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Have you purchased the product Sebamed Baby Cream, Extra Soft, 200ml [Review]?

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Answer # 1 #

Purchased Price: Rs 503 INR from Amazon India


There is a duplicate or used item.The product was stained and packed poorly.A flawed cap and no ingredients list on the tube means duplicate.There is no return option.Highly disappointedIt's difficult to feel sympathy.

Ninad Zaetta
Answer # 2 #

Purchased Price: Rs 602 INR from Amazon India


The product was not as described.I don't think it's a duplicate product, because the ingredients aren't mentioned on the tube.See the actual description given it says baby cream with extra soft under it, but product I received says cream with extra soft, and bar code is also not there as described, So I am worried its a duplicate or genuine product?I'm cancelling all my sebamade baby products ordered here, worrying i may receive duplicate products again.

Agneya Sameer
Answer # 3 #

Purchased Price: Rs 602 INR from Amazon India


My baby was getting rashes all over his face during August when its very humid in Delhi.tried j&j, pigeon, chicco.none helped.but this one worked like a charm.its slightish oily initially and difficult to spread over wet skin but get absorbed real fast.totally worth the price and as usual amazon rocks.I have already ordered the third tube from Amazon and will order it again.

Basheer Randolf
Answer # 4 #

Purchased Price: Rs 476 INR from Amazon India


Product was delivered on schedule but not as described.I think it's a duplicate product because the ingredients are not mentioned on the tube.All tube ingredients were mentioned when I used this product for my kid for three years.I am worried about a duplicate or genuine product.

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