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shall i crucify my savior?

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This morning in worship, we sang this hymn. It was so lovely and the words cut to the heart. They definitely gave me something to think on while I took of the Lord’s Supper. Communion is such an important remembrance of Jesus Christ and this hymn really focused my thoughts about just who Jesus died for. You see, Jesus died for me. And you. And every person God has created. I nailed Jesus to that cross. My sins. The second verse of this song –

Are temptations so alluring? Do earth’s pleasures so enthrall That I cannot love my Savior Well enough to leave them all?

That really got me when I read over those words. It is way too often that I stumble over the things of this world. But can I love Jesus enough to walk away from this world?

I am striving to each day. Some days I am better at focusing on Jesus and other days, well, not so much. But each day is new and God’s blessings are given anew. So, I’ll keep trying.

Blessings, At Home.

Listen to this song at Classic Acapella Songs – click on number 94. It is a lovely rendition of the song.

words: Carrie Breck (1896) music: Grant Colfax Tullar (1896)

1 Shall I crucify my Saviour, When for me He bore such loss? Shall I put to shame my Savior? Can I nail Him to the cross?

Chorus: Shall I crucify my Savior? Crucify my Lord again? Once! oh, once! I crucified Him! Shall I crucify again?

2 Are temptations so alluring? Do earth pleasures so enthrall? That I cannot love my Savior Well enough to leave them all? [Chorus]

3 ‘T was my sins that crucified Him, Shall they crucify Him yet? Blackest day of nameless anguish, Can my thankless soul forget? [Chorus]

4 Oh, the kindly hands of Jesus, Pouring blessings on all men! Bleeding nail-scarred hands of Jesus! Can I nail them once again? [Chorus]

Aleksey Stamos
Station Master