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The Freelance Art Director helps to turn artistic vision into cinematic reality in a film or video project. They are responsible for the visual style

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What is a freelance creative director?


Which means it's formulated to work great under makeup. It's also Now you are an educated makeup + skincare aficionado. Remember to

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What is the best makeup for skincare?


To save you some time, if you are needing to manually erase your device, the steps are (on your phone) to tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and"" ·" : "You have to take more precautions before selling of iPhone or any ios devices.As all our"I sold my old iPhone. I forgot to do a factory reset"""How to delete my iPhone data before selling it - Quora

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What do before selling iphone?


Area code 309 is a telephone area code serving the west-central portion of Illinois, United States. Cities in this area code include Bloomington, Canton, East Moline, East Peoria, Galesburg

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What is galesburg area code?


Major companies operating in the breakfast cereal market of India are Kellogg India Pvt. Ltd., PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd., Bagrrys India Limited, Marico

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How many major companies are in the cereal industry?


The clock has an external oscillator keeping time with an accuracy of ±1 minute per year, and a WWVB receiver for setting the time whenever

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How to make a wwvb receiver?


L&C Group

Brighton, United Kingdom · +44 1273 415100

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Could you share best car dealerships in Brighton?


Super Mart Kayal fafda

Bengaluru, Karnataka

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Please assist me to find out the best Fafda in Bengaluru, Karnataka?


Fresh Sabev acoustic guitar for sale

Bhilwara, Rajasthan

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Where can I locate best Acoustic Guitar For Sale in Bhilwara, Rajasthan?


Social media

PM Modi is one of the most active and responsive state leaders in the world on social media. This is how you can follow him and contact him on verified social media accounts.



You can tag him in tweets with the following handles: @PMOIndia or @Narendramodi.

Google Plus:


Of course, it is humanly not possible for the PM to monitor or reply to each of the messages that come in through different channels. However, he has a dedicated team for that purpose and he is known to take regular updates from them and responds to a lot of messages and takes up grievances as well.

Connect with PM Modi on email

Prime Minister’s Office can be connected at This account is especially for interaction with the public. One can write to PMO for issues related to public grievance or governance-related issues here.

You can contact PM Modi on one of these email ids: and his PMO email id:

One can also write to the Prime Minister at:

Web Information Manager, South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi -110011 — Phone Number – +91-11-23012312

Fax – +91-11-23019545 , 23016857.

If you write to PM Modi via and address the letter to “Honourable Prime minister of India” and mention the address for his official residence–7, Race Course Road, New Delhi, then it will reach PM Modi directly.

The Prime Minister has also used e-governance to good measure for interacting with the public.

For public grievance redressal, there is a dedicated portal where you can write directly to the PM, tell him about your grievance, attach documents if required. He also takes suggestions, feedback, complaints on demonetisation issues, greetings, wishes, appointment requests and message requests on this portal. You can write to him at:

The portal gives a lot of options for interaction too. You can interact live during talks, radio broadcasts, forum discussions etc. Team PMO responds actively here:

Phone numbers:

If you want to take the traditional route and call PM Modi’s residence or office, or fax him or lodge a complaint with him, you can do it at:

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How to contact pm of india?