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Competition is fierce on the club volleyball circuit, and not just on the hardwood or at the beach.

Club volleyball sites showcase some of the finest design and content – in any category – on the Sport Ngin platform.

With so many outstanding options, we had difficulty limiting our list to a Top 5. How many great sites could there be? Check out the lengthy list of honorable mention picks at the bottom of this page.

As part of the judging, we examined all the basics – depth and breadth of content, design, ease of navigation – then honed in on three key categories. We compared coaching, recruiting and team page information on each of the sites, a huge help in determining which ones rose to the top.


Location: Southeast Michigan.

Webmaster: Jen Cottrill


Legacy Volleyball Club facilities are located in Novi, Rochester and Ann Arbor. Girls ages 8 to 18 receive instruction and play on four levels of teams – National, National Lite, State and Local.


The one-of-a-kind design is an absolute knockout. The banner showcases the club’s 2013 national AAU Open Division championship, which is commemorated with a team trophy-raising photo and banner hanging in the top right (a banner hanging in the banner!).


The Coaching Staff page is organized by age group, and the bio information for each coach includes categories such as Playing Experience, Coaching Experience and Education. The Recruiting section lists uncommitted and committed athletes by year, so the status of every player in the club is available to recruiters. Team pages are built out with practice and tournament schedules.


The top navigation has all the important links, and the Teams, Training and Resources buttons are repeated just below in larger, custom-designed links. Two more oversized links on the home page direct viewers to information on recruiting services and beach volleyball.


Maggie Hannon, a 2011 Legacy alum and middle hitter at Cleveland State University, is a finalist for the NCAA’s 2014 Senior CLASS Award.


Game highlights and skills videos for several players can be found under the Recruiting Videos portion of the site.


Location: Madison, Wis.

Webmaster: Mark Rushton


The Capital Volleyball Academy is based out of two Madison-area practice facilities – the Sports Enhancement Academy of Stoughton and the Sports Enhancement Acdemy of Verona. The Academy’s list of teams ranges from 12-under to 18-under and includes three boys’ teams.


The red-white-and-blue design is simple but gorgeous in its execution. We’re a big fan of using large photos on the homepage – as long as they are high in quality – and the site generally delivers with sharp group photos that showcase team and individual accomplishments. There’s plenty of updated news rolling down the left side of the site, and the calendar on the right is also loaded with coming events.


There’s a handy coach directory on the Staff and Directions page, but the site doesn’t have full blown bio information on every coach. Commitments lists go back to 2008 and are updated through 2015. The team pages have all the basics – coach information, rosters and schedules. Some also include team photos.


The top navigation bar isn’t overloaded with options, and additional, oversized links for Tryouts, Fall Clinics and Teams are listed below the main slideshow, enhancing the design and helping guide viewers through the site’s hierarchy of pages.


Waterloo topped the standings of the 23 teams competing in the CVA’s varsity summer league, and the Pirates carried that momentum this fall into the high school season, as they have an 23-3 overall record.


The homepage video shows several of the key points – and an increasingly excited crowd – from the 18 Navy team’s AAU national championship match.


Location: Maumee, Ohio

Webmaster: Stephanie Harms


Premier Academy is located just south of Toledo and has seven indoor volleyball courts and two sand volleyball courts. The academy is volleyball-focused but also has four indoor collegiate size basketball courts and is the home of adult and youth hoops leagues.


The distinctive design encourages viewers to check out the site’s many sections, most notably Indoor Volleyball, Premier Training and Outdoor Volleyball. The news aggregator is stocked with fresh content, and the bottom of the home page packs in several links, including one to a Vote Now page that asks members to pick their favorite quote to put on the 2015 club team practice T-shirt.


We couldn’t find coach listings or bio information. The Alumni page lists club graduates and the college they attended all the way back to 1999. The team pages – among some of the nicest we’ve seen in this rankings category – are topped by professionally shot team photos and provide detailed roster information along with schedules.


There are 11 links spanning the top navigation, leading to smaller font sizes and a tight fit. Recruiting smartly gets an oversized link a bit lower on the home page, as does Basketball and Special Events.


Two Premier 18-under teams competed in Managua, Nicaragua last spring.


The Parent’s Corner page is loaded with useful information, including information on topics such as “The Importance of the Big Picture” and “10 Things Every Athlete Can Control.”


