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Knowing Better Appearance YouTube Icon YouTuber Information Profile Knowing Better Style Education Date joined June 17, 2016 Twitter @KnowingBetterYT Facebook KnowingBetterYT Instagram @knowingbetteryt Other media WebsitePatreonReddit Videos 93+ Schedule Monthly Status Active Associates Jesus Christ • Mr. Beat • J.J. McCullough • AlternateHistoryHub Username Personal information Nationality American Location United States Most viewed video You Don't See in 4K First video The Dangerous Effect of Gerrymandering [Source] Knowing Better is an educational YouTuber focused on informing people in an unbiased way about psychology, government, education, religion and other topics. Most of his videos involve trying to teach people about different topics and uses facts and sources to explain a topic. Most of the videos are between thirty and forty five minutes long. He also uploads Q&A videos. KB is known for creating characters to dress up as in many of his videos, including a time traveler, a banker, a devil, a space soldier and many more. At least once he has created a matching costume for his ferret (for the Starship Troopers video).

He has worked with other YouTubers who have made reference such as Jesus Christ in some videos with religious undertones along with having J.J. McCullough in a video about Obeying Authority for voice over sections.

He often collaborates with other YouTubers, usually in the form of having them read block quotes featured in his videos.

However, he has criticized or brought up other YouTubers such as h3h3Productions, James Allsup,, etc. in a more neutral or negative light.

Knowing Better is a retired teacher who taught History, Government, Geography, Economics, and Psychology at middle and high school. He is a veteran of the US Army and served in Iraq. He has stated he grew up in Hawaii, as mentioned in his Hawaii video, though during a Livestream he mentioned his parents were from Wisconsin and he had to work at losing his Wisconsin accent. His father was in the NAVY. Knowing Better has two Bachelor's degrees: one degree in Social Studies Education with a focus in modern world history, and one in Psychology with an emphasis on cognitive psychology.[citation needed] He owns ferrets, and he sometimes shows them such as an April Fools video and a video on the history of ferrets. They also frequently appear at the end of his Twitch streams. His current ferrets are Atlas and Peabody, named for the Portal games. His prior ferret Wheatley had been featured on the channel and passed away in 2018 after developing cancer. Knowing Better runs regularly and does pushups on his Twitch stream to maintain good physical health.

He has spoken about his life and military service in several videos, especially in his Q&A videos. The latest video that covers this is A Veteran's Story on Veterans Day. He is very protective of his privacy, including not using a first name or sharing information about where he lives; fans simply refer to him as Knowing Better or KB. He has said he experienced stalking behavior from fans in the past.[citation needed]

He has also referred to himself as an 'Epic Gamer' as he said in a video talking about Scientology saying "I could definitely dunk on Hubbard (the founder of Scientology) because I’m an epic gamer."[citation needed] He plays a game related to the current video topic in progress on his Twitch channel a few times a month. He currently streams generally on Sunday and Wednesday, though he will occasionally take time off. He is a fan of Starcraft.

In earlier videos he tended to assume a more Objective Centrist position, but has since become more Outspoken with his Political View.[citation needed] He is described as a Center-Left Social Democrat. He Avidly supported Bernie Sanders[citation needed] and overall is more critical of Right wing Organizations and People. Some people have criticized him for this Political Bias and lack of nuance at times, With some even labeling him a Breadtuber.[citation needed] However he has on occasion criticized other Left wingers such as Adam Ruins Everything for Intellectual Dishonesty.

In his video on NEOSLAVERY he ended off saying the U.S. Government should be paying Reparations to African Americans for all the Years of Systemic Injustice.[citation needed]

He has Vocally Condemned Jordan Peterson as a "Holocaust Denier" and for using Dogwhistles to perpetuate Nazi Sympathies.

He condemned many people for Cherrypicking WWII History; Drawing attention to Churchill's Flaws as a means to make Hitler look better. However he also stated that he still sees Churchill as a "Racist" (an Adjective that here is used as a Noun).

He seems to really like the Musical; Book of Mormon as he has its Poster in the Background of most of his videos.

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Who is the knowing better guy?


Darwin Dermatology

Address: 8/5 Tiwi Gardens, Tiwi NT 0810, Australia

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Where would I locate best cosmetic dermatologist in Darwin, Australia?


Your Wii will be plugged into the A/V input, which is usually input number 1, 2, or 3. You can double-check your Wii's input number on your TV by looking for a number near the yellow, white, and red plugs on the back or side of your TV.

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which input for wii?


Platypus Shoes

Address: 662 Hay St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

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Where is the best shoe stores in Perth, Australia?


You can contribute this audio pronunciation of StrasbOurg to HowToPronounce dictionary Contribute Have you finished your recording? Yes

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Strasbourg how to pronounce?


Description. The player can watch movies by accessing one of the three cinemas in Los Santos. While the Cinema Doppler can be purchased by the player, movies cannot be seen there. Numerous other cinemas can be found in the city, but they cannot be accessed.

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Where is the movies in gta 5?