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What is kgis stand for?

Answer: County, Knoxville Utilities Board Geographic Information SystemThe Knoxville, Knox County, Knoxville Utilities Board Geographic Information System (KGIS) was established in 1985 by a charter agreement between the City of Knoxville, Knox County, and the Knoxville Utilities Board. Looking for the defi.. Know More

What is nmap tool used for?

Answer: Nmap is now one of the core tools used by network administrators to map their networks. Nmap, short for Network Mapper, is a free, open-source tool for vulnerability scanning and network discovery. Nmap is a tool that can be used to discover services running on Internet connected systems. Detect the.. Know More

What is the ghk equation used for?

Answer: The Goldman–Hodgkin–Katz voltage equation, more commonly known as the Goldman equation, is used in cell membrane physiology to determine the reversal potential across a cell's membrane, taking into account all of the ions that are permeant through that membrane. The Goldman–Hodgkin–Katz flux equatio.. Know More

What is bhimbetka famous for?

Answer: The Bhimbetka rock shelters are an archaeological site in central India that spans the prehistoric Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods, as well as the historic period. The Bhimbetka rock shelters are an archaeological site in central India that spans the prehistoric paleolithic and mesolithic periods.. Know More

What is hsfo used for?

Answer: High-sulfur fuel oil (HSFO), The alternative to using marine fuels with such low sulfur content in ECAs is the use of scrubbers. RMK 500 & 700 fuels are made from the same basic components as lower viscosity fuels, with cutters (such as cycle oils, gas oil, etc) being used in varying. High Sulphur F.. Know More

What are gpk files used for?

Answer: The GPK file contains a summary of data taken from sound waves. Since many different programs may use GPK files for different purposes, you may need to try a few of the apps to open your specific GPK file. It contains analysis tools for detecting and correcting errors hidden within the the audio mat.. Know More

What is obra known for?

Answer: The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA), also known as the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987, has dramatically improved the quality of care in the nursing home over the last twenty years by setting forth federal standards of how care should be provided to residents. Obra Gajrajnagar is located in.. Know More

What is tybee island known for?

Answer: Tybee was extremely important because of its location at the mouth of the Savannah River. The island is the easternmost point in Georgia. Tybee has nearly 3 miles of sandy beaches perfect for sunbathing and swimming , water sports, kayaking, fishing and amazing salt marshes. Read below for a full hi.. Know More

What is tdb stand for?

Answer: Looking for the definition of TDB? Find out what is the full meaning of TDB on Abbreviations. What does TDB stand for? What does TDB mean? We have 7 definitions..... Know More

What is zae short for?

Answer: See the popularity of the boy's name Zae over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool. Browse girls' names beginning with Zae: Zaelia. According to a user from Philippines, the name Zae is of Jewish origin and means "Power of god such as being t.. Know More

What is bexol used for?

Answer: Bexol Tablet is used with other medicines to treat Parkinson's disease. Major & minor side effects for Bexol 2 MG Tablet · Abdominal pain · Constipation · Dry mouth · Loss of appetite · Difficulty in passing urine · Skin rash. This medication is known to be an anticholinergic, thus it effectively re.. Know More

What is wylie short for?

Answer: wy-lie, wyl-ie ] The baby boy name Wylie is sometimes used as a girl name. Wylie is an English name meaning "wealthy person", and may also refer to:. Discover the meaning of the Wylie name on Ancestry®. See the popularity of the boy's name Wylie over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling na.. Know More

What is tig welding used for?

Answer: TIG welders can be used to weld steel, stainless steel, chromoly, aluminum, nickel alloys, magnesium, copper, brass, bronze, and even gold. Like the MIG welding robots, TIG welder machines are programmed to perform the weld. TIG Welding, also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), is a process th.. Know More

What is diquat dibromide used for?

Answer: Diquat dibromide is a non-selective contact algicide, defoliant, desiccant and herbicide. Pesticides used to destroy unwanted vegetation, especially various types of weeds, grasses (POACEAE), and woody plants. It is not residual, that is, it does not leave any trace of herbicide on or in plants, soi.. Know More

What is meftal forte used for?

Answer: Meftal-Forte Tablet is a combination of two medicines. MEFTAL-FORTE is indicated for prompt relief of pain in acute musculo-skeletal disorders such as bursitis, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, sprains, muscular tears and. Meftal Forte is used as a remedy for abdominal cramps, fever , joint ache, muscle p.. Know More

What is dxb stand for?

Answer: Try to ask question with more details about in which terms you want meaning of DXB there are several meaning of DXB some are: 1. DXB stands for Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Dubai International Airport (Airport Code). DXB - Frequently Asked Questions. What does DXB stand for? What does DXB mean? We .. Know More

What is raci model used for?

Answer: The RACI matrix is a responsiblity assignment chart that maps out every task, milestone or key decision involved in completing a project and assigns which roles are Responsible for each action item, which personnel are Accountable, and, where appropriate, who needs to be Consulted or Informed. A RAC.. Know More

What is pjs short for?

