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This article gives you all the details you need to quickly and easily set up a Siemens NX license server for monitoring with License Statistics, including enabling remote monitoring, which lets you see usage information from the time you add the license server to License Statistics. (Note that although NX has multiple licensing models, License Statistics supports only the floating license model.)

Adding your Siemens NX license server is quick and easy using the license server setup wizard in the License Statistics UI. (If you aren’t familiar with adding and editing license servers, see License Statistics help for complete information.)

You’ll need to have License Statistics administrator privileges to add a new license server. Setup will take just a few simple steps, including:

Read on to learn how to get your NX license server up and running in no time!

After you have completed entering the information in the General tab of the Add License Server wizard, you can move on to enabling remote monitoring, which lets you see usage information from the time the license server is added to License Statistics to be monitored.

To enable remote monitoring:

After setting up remote monitoring, you’re ready to move on to the Server Agent tab, where you can enable remote license server management.

Optionally, you can manage license servers remotely (currently limited to Start, Stop, and Restart operations for LM-X and FlexNet license managers only) by using a Server Agent.

You must first have an Agent installed, as described in Installing and configuring License Statistics Agent. (You may enable remote license server management either when initially creating the license server or by editing the license server later.)

To enable remote license server management:

Finally, you will move on to the Importing tab, where you can enable log file importing for the license server.

Finally, you can enable importing the log file using the License Statistics UI or API.

To enable importing:

From the Importing tab, click Save and Close to save the license server and close the Add License Server wizard.

Your Siemens NX license server monitoring setup is complete, and after a minute or so, will start automatically. License Statistics will display the data for your Siemens NX license usage in its usual easy-to-read grids and reports.

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