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  • The applying candidates must have passed Class 12th in the Science stream from a recognised University.
  • The minimum qualifying mark to get selected by the ACPC for the SC/ST category candidates is 45% and for SEBC candidates is 40%.

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when acpc form release?


I decided my existence was a journey to “enlightenment” — my version of “enlightenment” anyway.

But what does that mean?

To me it means to be still, watching myself watch.

In the real world where we have to show up and work every day, it becomes living and working with deliberate action — and an observance and ownership of ego.

Every moment that goes past, every day that goes by — moment to moment — doing my best to live a full life.

Watching my thoughts of fear, and owning my emotions — being aware of them as best I can.

This is exceptionally difficult for me. Maybe it’s difficult for all of us. Or maybe I’m just over thinking it.

Enlightenment to me acknowledges meditation as the greatest gift and ability available to man — and my mission is to live in meditation — to be meditative all the time.

Why? Because when you’re that still, it’s as clear and close to control you’ll have to shaping you’re consciousness, thereby shaping what you see in your reality.

Today as I type this, I’m moving the furniture I had in storage, to my relatively new place in NYC. I just moved there a few months ago but I haven’t moved my stuff in.

The parents insisted on helping and I turn it into an opportunity of quality time. Moving with two 70 year olds — as “stressful” a situation as they come.

People in their 70’s who think they know everything — ego driven and impulsive. So hard not to react and I often do of course — or at least did — but I’ve gotten much better at just watching myself watch with compassion.

I’m peaceful toward anything that comes out of their mouth for they know not what they do — and all they’re doing is helping me move. So what if my dad has a strong and “know it all” opinion about how I place the chair in the Uhaul.

This sounds like I’m being spoiled, and as I type here and while you read — I am being spoiled.

But in context — imagine being in a uhaul, carrying a heavy chair all by yourself because you repeatedly tell your dad not to lift it. You lug it up the stairs and out onto the truck during the East Coast winter cold — to be essentially yelled at to place it a certain way because that way is right.

I embrace it for a situation that may not happen again in my life. My dad helping me move at 34 — how much of a gift is that.

In this state, you’ll observe your ego and transcend it — to a state that fears and feels nothing while being able to feel everything you want to feel at the same time.

This is intuition and may sound crazy, but it’s how I live.

I live to observe in stillness, and do everything in the state of the observer.

This is the secret to never getting stressed out — and why I never get stressed.

Not because I’m living like a monk in the real world but because in stillness like this, the observance (watching my ego) of my observer (the ego that reacts and creates your stress) is so loving and calm, my nervous system never get’s touched.

I don’t react to things, I watch them.

Stress generally is the bodily response that results from not watching our ego, but identifying with everything it tells us, and what’s worse, being addicted to the pain it creates — which so many of us are.

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how to never be stressed?


1 in the RSG ' Top 50 Indian Law Firms Ranking (2019); a 'Band 1 Firm' for Corporate/M&A, Private Equity and Real Estate by Chambers Asia–Pacific (2020) and a '

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How to rank law firms?


The Pier Bar

Address: The Pier Shopping Centre, 1 Pier Point Rd, Cairns City QLD 4870, Australia

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Where would I find best pubs in Cairns, Australia with a view?


  1. Step 1: Open the App Store and click on your account icon
  2. Step 2: Go to Your Account>Country/Region>Change Country or Region
  3. Step 3: Select Country to the Korea, Republic of
  4. Step 4: Accept terms and conditions

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How to download kr version in ios?