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How to set x-frame-options iis?

Open IIS Manager and on the left hand tree, left click the site you would like to manage. Doubleclick the “HTTP Response Headers” icon. Right click the header list and select “Add” For the “name” write “X-FRAME-OPTIONS” and for the value write in your desired option e.g. “SAME-ORIGIN”.....

I am looking for the best galleries in Brisbane, Australia?

QAGOMA Address: Whale Mall, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia....

What is a education credit?

Education tax credits are available for taxpayers who pay qualified higher education expenses for eligible students, to offset certain education expenses....

What is mined at iron knob sa?

* Today Iron Knob is widely recognised as the first commercial iron ore mine in Australia It was first exploited by Mount Minden Mining in 1880 but they couldn....

How to know which eevee will evolve?

If you want a Vaporeon, enter Rainer. If you want a Flareon, enter Pyro. If you want a Jolteon, enter Sparky. If you want an Umbreon, enter Tamao. If you want an Espeon, enter Sakura.....

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