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How to add yify subtitles to movie?

Open the media in VLC Media player or KM Player for which you want to add subtitles ยท Right Click on the video and click on subtitles and click on add subtitle....

How to calculate npv on ba ii plus?

To solve for the net present value ( NPV ), follow these steps: Press This opens the cash flow register Press This clears any numbers that might be in the....

Which is best hamburger in Nebraska?

Smitty's Garage Burgers and Beer Omaha, NE, United States....

How to change font size on hbo max?

There's no option to increase just the text size within HBO Max, but there might be one on your streaming dongle and other devices. For example, the Accessibility menu on a Mac features a Captions customization menu and you can choose Large Text.....

How to make omelette not dry?

If your egg mixture is not very creamy, you can add some grated cheese or a bit of milk before pouring it into the pan. To make your omelette even softer, separate the egg white from the yolk, and in the latter add salt and grated Parmesan.....

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