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How to EAT related published Questions

How to eat pumpkin seeds for weight loss?


Vivek Nastisy answered

To best complement a weight loss diet, choose raw, unsalted pumpkin seeds either with or without their shells. These seeds can be added to a number of dishes or eaten on their own as a healthy snack. Shop for raw, unsalted pepitas or in-shell pumpkin seeds online.

How to eat food properly?


Pucci Soreh answered

  1. Prepare most of your meals at home using whole or minimally processed foods.
  2. Make an eating plan each week – this is the key to fast, easy meal preparation.
  3. Choose recipes with plenty of vegetables and fruit.
  4. Avoid sugary drinks and instead drink water.
  5. Eat smaller meals more often.

How to eat fried worms netflix?


Srivastav dwzvsis Peterson answered

Fried Worms. This charming family film based on Thomas Rockwell's popular book recounts the tale of Billy (Luke Benward), a fifth-grader whose bluster on the first day at a new school gets him in dutch with a bully (Adam Hicks). To save face in front of his classmates, Billy accepts a dare.

How to eat phool makhana?


Gary bvetvl Kate answered

  1. Makhana. a. Take 1-2 handful Makhana or as per your requirement. Or, you can also add a few Makhana to your salads.
  2. Roasted Makhana. a. Heat oil in a pan on full flame. b. Once the oil is hot, bring the flame to a simmer. c. Add the Makhana and roast until crunchy. d.
  3. Makhana powder (or Makhana flour)

How to eat black eyed peas on new year's?


Khani Thakral answered

Black-eyed peas are served with rice in the traditional Southern U.S. dish called “Hoppin' John” for New Year's Eve. Or, the peas can be part of a soup. In Italy, lentils mix with pork for a lucky dish.

How to eat nuts for weight loss?


yatgh Admin answered

  1. Top hot or cold cereal with nuts for a nourishing breakfast.
  2. Sprinkle almonds on top of yogurt.
  3. Add peanuts to nonfat frozen yogurt.
  4. Use fat-free salad dressing and add nuts to your salads.
  5. Use nuts to replace croutons in salads or soups.

How to eat vitamin e capsule?


Pulkit Choukse answered

Take this medicine by mouth with a glass of water. Follow the directions on the package label. For best results take this vitamin with food . Take your vitamin at regular intervals.

How to eat plain rice?


Govinda Detha answered

  1. Stir in a tablespoon or more of butter.
  2. Stir in a tablespoon or more of olive oil.
  3. Drizzle with soy sauce.
  4. Add lots of pepper.
  5. Stir in a couple of tablespoons minced fresh herbs, ideally warmed first in melted butter.

How to eat sandvich tf2?


Nikos S.Subhash answered

The Sandvich can be consumed by pressing either primary fire or the taunt key . When eaten, it will gradually replenish 300 health (equal to the Heavy's maximum health) over a four second duration with no overheal.

How to eat mr noodles?


VoxyTalksy Web answered

When eating ramen, you should hold the spoon in your left hand and your chopsticks in your right . You can use the spoon almost like a safety net by keeping it underneath your trail of noodles when you lift them out of the bowl.

How to eat nuts during pregnancy?


Farheen Vipinno answered

The Omega-3 fatty acids found in nuts and seeds aids in neurological and brain development of the baby. A handful of sunflower seeds , almonds, or walnuts can be a terrific snack between meals. Add a cup of walnuts, sliced almonds and pumpkin seeds to your breakfast, sprinkle on a salad or eat as a trail mix.

How to eat with tmj?


Santiago zztbgvx Jack answered

Choose soft foods. These include scrambled eggs, oatmeal, yogurt , quiche, tofu, soup, smoothies, pasta, fish, mashed potatoes, milkshakes, bananas, applesauce, gelatin, or ice cream. Don't bite into hard foods. These include whole apples, carrots, and corn on the cob.

How to eat boiled eggs?


Areebah hgmohuy answered

  1. Layer hard-boiled eggs on a breakfast sandwich.
  2. Sliced atop oatmeal.
  3. Sliced and added to baked sweet potato.
  4. Chopped into a breakfast burrito.
  5. With wilted greens (aka breakfast salad).

How to eat knife and fork?


J Kittoo answered

The “American” involves having your fork in your left and your knife in your right when cutting your food, then putting the knife down and switching your fork to your right hand to eat , tines facing upwards. (If you're right-handed, that is.)

How to eat more calories?


Chong fwozz Raushan answered

  1. Eat three to five meals a day. Eating at least three meals a day can make it easier to increase calorie intake.
  2. Weight training.
  3. Eat enough protein.
  4. Eat meals with fibrous carbohydrates and healthful fats.
  5. Drink high-calorie smoothies or shakes.
  6. Seek help where needed.

How to eat ondem md 4?