Location: St. Louis

Webmaster: Scott Mebruer


St. Louis High Performance Volleyball Club and Team St. Louis Volleyball Club joined forces in 2008 to form High Performance - St. Louis Volleyball Club, a non-profit corporation. The club has an abundance of girls' and boys' teams, starting at the 8-year-old level with a co-ed team.


The outstanding homepage design incorporates the Gateway Arch (of course) in subtle fashion. There’s a steady flow of news and announcements streaming into the home page aggregators. One recent article did a good job of providing an update on several club alums having success at the college level.


The long, long list of the club’s coaches can be found under the Our Coaches pages from the Who We Are link in the top navigation. The coaches are listed in alphabetical order, and there is a page devoted to each one. Each bio ends with a favorite quote. The recruiting section provides information about the club for college coaches, and the Our Alumni page in the Who We Are section lists former boys’ and girls’ players from the club who have gone on to play in college. The year-by-year list of classes goes back to 1999. Team pages have the basic roster and schedule information, and some include team photos and parent contact info.


There’s a top navigation and sub navigation in the left rail, so there’s no shortage of links from which to choose. Unlike many of the sites in this category, there are no custom designed links to the highest profile pages.


The club has sent 296 of its alumni on to play in college.


The Awards & Finishes page lists how the club’s boys’ and girls’ teams have fared at various national tournaments over the years.


Location: Wilder, Ky.

Webmaster: Kathy Kennedy


NKYVC is based at Town and Country Sports & Health Club in Wilder, Ky., about nine miles south of downtown Cincinnati. The club provides training for age divisions ranging from preschool through grade 12.


The homepage design is excellent, starting with the horizontal slideshow spanning the width of the site. The three-column layout underneath the photo gallery houses all the fresh content flowing into the Announcements, Headlines and Upcoming Events aggregators.


The coach bio pages are well organized and loaded with information -- the Why I Coach section written by each coach doubles as a mini autobiography. The recruiting section includes links to NCAA information and listings of colleges  by divisions. There are team descriptions, team tryout pages and coach info pages for each team, but no all-encompassing team pages.


The links in the top navigation are large and light up when you choose that section of the site. There’s no left navigation on the home page, but it appears when digging into the inside pages – a great way to have both a home page with a full-width slideshow and sub-navigation on the rest of the site.


NKYVC was listed as the 36th-ranked volleyball club in the nation (based in part on national results) according to CBS Sports.


A Tournament Know-How page links to a PDF that offers five pages of “The Secrets to Getting Through the Season.”

Here are more outstanding sites that were in the judging mix but didn't crack the Top 5.

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Do you know best club volleyball teams in Michigan?


The number one reason video editors are afraid to aim high with a rate So when they send you a brief and proposal, how do you know what to bid? look at the steps you can take to set your freelance video editing rates.

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What do freelance video editors charge?


Commodity Market is about trading of precious metals, energy, oil, spices & so on. Gold and other metals can be accessed in number of ways including traditional physical holdings, futures contracts, D-mat forms, ETFs and through correlated markets such as mining stocks.

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What is commodity trading in india?


The Dog Pawlour in Fort Collins and The Dog Pawlour & Marketplace in Greeley are your premier Colorado destinations for dog grooming and cat grooming services,

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What is the best dog groomer in fort collins co?


1 answer" — Answer: 2 sqrt(2). Step-by-step explanation: h(x) = 2x-8. g(x) = sqrt( x-4). g(h(10)). First find h(10). h(10) = 2*10 -8 = 20-8 =12. Then find g(h(10) .

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What is g(h(10)) brainly?


The Jungle Adventure Play

Address: 31 Proprietary St, Tingalpa QLD 4173, Australia

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Where can I find best things to do in Brisbane, Australia?


Printing · Open your document, and from the print menu, select the printer called WEPA-BW (WEPA-mono on macs) or WEPA-Color. · Click "Proceed" to send your .

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How to print gwu?


Sharma Super tdvma acting classes

Bhalswa Jahangir Pur, Delhi

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Where can I spot best Acting Classes in Bhalswa Jahangir Pur, Delhi?


  1. Log in to your SBI Card Online account at
  2. Go to My Account on left hand side menu.
  3. Select 'Manage PIN'
  4. From the drop down menu, select the credit card, you want to generate the PIN for.
  5. Enter the OTP and your ATM PIN that you want to set.
  6. Click on 'Submit' and your PIN is generated.

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How to retrieve sbi credit card pin?


The type of diaper you use could also help keep baby drier at night. For example, organic diapers tend to be less absorbent than traditional disposables, which

Answer is posted for the following question.

