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Profitable Keywords

With profitable keywords, it is easy to rank your blog post, article, content or webpage in the Google search results. Right keyword can only drive millions of organic traffic.This tool is useful to find out potential keywords that can drive plenty traffic.

Growth of a website: Blogging, Article, News or ecommerce site, organic traffic is the backbone. High number of traffic to a site is the key for revenue generation as well. And this is only possible by implementing right keyword.

This tool generates three types of keywords based on provided root keyword or seed keyword. Exact Match keyword, Phrase Match Keyword and question keyword.

Exact Match Keyword: The generated keyword idea contains the exact keyword or the root keyword or topic that user has provided to generate keyword ideas using this tool.

Phrase Match Keyword: The generated keyword idea contains the individual words present in the keyword or the root keyword or topic that user has provided to generate keyword ideas.

Question Keyword: The generated keyword idea is a question based on the root keyword or topic provided by the user and the generated ideas are queried frequently in Google Search query.

When should you pick Exact Match Keyword Idea

It depends. But majorly, If you are looking for sub-topics related to a topic, then exact match keyword are beneficial.

When should you pick Phrase Match Keyword Idea

Again it depends, but majorly if you are looking for keywords that has been searched frequently over search engines based on a topic or keyword, then phrase match keywords are right choice.

When should you pick Question Keyword Idea

It again depends. But majorly, topics that are most centric towards question in nature or if you are looking for Frequently asked questions related to a topic or root keyword then question keyword ideas are meant for you.

Keyterms and Their Meanings


The amount of visitors to a website is known as Traffic in the world of Blogging, Search Engine Optimisation and Keyword Research. Traffic is calculated based on daily or weekly or monthly basis. And also traffic also calculated based on each webpage visit.

Organic Traffic

Traffic that is drived from a search result page to a webpage of a website, is known as organic traffic. E.g. A user searched best keyword idea generator tool in the google search and then google showed plenty results regarding this. This webpage is also has the same tool. And if this webpage appears in the search result and if the user clicks on the webpage link. Then the user is going to redirect to this webpage. Such traffic is known as organic traffic.

Other Traffic

Referral Traffic: If a user clicks on the link present inside the content of a website then the user will be redirected to the targetted webpage. Now that targetted webpage has received referral traffic. Keep in mind: referral traffic even today is responsible for growth of a website.

Social Traffic

Traffic that is drived from social media platforms such as facebook, twitter then such traffic is known as social traffic.

Search Volume

Monthly searches of keyword in a particular search engine is known as search volume.

Keyword Difficulty

Difficulty of a keyword, if targetted and included in a article, blog post or webpage, how difficult it would be to rank higher in the search result. In general, it is believed that short tail keyword is always difficult to target than a long tail keyword.

Long Tail Keyword

Biryani Recipe is a keyword and people do search this keyword in the search result. Now 'hyderabadi chicken dum handi biryani recipe' is also focusing towards biryani recipe but it has less competition. Such keyword is known as long tail keyword. Keyword with more words is known as long tail keywords.