


Vrbnik is one of the most visited places on the island and is situated on a high cliff on the east coast. In addition to its glorious past and Glagolitic heritage, its main attraction is the gold-yellow wine produced from the indigenous grape variety Žlahtina. This widely popular dry white wine is produced only in Vrbnik and its surroundings.  Many families of Vrbnik have devoted themselves to the production of Žlahtina, but also other wine varieties, thus turning their love of grapevines into their daily lives. You can taste Vrbnik by tasting 7 varieties of wine and visiting the winery and getting acquainted with the technology and tradition of wine production at the same time.

You can discover the ancient history of the city of Krk in the most unexpected places. For example, inside the house Perossi, there is a cafe bar Volsonis, a valuable archaeological site. So, why not sip summer cocktails and enjoy live music while exploring the 1700-year-old underground passages and gardens where numerous stone monuments have been discovered.

Here you can see the Altar of Venus, dedicated to the Roman goddess of love, as well as numerous tombstones reminiscent of the long history of Krk. It certainly makes this place one of the most unusual cocktail bars and nightclubs, thus making this drink an experience to remember for a long time.

Rolling in the mud may be one of the best leisure activities you can do on the island of Krk and potentially the healthiest. You can find this extraordinary healing mud on Meline beach on the west side of Klimno bay. The sea here is extremely shallow. You can walk hundreds of meters and the sea will still be up to your knees. The sea here is always a little warmer than elsewhere on the island, so the first sunbathing and swimming begins already in the spring. The combination of mud and sun on the body is believed to cure gout and rheumatic diseases. Meline Beach is a trendy destination among families with small children. There are no special instructions on using the healing mud, just rub it all over your body and enjoy the sun.

If you are an experienced diver, you will surely be amazed and delighted by the underwater world of the island of Krk. And if you have never tried diving, what awaits you is an unforgettable experience and many attractive underwater sites on the island and in the surrounding area. There are several attractive underwater sites that you should not miss, such as the sunken Greek motorboat Peltastis, which has been at the bottom of the sea for more than half a century. You should also discover the underwater world of the island of Plavnik where you can explore a sunken sailing ship from the time of Napoleon's reign. The island of Krk offers numerous diving trips to 8 nearby islands, with 40 different dive sites for all divers, from less experienced to the most experienced. Those who want to experience an underwater adventure for the first time can take a diving course or opt for diving for beginners.

Something you certainly don't get a chance to try your hand at every day is wakeboarding. Wakeboard Cable Krk is located in the bay between the towns of Krk and Punat. The center is set up on a platform above the sea, and its 400 m2 are home to a ski lift, board shop and a restaurant with a roof terrace that offers a great view of wakeboarding stunts. You can rent or buy all the equipment, and this is an ideal location for everyone who wants to have an active holiday while enjoying an authentic summer atmosphere. Another attractive water sport that could win you over is windsurfing. The island of Krk is one of the best Croatian destinations for this sport, thanks to the frequent and strong wind. The northeast wind Bura blows from the Velebit mountain range and the wind Jugo, which often brings rainy weather, blows from the south. The two main places for windsurfing on the island of Krk are Baška and Dunat. More experienced surfers find Baška very interesting because the strong Bura wind "arrives" from the mainland on the opposite side and creates waves that can be up to 1.5 m high. On the other hand, thanks to its position in a protected bay, the wind in Dunat is milder and ideal for beginners. An excellent choice in water sports is also sailing. Whether you are experienced in sailing or do not have any experience yet, there are individual and group sailing tours available. Renting a sailboat for one or more days is available to more experienced yachters, while beginners accompanied by experienced skippers can enjoy half-day or full-day sailing tours. If you want to learn to sail, you can choose between two-day and four-day sailing basics courses. And if you already have experience and want to improve your skills, there are advanced sailing and navigation courses as well as intensive sailing courses at your disposal.

After water sports, the body needs good nourishment. And there is nothing better than šurlice, the delicious homemade Krk delicacy. Šurlice pasta is prepared from homemade dough and has been part of Krk's cuisine since ancient times. Once upon a time, the islanders served šurlice pasta exclusively with lamb and beef stew. Nowadays,  šurlice pasta is served with various sauces made of wild asparagus, excellent homemade prosciutto, scampi, or mussels. If you feel like it, you can learn the art of making šurlice in the šurlice pasta making class.  Food is an essential part of everyday life on the island of Krk, so make sure to indulge in local cuisine without reserve. Food is, after all, still the best way to experience the local culture of each destination. Food is a combination of smell, taste and appearance, local traditions, and influence of local people, from field to table. The cuisine of the island of Krk is a perfect example of the Mediterranean diet, which is considered very healthy. The testament to this is the fact that the inhabitants of the island of Krk live longer than their neighbors from the mainland. In addition to the pleasant climate, this is undoubtedly due to their diet. Olive oil, herbs and vegetables that grow on the island, seafood from shellfish, scampi, and Adriatic squid to freshly caught fish and Krk lamb meat, are valuable ingredients in the daily local diet. Add homemade sheep's milk cheese, honey, figs, homemade brandy and world-famous Vrbnik wine, and what you get is a meal worthy of the royal court. If you want to fully indulge in the gourmet experience of the island of Krk, there is a 7-day gourmet trip around the island for you to take part in. You can also choose single gourmet experiences of tasting island delicacies and visiting olive groves, prosciutto production and cheese production facilities.