Why do diapers leak at night?


The first thing you should know is that this guide is free ofSPOILERS. I won't tell you when the characters will speak or when a movie will end. I think you should enjoy the game without knowing what is going to happen or if there will be an animation or video.

If you read the pull guide, it seems disconnected from the beginning to the end. I will tell you that it is done step by step, with pen and paper next to the console. The simplest and most obvious things are reflected.

You should only read the points in which you need help or the possible strategy of the boss that will bring you the most satisfaction. It's a tip.

Boss battles are an issue that should be considered. My strategies may not be effective for you or you may not like them.

Why not try your own? Let me know if you find any that are perfect.

Marriage proposals, advice, questions, gifts, and other matters can be addressed to, for the rest. I will not answer questions that have been explained in the guide because I think you have not read it. I appreciate any input on things that haven't been included in the game or overlooked.

Thank you.

The step by step process.

1. The villa is in the town of twilight.

The first day.

We will begin to take our first steps in Kingdom Hearts II once we have enjoyed the opening scenes.

Since we will not be able to explore any scenario or have most of the commands available, we must go to the armor shop. If you are new to this type of game, it is important that you pay attention to the Tutorial, even if you don't want to play. The basic things are important to crush the big bosses who bring us down the street of bitterness.

You can change the Fixed Target by holding L2 and moving the right stick. This will prevent us from being caught off guard in the multiple combats that we will have to face since it will direct Sora's attacks towards the goal.

We will find ourselves in a new area once we have completed the small missions to learn the controls.

It was seismofer.

An old friend from Final Fantasy VIII who is half naked and shows us his bellybutton is a delight to behold.

The first thing you need to do is to pick one of the weapons presented to you. It's not relevant to the rest of the game, so choose the one that suits you. You can see what each one has to offer by approaching them. The Struggle shovel was the one I chose.

The moment that you must take advantage of is when he will not stop talking during the fight. He will not be very active at the moment so you can link several combinations.

The next phase of combat requires you to forget about the instructions.

It is very difficult to block the attacks, it is much more effective to dodge them, and in the case of Seifer, his attacks are not very followed, so in 2 or 3 hits your VT will be reduced to 0. When he says "Now comes the good stuff", pay special attention and get as far away from him as possible. If you link several combinations in a row, it will be yours.

When you are in the Forest, you should not worry about not finding the exit, you will see an archway of trees that leads you to a new area. The Nobody is the attack command when you get in front of some bars.


If your blows are not effective at the beginning, do not despair. After hitting him uselessly, a change will occur that will cause your blows to start dealing damage.

The enemy will respond if you link too many combinations. When he appears on the screen, jump and use the Reaction Command. It is a good time to learn this command during combat as it will become indispensable in the future.

It is Second Day.

After we finish the new ones, we will head towards the alley that is located just after we leave the place where we started.

You can pick up the map if you turn left. Calle del Mercado is where we have to go. We will go to the notice board to find a job after the different sequence.

Postman's will be the first one we find. The cards are delivered along a street.

When you ride a skateboard and pass a pigeon you must deliver a letter, the Reaction Command will appear on the screen. You don't have to worry about getting confused or confused because only the people you have to deliver the mail to will appear.

As soon as you start the tour, you will see the first of them, followed by a homing pigeon that is flying in the air.

You will see a boy in front of a ramp later. This is the only slightly more complicated moment since you have to press the Reaction Command again to deliver a new message to another pigeon, and you can only reach it this way. When you give it to him, spin it in the air and continue on with your work.

Depending on how quickly you do the job, you can get different amounts of money. You will get 50 Platinum up to 20 seconds.

Between 20 and 60, there were 30 or more. With more than 60 seconds, only 10. It was the easiest and fastest way to raise money since you can complete it in about 9 seconds if you practice a couple of times.

The second job is called Cuesta Arriba.

You have to hit the pile of garbage with your weapon as quickly as possible. It will jump into the air if you link a bunch of them.

If you don't land a new hit when he is in the air, he will fall to the ground and you will lose a lot of time. You will get 50 Platinum if you do it up to 30 seconds.

Between 30 and 60. Only 10 are with more than 60.

Showoff is the third job and I would love to see it in the newspapers. It involves hitting a ball in the air and not letting it fall. I can't link more than 4 or 5 hits in a row because I am bad at that. If you get 20 hits you will get 50.

Between 5 and 19 plates. There is a consolation prize for the clumsy if there is a 0 or 4 combo.

