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Fast data access (FDA) is a protocol which is accessible in the environments of SAP ABAP. It allows for the submission of open SQL SELECTs against SAP HANA, making the use of the data format of SAP ABAP. Here, the transfer of a SAP ABAP table to the database and back takes place. This method of approach does away with the requirement for field-wise copying and conversion of data.

The main advantage of FDA is that eliminating conversion overhead can lead to lesser resource utilization and enhanced performance.

FDA has been available from the start SAP ABAP kernel 7.42. When it comes to FOR ALL ENTRIES statements, FDA can be used with SAP ABAP kernel 7.43 and higher variations.

SQL: "HANA_Configuration_MiniChecks" (SAP Docs 1969700, 1999993) returns a prospectively critical issue (C = 'X') for one of the individual checks listed below:

A number of parameters are available for the configuration of fast data access, as listed below. It is important to know that any divergence from the default should only be applied in case of a specific problem scenario, for example based on the advice of SAP support or on the basis of the guidelines that are given in a SAP Doc.

The following problems exist in the fast data access area:

The SQL statements that originate from FDA requests are tagged with a comment which is included in the SQL text and can be located in traces (e.g. ST05) or the SAP HANA SQL cache (e.g. transaction DBACOCKPIT or SAP HANA Studio):

For example:

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How to disable fda in hana?


Is Instagram not working for you? Below are a few things that you can do to fix the issue. We know how frustrating it can be when the popular social media platform Instagram would not load the content properly, refuses to log in, fail to send messages or crashes unexpectedly. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to resolve these issues on your own, without having to contact customer support and wait for a response. Read on to find out how to fix Instagram not working issue on your Android mobile phone or iPhone:

If you are facing difficulties in using Instagram then go ahead and try the workarounds given below to get rid of any issues:

Restarting Instagram on your Android mobile phone or iPhone clears the app from memory and refreshes it to load new content. This way, it may resolve any temporary bugs or UI glitches you come across.

To restart an app on Android or iPhone, simply open the recent apps menu by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and remove the app from there by tossing it upwards.

Clearing the cache of a particular app on Android or iPhone will remove all of its temporary files including media, text, codes, and more. Over a period of time, the cache builds up which may lead to slowdowns and hamper the performance of your device. Furthermore, when a new version of an app is installed, the changes and fixes may not come into effect until the cache is removed.

To clear the cache for Instagram on Android, here’s what you need to do:

You can also check our guide on how to remove the cache for iPhone in which we have covered the process in detail.

Instagram is constantly updated by the developers every now and then to add new features, bring optimisations, and fix bugs. So in case you are facing issues in accessing the app, make sure your device has the latest version installed. To check for updates on Android, head over to Play Store and tap on your profile picture at the top right corner to access the ‘Manage app and device’ section. Now under the app updates, find Instagram and hit ‘Update’ if a new version is available.

As for your iPhone, tap on your profile picture at the top right corner and scroll down to find the available updates for all your apps. From here select the ‘Update’ button beside Instagram to download its latest version.

If the above-mentioned methods don’t work and you are still facing problems with Instagram, go ahead and restart your device to check whether that solves the issue.

To restart your Android mobile phone, tap and hold the power button and tap on the ‘Restart’ button. This may vary on Android devices so proceed accordingly.

As for iPhone, press and hold the power and either of the volume buttons until the power-off slider appears. Now drag the slider to shut down the iPhone. After 30 seconds or so, press and hold the power button to turn the device back on. Users with iPhone 7,8,9 or SE can just press and hold the power button and drag the on-screen slider to power off their iPhone.

If a quick device restart doesn’t change the state of Instagram and the issues are still in place, proceed to delete and reinstall the app.Here’s how you to reinstall Instagram on Android:

iPhone users can reinstall Instagram by following the process given below:

There can be times when Instagram may face an outage from the server end which results in slow loading speeds, crashes, and even glitches in the UI. So in case you have tried reopening the app, restarting your device, and even reinstalling the app, check whether the social networking problem is even up and running by heading over to Downdetector on your browser to see if the app is down.

For further confirmation, search ‘Instagram down’ on Google or Twitter to check whether there are any reports of Instagram facing an outage.

If the Instagram app is not working as intended, try logging in your to other devices such as another mobile phone or desktop. If the app works normally over there, it means your device is at fault.

Although you get a prompt and even an email in case your Instagram account is deactivated or suspended, be it intentionally or by mistake. However, to be double sure check for any emails from Instagram describing the same.

If you have tried everything at your disposal and still can’t solve or get rid of the problem, go ahead and contact Instagram support by shaking your phone while the app is opened. This will trigger and open a popup through which you can submit your bug report. Express your concern in detail and the support team will contact you through email with the next set of actions you can take in order to solve your query.

Yes, clearing the data of Instagram will log you out from your account and will also remove the previously given permissions such as camera, microphone, and media access. However, all the media saved in the gallery or internal storage if your device will remain intact and not be deleted. These include stories, posts, and reels.

There could several reasons why the Instagram app is crashing on your mobile phone. It could be because of a faulty update, server outages, or a device-specific issue which may be solved by following several workarounds such as reinstalling the app, restarting the phone, or updating it to the latest possible version from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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why is my instagram not working?


Begin your initial days of preparation by studying about the exam, the exam pattern and gain some knowledge about how you can start with your preparation

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How to prepare for tcs nqt quora?


The OPZ file extension indicates to your device which app can open the file However, different programs may use the OPZ file type for different types of data

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How to open the opz?


The dedication of the main church to St Thomas-à-Becket may have been changed from plain St Thomas in the old town The other church , St Giles, was on the site

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How old is winchelsea church?


Twitter handle maintained by Minister Sri KTR's office @ KTRTRS Aftr 60days of struggle on Ventilator&Fighting for life,the baby is back home

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How to approach ktr?


If we are stuck it is when it comes to calculating our cumulative contribution that will then allow us to classify by category of A /B /C. We have been trying to use Dax's pattern solution( with any success, and we think this is because we are pulling the data from multiple tables and using measures.

We can't figure out how to calculate an Accrued Contribution %, we've been doing all sorts of calculations.

Do you have any idea? Thanks for your help.

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How to eliminate abc in tableau?


You should follow up with the seller.

I had a contractor do some work that required a permit.

He was going to get it.I did not have a permit six months after the work was finished.He took the money and never applied for it.He was fired from his job as a sub-contractor for a larger company.

It's never a good idea to assume.

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Who is responsible for ordering the hazard report and home warranty if the purchase contract states that the seller is paying for them?


Check Following Video

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How to use dcnm?