Answer: Find out what is the full meaning of PJS on Abbreviations. PJS is an acronym for Pussy Juice Stink. PJS means "Pajamas" So now you know - PJS means "Pajamas" - don't thank us. People love to dress in their PJs and fluffy slippers..... Know More

What is wgsn stand for?

Answer: Worth Global Style NetworkWGSN (formerly Worth Global Style Network) is a trend forecasting company of parent organisation Ascential. For over 20 years, WGSN has been getting it right in trend forecasting, powering the world's most valuable brands. WGSN's trend forecasting, live analytics and design.. Know More

What is xim apex used for?

Answer: Yea I heard people used it before they convert over to PC mostly. If you are playing on The xim apex is an adapter that allows console players use a mouse and. XIM APEX provides the highest precision mouse and keyboard (and more) experience on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox 360, and PlayStation.. Know More

What is vaqta vaccine for?

Answer: VAQTA® [Hepatitis A Vaccine, Inactivated] is indicated for the prevention of disease caused by hepatitis A virus (HAV) in persons 12 months of age and older. VAQTA is indicated for the prevention of disease caused by hepatitis A virus ( HAV) in persons 12 months of age and older. VAQTA is indicated .. Know More

What is hux d3 used for?

Answer: Hux D3 caspules are a form of vitamin D used in the prevention and treatment of vitamin D deficiency conditions. Vitamin D is also used with other medications to treat low levels of calcium or phosphate caused by certain disorders (such as hypoparathyroidism,. Vitamin D is also used with other medic.. Know More

What is nox player used for?

Answer: It greatly increases your accuracy when clicking in games like Vainglory. You can also download the apk file for each one of them from Uptodown, and just drag and drop the files in NoxPlayer; they will be installed. NoxPlayer, a better experience for Mobile Games. Nox App Player is a full feature An.. Know More

What is dlib used for?

Answer: DLib is an open source C++ library implementing a variety of machine learning algorithms, including classification, regression, clustering, data transformation, and structured prediction. Dlib is a modern C++ toolkit containing machine learning algorithms and tools for creating complex software in C.. Know More

What is nanotechnology used for?

Answer: Nanotechnology is being used in developing countries to help treat disease and prevent health issues. Nanotechnology is helping to considerably improve, even revolutionize, many technology and industry sectors: information technology, homeland security, medicine, transportation, energy, food safety,.. Know More

What is ylang ylang essential oil used for?

Answer: Ylang ylang oil is made from the flowers of the herb Cananga odorata genuina. The less potent essential oils are used as medium-to-base notes in perfume, and to make products such as cologne, lotion, food flavoring, and. Used in aromatherapy applications, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil soothes stress, an.. Know More

What is nmwu wire used for?

Answer: Underground electrical cable with copper electrical wire for underground electrical wiring. Southwire's CSA-NWMU cables may be used for underground installations, including direct burial. 14 AWG NMWU includes 2 copper wires and one ground wire. Two or three copper conductors with extra thickness of .. Know More

What is tungsten used for?

Answer: Current uses are as electrodes, heating elements and field emitters, and as filaments in light bulbs and cathode ray tubes. Tungsten's hardness and high density give it military applications in penetrating projectiles. Tungsten is used in alloys, such as steel, to which it imparts great strength. Tu.. Know More

What is tydol used for?

Answer: Tydol 50 Tablet is a medicine used to treat moderate to severe acute pain in adults. Major & minor side effects for Tydol 50 MG Tablet · Unusual tiredness and weakness · Headache · Difficulty in breathing · Agitation and anxiety · Drowsiness · Itching. Is the use of Tydol safe during breastfeeding? .. Know More

What is yixing famous for?

Answer: Yixing kilns are famous for their unglazed reddish and brownish stoneware teapots, which are often embellished with incised, stamped, or relief decoration. Also known as zisha (宜興紫砂) ware, they are typically left unglazed and use clays that are very cohesive and can form coils, slabs and most common.. Know More

What is rixadone used for?

Answer: What RIXADONE is used for. What Rixadone is used for. What RIXADONE is used for. What it is used for. It is used to treat conditions which affect the way you think, feel and/or act. Risperidone oral tablet is used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar I disorder, and irritability associated with autistic .. Know More

What is after effects used for?

Answer: Adobe After Effects is the industry standard tool for motion graphics and visual effects. In this video I am going to discuss what After Effects is. After · Effects is an incredible software, it isn't ideal for editing footage. Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and co.. Know More

What is dvf known for?

Answer: Diane von Furstenberg, original name Diane Simone Michelle Halfin, (born December 31, 1946, Brussels, Belgium), designer and businesswoman whose lasting contribution to fashion design was the wrap dress. Diane von Furstenberg is a Belgian-American fashion designer, best known for her eponymous label.. Know More

What is ztlido used for?