If you go to Calle del Mercado, you can find 3 other jobs. It is a good time to learn about the town.

There are some areas that you will not be able to access yet. The jobs that you will find in the Plaza del tranva are the same as those that were advertised in the previous one.

Pasting Posters is the first thing that comes to mind.

You will get more money in this job than in any other job, but it will take you more time than the others. You have to paste 25 posters. There are a lot of yellow spaces throughout the Plaza.

You will get 100 Platinums if you get a time of 1 min and 30 seconds. Between 1.30 and 2 minutes. And more than 30 minutes. The decision is yours to make.

Stop talking.

In a given time, you can imagine your mission to destroy bees. You will receive 50 Platinum if you get it in 20 seconds. There are 30 sinkers with a time of 20 and 60 seconds.

There are 10 platters with more than one minute.

Garbage out. Villa Twilight's waste collection techniques are innovative. You have to break the piles of rubbish by smashing them against the walls.

In this game, you will not have time, but everything will be determined by the number of blows you use to destroy the garbage. If you aim well, you can get some piles to destroy others. You need to make at least 10 impacts to get 50 Platinums. Between 11 and 15 impacts you will receive 30.

10 Platinums were earned with more than 15 hits.

You have to get a minimum of 800 Platinum to be considered for any of these jobs. You can leave when you have them and talk to Hayner in the Plaza de la Estacin the next day.

If you accumulate 2000 Platinum, you will get a bonus of +2 instead of the original AP+1. If you decide to go up to 2000 the day will end automatically.

It is the eleventh day.

Calle del Mercado is the only exit that is accessible at the moment.

You will reach your next destination after a number of sequence and confrontations with the Heartless.

Time for important decisions is the same as the Serenity Station. Take it easy when choosing a weapon because your choice will affect the rest of the game. You will learn skills if you choose the Staff, the Sword or the Shield. The Staff promotes magic, the Sword the strength and the Shield the defense.

It's better to advance in the game in theory than it is to do it in practice. The power of the warrior was what I chose.

The Feint ability can be used through the Reaction Command in the fights against new incorporeal. You can go through the door if you collect the chest, access the menu, and save your game after you finish with all the enemies.

The path to follow after you arrive at the Call Station is completely linear.

There are stairs, stairs, stairs and doors. If you resort to the Feint, you shouldn't have any problems because emies will start to increase in numbers.

Pay attention when they attack you with a spinning wheel or hide on the ground. It is easy to level up at this point in the game, so you can spend a while practicing here. Go through a new door when you're ready to enter the Station of Awakening.

Thorny Gloom.

You have to pay attention to the Reaction Commands on the screen to win this confrontation. If you press the Triangle at the right time, Roxas will perform a number of attacks that will deal a lot of damage to the enemy. The first time these commands will appear is when Roxas is left chained in the air. It will be your second chance when he gets thrown, and one last chance when the enemy throws a big ball at him.

If you get the three attacks right, the creature will fall. Attack the target with Feints and combo.

When he starts to get up, move as far away as possible. It will start shooting rays at you after this. Blacks take a lot of HP so keep an eye out for Reaction Commands that appear as you can dodge them.

If necessary, take the opportunity to get away from the enemy and drink a Potion when Roxas steps back on the ground.

You can get more HP balls by getting several Heartless thrown at you. Attack her with a target on her head. The commands from the start of the battle will be repeated when his VT decreases.

It will take no time at all to finish off Nobody if you pay attention to the instructions on the screen.

It is a long day.

If you leave the Solar Deportivo in the direction of Callejuela, you can face Seifer. He is easy to beat and gives you a good chance to level up.

You have to talk to the man in front of the large blackboard to start the tournament. When you're done, head to the ring for the first fight.


Struggle was easy and boring, maybe not for you. Resisting a stipulated time with more spheres than the other is what it is.

Hit Hayner a couple of times to collect his spheres and then stand at the other end of the ring until time runs out.

I was alive.

If you want to continue with the tournament, talk to the same man again.

Her size and speed make her more difficult to hit. He will attack more frequently but if you collect some spheres and stay away, you will get through the fight.


We are back to the real fighting.

Paying attention to his words is the key to beating him. His attacks consume a lot of HP. The fire attacks from him were special.

It's a good time to run because he will crouch on the ground and say "Burn" before throwing them. If you have activated the Block ability, try to attack him from behind and use it to parry his blows. He will say something along the lines of "Don't make me angry" when his HP has dropped.

