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How long does it take for kk slider to show up?

Slider will appear every Saturday evening (excluding the day of his concert) and perform a song for you. If you specifically request a K.K. Song, he will give you a copy of it to play in your home afterwards.....

How to arrange elements in order of increasing electronegativity?

Electronegativity increases left to right across a row in the periodic table e.g. C < N < O < F. Electronegativity decreases as you move down a group in the periodic table e.g. F > Cl > Br > I. F is the most electronegative element.....

How to record audio in ppt?

Select Insert > Audio. Select Record Audio. Type in a name for your audio file, select Record, and then speak. To review your recording, select Stop and then select Play. Select Record to re-record your clip, or select OK if you're satisfied.....

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