Answer: This product is used to help reduce itching and pain from certain skin conditions (such as scrapes, minor skin irritations, insect bites). ZTLIDO is a prescription medicine used for relief of pain from damaged nerves (neuropathic pain) that follows healing of shingles. ZTlido is used to treat the pa.. Know More

What is uaf known for?

Answer: As America's Arctic university, UAF offers a number of unique programs and degrees particularly focused on the biology, climate, natural resources and peoples of northern latitudes, the circumpolar North and the Pacific Rim. The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF or Alaska) is a public research uni.. Know More

What is oxetol used for?

Answer: Oxetol 300 Tablet is a prescription medicine used to treat and prevent epilepsy (seizures). Major & minor side effects for Oxetol 300 MG Tablet · Changes in vision · Dizziness · Unsteady walk · Uncontrolled eye movements · Agitation · Confusion · Fast. Oxetol 300 MG Tablet is used in the treatment o.. Know More

What is scikit learn used for?

Answer: Scikit-learn is a free machine learning library for Python. Scikit-learn is probably the most useful library for machine learning in Python. What is scikit-learn? · NumPy: Base n-dimensional array package · SciPy: Fundamental library for scientific computing · Matplotlib: Comprehensive. For instance.. Know More

What is tmz stand for?

Answer: Thirty-Mile ZoneHere's How TMZ Got The Name TMZ, "TMZ" is short for "Thirty-Mile Zone," in reference to the historic "studio zone" within a 30-mile radius in Los Angeles, California. TMZ (Thirty Mile Zone) is a tabloid news website that debuted on November 8, 2005. “The name TMZ stands for thirty-mi.. Know More

What is rubbing alcohol used for?

Answer: Rubbing alcohol has many uses in your home, including for cleaning and disinfectant purposes. What uses does rubbing alcohol have? · 1. 10 Household Uses for Rubbing Alcohol. What Is Isopropyl Alcohol and How Is It Used? Why Is 70% the Most Effective Concentration. They are liquids used primarily as.. Know More

What is wcu known for?

Answer: WCU provides more than 115 undergraduate majors and concentrations and more than 40 graduate programs with a focus on high-demand degrees including a variety of programs in engineering, science, healthcare, education, humanities, business and the arts. Western Carolina University is a public institu.. Know More

What is kcal used for?

Answer: Kilocalorie: The term used to represent the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of a liter of water one degree centigrade at sea level. Published: 2017-02-28 | Scientifically, 1 kilocalorie (1000 calories or 1 kcal). The calorie is a unit of energy widely used in nutrition. It is also.. Know More

What is bydureon bcise used for?

Answer: BYDUREON BCise is a type 2 diabetes medicine that is slowly released into your body over time, working to help your body release its own insulin when it's needed to help lower blood sugar. BYDUREON BCise® is designed for simplicity. Bydureon BCise is an injectable diabetes medicine that helps contro.. Know More

What is jynarque used for?

Answer: JYNARQUE is proven to slow kidney function decline in adults who are at risk for rapidly progressing ADPKD. What Is Jynarque? Jynarque (tolvaptan) is a selective vasopressin V2-receptor antagonist indicated to slow kidney function decline in adults at risk of rapidly. Some medicines can cause unwant.. Know More

What is oyster sauce used for?

Answer: Oyster sauce adds a savory flavour to many dishes, making it an ideal choice for flavouring meat and vegetables. Oyster sauce is dark brown, almost black in color, and has a thick consistency. Oyster sauce is a flavor-packed Asian sauce that is especially popular in Chinese dishes. Find Oyster Sauce.. Know More

What is itunes card used for?

Answer: Apple's website clearly states iTunes gift cards can only be used to purchase goods and services on the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, or for an Apple Music membership. App Store & iTunes Gift Card. iTunes card is a merchant gift card where funds on card are used to pay for iTunes products. .. Know More

What is the dhq stand for?

Answer: What does DHQ stand for? What does DHQ mean? We have 22 definitions. What does DHQ stand for? Your abbreviation search returned 12 meanings. Hospital DHQ abbreviation meaning defined here..... Know More

What is node js used for?

Answer: NodeJs is an open source, cross platform used for development of server side web application, written in javascript and can be run on multiple operating system..... Know More

What is ilkeston famous for?

Answer: Ilkeston is a town in the Borough of Erewash, Derbyshire, England, on the River Erewash, from which the borough takes its name, with a population at the 2011 census of 38,640. Weleda is a natural skincare brand with famous fans such as Simon Cowell. Ilkeston is a town within the Borough of Erewash, .. Know More

What is coq10 used for?

Answer: Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant that your body produces naturally. CoQ10 has been used to treat many different conditions. Coenzyme Q10 is most commonly used for conditions that affect the heart such as heart failure and fluid build up in the body (congestive heart failure or CHF), chest pain.. Know More

What is dhhs stand for?

Answer: Michigan Department of Health and Human ServicesThe Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is the largest state department. DHHS: Acronym for the U. On February 2, 1988, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) issued the final version of new regulations governing how Title X fun.. Know More