His weapons will turn on fire and he will be surrounded by a circle of flames, you can't stop this attack. You can get back in close to finish the job if you run away and run like a traitor.

The setzer is set.

The struggle champion is the person who has the most victories. He takes advantage of the stops you make between his attacks to steal spheres from him.

Setzer will chase you all over the ring if you stay at the other end. It is easy to dodge his attacks since they are not fast.

If you beat him, you will be given a medal.

The fifth day is.

To catch the train to a new place is your goal for the day.

You must take the exit from the Plaza del Mercado to get to the plaza. The Sunset Station is where you will arrive.

The chubby boy with the punky hairstyle has a map that will let you know which Wonders you have yet to see. He goes down the stairs to the Sunset Terraces.

When you finish going down, turn right to get some new stairs. You will see an archway with stairs if you turn around a bit. You can see a narrow passage to the right if you go up them.

Go through the wall and look at it. A lot of white balls will come out. You have to dodge them to get to the wall.

You will find the first wonder when you get it.

The second wonder is that you can follow the path until you reach the first red stripe. You will see a guy in front of a tunnel that you can't get to yet.

If you get closer, you will see that you can inspect it.

Live many times.

It may not seem like it, but you will not always be facing the same ones. Each one of them will have a VT point and will go out and out. You can hit them, but you must be careful when they spin.

Continue forward until you see a new exit marked in red and then continue down the road. You will see the waterfall very quickly, it is at the other end of the entrance through which you arrived. Continue your search if you inspect it.

The Block ability allows Roxas to parry his blows and counter attack.

If you don't already have this ability, jump him.

The exit you just left is where the Fourth Wonder is located. She is on the left when you go up the stairs. There is only one possible path to the Hill. You will find a large brown bag at the end.

It's not a joke to ride on it until you overcome its resistance.

You can collect the chests from the Terraces and head back up the Hill to find the last wonder.

Calle del Mercado is the exit to the Forest from Villa Crepsculo. There is a hole in the wall near the exit to Solar Deportivo. The Old Mansion is reached through the forest.

It is the tenth day of the year.

We start with movement. The assassin will be on the scene.

You will have to learn how to block or dodge his attacks. When he hides on the ground, he will take out his arms and hit you. You will know when he is going to attack him because he will stand up and spread his wings.

The path from the previous day will lead to the Old Mansion.

When you're done exploring the lower floor, go up the stairs and left. You can record the game in the White Room.

The door that leads to the Library will be the one you head towards when you leave.

Go down the stairs.

Continue until you reach the basement, as these rooms are small and only have one exit each, making it impossible to get lost.


The situation gets more serious because of Axel's decision. We had a confrontation with him and the strategy is similar. He will perform a special attack if he yells "back off" or "Here we go again."

The Reaction Commands are the best tactic to defeat him since you can leave him paralyzed for a few seconds. When he hides behind his wall of flames, he locks onto the Target with R1 and presses the triangle at the right time to give him a few combo.

Continue your way to the next room and then go straight to the last room when you finish with him.

You can explore the city to collect items when you regain control. You can enter the Central Station by taking your steps. The moment you want to leave, talk to Donald and you'll get on the train.


You can go through the garden to reach the entrance. The ants are developing again.

You will have to start climbing after you finish the anthill. There are a lot of enemies that will come out along the way, so use the Reaction Commands to finish them off quickly, since there is only one entrance per room or flight of stairs.

You have to go through three flights of stairs and two rooms to get to the top of the tower.

When you finish talking to Yen Sid and have read the book, you should interact with him again to get him to the next room. You have to talk to the fairy in red, following her instructions.

Once you've made yourself pretty and sexy, you can go back to the Sorcerer's Attic and talk to Yen Sid again to start playing Kingdom Hearts II.


There is a hollow Bastion.

We will head towards Hollow Bastion because we have no more options to choose from once on the map. It has been completely renovated in the style of a medieval shanty, losing all of its sinister and gloomy appearance.

We go to the market to talk to the Moguri, a teddy bear with a punching ball on its head.

We go to the Residential Zone after we received our prize, but there is only one exit. You can explore this area after you kill all the enemies. The exit to his house is to the right of the entrance to the market.

We must go to the Inner Courtyard, the only exit that we have not yet used, because the Magic command enabled us to discover Donald's incredible new skills with respect to the first part.

The gates of Bastion are protected by you. Donald and Goofy will leave the group, but you will have the help of Leon.

