Generate Password: Strong Secure Unique

Generate highly secure, unique and strong password of your choice length with this tool. Generated password is extremely hard to crack and can prevent security threats.

Password Length
Password Type

How to use Strong Secure Password Generator tool?

This password generator tool is super easy to use. Follow following steps.

  1. Step 1: Set password length. (Min. 4 character length and Max. 1024 character length).
  2. Step 2: Set Password type. (i.e Alphabets only, Numerics only, Alpha Numeric Password, Strong Password(Combination of Alphabets, Numbers and special characters))
  3. Step 3: Hit Generate Password Button.
  4. Step 4: Copy the password and use this highly secure unique strong password any where you want.

Alpha Password

Password that contains only alphabets

Numeric Password

Password that contains only numerics. (0 to 9)

Alpha Numeric Password

Password that contains both alphabets and numbers. (E.g slkd282lskdf1238k)

Strong Password

Password that contains alphabets, numbers and special characters. (E.g @%(u0h%%)

Why should you need a strong secure password?

Hackers from around the globe are keep on trying new way to crack password. Unfortunately plenty tools available which do the job easy. However to keep account secure, if we use highly secure and strong password then the possibility of cracking the password reduces down. Thats why never use the password which you have created by yourself and already used once. Because such passwords are easy to crack through brute force attack, social engineering or even dictionary attack method.

Security professionals suggest to use a password of length minimum 8 characters long. However we suggest you to generate a minimum 16 character long password. Such password should have minimum one upper case character, one numeric character, one special character.

Browsers (Most of them) allow a feature to store or save the password of your account. By which, you are not required to provide the password again. This can be a big security breach. So never allow your browsers to save the passwords on your behalf.

Irrespective of the type of the password you have been using, it is in general suggested to keep on changing every four to ten weeks.