If you are a fan of walking, hiking and outdoor activities, you will enjoy the island of Krk. You have as many as 300 km of hiking trails, from promenades along the sea, forest paths to more demanding hiking trails. Do not miss the opportunity to conquer the highest peak of the island of Krk - Obzova. At 569 meters above sea level, a stunning view of the Kvarner Bay awaits.  There are hiking and promenade maps to choose the routes from, which you can also find on Krk Hike app that you can download for Android and iOS.

Although you can enjoy the enchanting view of the island when standing on numerous Krk belvederes, why not experience it with your feet up in the air? For all those seeking adrenaline fun, there is a zip line walk above the treetops to experience the island of Krk from an entirely new perspective. "A walk through the treetops" is for sure an unforgettable adventure that consists of driving an off-road vehicle, walking through impressive landscapes, and taking an exciting descent on cables to a total of more than 2 km in length.

Hop in the quad and embark on an off-road adventure on Krk that takes you through amazing Krk landscapes and impressive natural beauties. The experienced guides will accompany you while you are enjoying this unforgettable adventure.The guides will introduce you to the quad and be at your disposal all the way to help you overcome all potential challenges with ease. 75% of this circular route is off-road, and in the three hours the adventure lasts, you will get to visit exciting places and attractions and take many eye-catching photos.

If the speed gives you an adrenaline rush and the smell of gasoline and burnt tires is something you enjoy, the karting club on Krk is the right place for you. On the 300 m long go-kart track, you can show off your driving skills on a car equipped with a Honda 200 cc four-stroke engine. You will be protected by safety equipment, so you are guaranteed an unforgettable ride, good fun and a handful of excitement.

As you can see, it is indisputable that there are many things to do on Krk. The biggest problem will be how to fit all these great activities and experiences in so little time. We are here for you if you need help with the schedule and organization of excursions or accommodation and if you need personalized advice or have any questions. And if in the end you still fail to experience all that our golden island has to offer, there will be no other choice but to visit us again.

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Things to do in krk?


If your phone still doesn't turn on, contact Apple Support On your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus Press and hold both the side button and the

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How to power phone off when it's frozen?


Here are my 25 tips for succeeding in your OCD treatment 1 Always expect the unexpected You can have an obsessive thought at any time or any place

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How to cure ocd without medicine?


  1. Head to any clothing shop in the game and go to the changing room
  2. Navigate through the menu at the top to pick your new uniform
  3. Confirm your selection by selecting “Put On” Select ” Check Appearance ” if you'd like to see how you look without changing your uniform

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How to equip uniforms pokemon sword?


Slather On Some Oil to Quickly Dry Nails Get some baby oil, or even cooking spray, and apply a layer of oil on top of your nails In about a

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How to dry nail polish fast?


The team competes in the National League , the fifth tier of the English football league system Formed in 1864, they are the oldest club in Wales and

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How are wrexham in the scottish cup?


One of the main reasons commercial airplanes fly so high is air resistance You see, the higher you go above the ground, the thinner the

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Why do aeroplanes fly so high?


QRM is a web based result management system that stores and analyses test results. It is a flexible system using web servers, databases and ATML XML data which can be set-up on a single computer, servers or cloud solutions. ATML (Automated Test Markup Language) is an XML standard to exchange test data.


QRM is a distributed system that can be configured in different ways to match your needs and IT infrastructure. QRM data consists not only by the measurement data, but also a lot of additional information such as traceability of the station and equipment used, configuration version and additional UUT (Unit Under Test) information.

It is also possible to attach any kind of file with the reports (graphs, log files etc).

QRM Consists of three major parts

Each test program acts as a QRM storage client that post test results as ATML XML reports. The reports are handled by a HTTP web service that will forward data over a secured network connection. The web service can also store the test result to the QRM result database. The service is very robust and if the network is temporarily unavailable, the service will store the reports locally and retry until it succeeds. Multiple sites can be connected by using the distributed architecture of QRM. The QRM Web application is used to view and analyse test results as products are being produced.

Web Interface

QRM has a powerful web interface for easy access to view and analyze the test results. It is also possible to generate pdf-reports and export data to both Excel and Minitab.

QRM Benefits

Fast production feedback

Easy access

Download the QRM Brochure in PDF format.

System Requirements

During NIWeek 2015 in Austin Texas, the Quality Result Management (QRM) software solution was one of the Award finalists for the Alliance partner and Tools Network from National Instruments. This award recognizes achievements in innovation and is designated for outstanding software apps and add-ons on the LabVIEW Tools Network.

Check below some images taken from the actual Browser screen you get after your login.

Want to try it YOURSELF?

Contact Romex or send us a message and ask for a Username and password through the message box in the bottom right hand corner of your browser.

When you received your username and password in your e-mail box you click here and you just follow the instructions. You will be taken to a demo server that contains life data so you can see all the options that will be available to you after you have purchased the product.

If you are convinced that this product is something for your company just ask for the VIPM Labview client or the Teststand Result Processor plugin client that after installation and simple configuration, will start immediately with the upload of your test and measurement data to your temporary demo database. You can then also start QRM immediately to analyse your test data and experience the power of QRM yourself.  (The data uploaded by you will be only visible by you and will be automatically erased after midnight, Central European time.) If you want more time then ask us for the possibilities. All needed programs can be downloaded from our QRM Download Page.  (Je hebt hiervoor een password nodig, neem hiervoor contact op met

Learn how simple it is to install and  configure your Teststand or Labview client to start uploading all your measurement data for QRM analysis in the video’s below.

So only if you are happy about the product and have seen all its possibilities at work you ask us for a quotation for the requested amount of test stations, type of installation, local server or cloud server, etc.

Want to learn all about the QRM, CRM and Test analysis? Simply watch the English spoken instructions video’s below.

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Why qrm is important in cloud computing?