He tries to keep the damage bar close to the doors. Ice ranged magic and Reaction Commands can be used if you are moving away.

We will be taken to the Map of the Worlds at the end. We have two new options, but we will go to the one with the lowest level of battle. We will drive our Lego ship towards the Asteroid Rain.

It has more moving sequence than its predecessor. You won't have time to get bored because you will have to be attentive to the many obstacles that are presented to you in order to open the route. If you enjoy gladiator games, you will enjoy them all.

There are 3. The Land of Dragons is a place where dragons are.

We will be able to control our first alternative character in our new destination. You should take advantage of them in all the worlds you visit since you will only be able to enjoy them while you are on your adventure. The Group command has been incorporated into battles which allow you to switch between members quickly. Donald and Goofy will gain EXP even if they don't fight, so you will have no problem leaving them on the bench.

You can spend some money if you feel like it in this area. Continue along the trail until you reach the Camp.

The Battle of Mood is a novelty, so you must keep this indicator high or it will be considered as if you have died.

The enemies left spheres that you can collect.

Talk to Captain Li Shang to accept one of the missions. In my case, I made them in order, but you can do them as you please.

The only thing you should worry about is keeping your spirits up, and that is collecting spheres.

When you get hit by the opponent, the mood meter will only go up.

There is a danger for the Fatal Centaurs. His attacks take a lot of HP when they spin his spear. If you want to attack them from behind, jump over them or surround them. You have to get rid of 8 Heartless, the meter will drop faster here and the spheres will be less effective, but you don't have to worry as they are not hard enemies to beat.

One of the exits in the Camp will take us back to the Bamboo Forest and the other will lead us to the Control Post. We have to go through this last exit and follow a narrow path towards the Mountain Path. Don't even think about stopping along the way to collect chests because the meter drops quickly and you will need it for the final part.

Break the walls that block your way to get spheres and destroy enemies. A new Doom Centaur will appear near the end and will lower your mood meter. You will be able to collect enough spheres to save the day. The tactic is the same as in the mission.

We will go to the village to record the game to recover our strength and spend more money in the store.

You can enter the Cave through the exit on the right, behind Ling, the Chinese man. Follow the path inside until you reach a room. Mulan will only help you with the attack on the Centaurs, so be careful with them.

You can exit from the Village through the other exit that is in front of the save sphere.

Again alone in a dangerous situation.

Don't worry, but keep an eye out for the Reaction Commands that appear and use them whenever possible. We will descend in the direction of the Village after you survive for a minute. We will cross the Mountain Path to reach the Control Post. There is a new entrance that has been opened.

After the fights with the Heartless, we will follow the route to the Palace Gates.

There is a woman named Shanyu.

The main objective of the battle is not to defeat him but to protect the gates of the palace.

The joint limit of Mulan and Sora should be used when possible. The doors need the spheres to be restored. Don't forget to press Triangle to get a few punches on him when grappling with him.

After a while, the gates will not need any protection, so you will need to focus only on Shan Yu.

You can try to block his attacks, but it's difficult and you have to jump back to keep your HP safe. If you use Mulan's special attack, you will be attacked by a series of unblockable combinations when Shan Yu is done. If you can hit him little by little, get as far away from him as possible, and wait for your MP bar to replenish, you will be able to hit him.

The brave way will get a lot of help. The Falcon is a pain in the ass, but you can't kill it. He will disappear for a short time but will come back again.

We'll start a new route after we hit the Hun.


The castle is named after the beast.

We have to go up the stairs in the direction of the East Wing to find the room.

We will go to the West Wing at the end. We can access the patio from the Lobby through a large door on the opposite side of the stairs, if we want.

We will go up the flight of stairs that we have not done before to reach the West Corridor if not. You will see that armor prevents you from going up the stairs.

There is a small white cabinet in front that is protecting another exit. The Reaction Command can be used to move it.

We will wait until it falls asleep and some Zzz appears on the screen to verify that we cannot do it this way. The Reaction Command will be used again.

The Zzz will disappear and the command will change to awaken. You will have to start over again if you make a mistake.

When you get it, you will be able to go to the next room.

The Usurper Threshold Guard is a guard.

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How to get to end of world kh?


  1. The Files app, added in iOS 11, supports zip files.
  2. You'll be prompted to choose a location for the zip file.
  3. Tap the zip file in your Files app to open it.
  4. Tap “Preview Content” to see the contents of the zip file.

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How to unzip google drive files on ipad?