Jankidas Mundul answered

Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Do not handle the tablets with wet hands. Put it in your mouth but do not swallow it. Ondem -MD 4 Tablet may be taken with or without food , but it is better to take it at a fixed time.

How to eat healthy in india?


Michal Pagel answered

Eat fresh , locally available, seasonal vegetables and fruits. Eat a variety of choices of fruits and vegetables (“rainbow of coloured foods”) in a diet plan as different coloured fruits and vegetables contain different nutrients (phytochemicals). Eat fresh fruits and raw vegetables as snacks.

How to eat eye health?


Sunil Ahale answered

  1. Fish. Share on Pinterest Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help to lower the risk of eye problems.
  2. Nuts and legumes. Nuts are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  3. Seeds.
  4. Citrus fruits.
  5. Leafy green vegetables.
  6. Carrots.
  7. Sweet potatoes.
  8. Beef.

How to eat sweet potato during pregnancy?


Leon ghquyii Sweet answered

Baking or grilling sweet potatoes can be a nice way to include in your diet, as cooking method can also help in retaining the nutritional value. Good source of potassium: Sweet potatoes are not only delicious but at the same time are a great source of potassium, which is important for pregnant women.

How to eat squash raw?


Sanah Badshah answered

All varieties can be eaten raw. Shred raw summer squash for a taco filling — or as a substitute for shredded lettuce on a burger or a hot dog. Shred for a slaw with radishes and jicama. (Squeeze moisture by the handful from the shredded vegetable so it doesn't water down the dressing.)

How to eat halim seeds?


Gillani Abiodun answered

You can sprinkle these seeds in your soups, salads and stews . Always remember to stay within the recommended limit. Take 1 glass of water and soak 1 tablespoon of haleem seeds in it overnight. The next morning, add 1 tsp fresh lemon juice to the water and drink.

How to eat idli with chutney?


Mish qbivmi answered

Add mustard seeds and urad dal; cook, partially covered, until the seeds stop popping and the dal turns reddish brown, about 1 minute. Remove from heat and stir in whole red chiles and curry leaves to taste. Pour the hot mixture over the chutney. Serve the idli warm or at room temperature with the chutney on the side.

How to eat dried cranberries?


Cung Niblo answered

Add dried cranberries to oatmeal or whole-grain cereal . Toss dried or fresh cranberries into a muffin or cookie recipe. Add dried cranberries to a salad. Include fresh cranberries in an apple dessert, such as pie or cobbler, for extra flavor.

How to eat oats with milk?


Ameeta Wadadeker answered

1. Oats with milk and fresh fruits: One of the easiest way to have oats is with some warm milk, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds. You can even use coconut milk and sweet berries. Take a bowl of warm milk then add half a cup of dry roasted oats along with everything that your heart desires.

How to eat food in genshin impact?


Eve Bexton answered

You can also purchase food items directly from any restaurant or cook NPC . Note: You can find all the food you've cooked as well as ingredients in your inventory -> food tab. Last but not least, you can process certain raw materials and turn them into food or ingredients.

How to eat yogurt to lose weight?


fgtd Builder answered

  1. Top it with berries, nuts, and seeds for a balanced breakfast or filling snack.
  2. Add it to smoothies.
  3. Stir it into overnight oats.
  4. Top hot oatmeal, protein pancakes, or whole grain waffles with a dollop of yogurt.

How to eat oats for weight loss?


Nana D'Costa answered

  1. Phase 1: Eat oatmeal for three meals each day for the first week. During this time, you should be eating only whole oats and not instant oatmeal.
  2. Phase 2: After the first week or phase, you'll eat oatmeal for one to two meals a day with a healthy and low-fat option for the other meals.

How to eat peanut butter in india?


Pratap Kamani answered

Peanut butter can be bought in many varieties - crunchy or creamy, processed or natural, and flavoured or unflavoured. But at the end of the day, you're probably going to end up eating it the same way, which is spreading it on a slice of toast and munching on it.

How to eat apple cider vinegar?


Azhar Monika answered

You can stir it into a glass of water and drink it before meals or mix it with oil to make a salad dressing. Apple cider vinegar is more likely to aid weight loss when combined with other diet and lifestyle changes.

How to eat sushi on ww?


Bokhan Iraitech answered

Lighten it up: “You want to choose a roll that has whole fish . Anything that is chopped up means there is probably added fat,” says Henderiks. Try a regular tuna roll and spice it up with wasabi to save some PersonalPoints.

How to eat gefilte fish?


yolb Surya answered

Traditionally, the fish was deboned, wrapped in its own skin, poached in a light fish broth and put aside for later. Since you're not allowed to cook on the sabbath, that meant eating it cold. Mixing in matzo meal or bread crumbs helped stretch it out.

How to eat french fries?


Bill Farhan answered

When French-fried potatoes accompany finger foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, or other sandwiches, eat them with your fingers. Table manners for eating french fries with other foods. At other times, cut them into bite-sized lengths and eat with a fork .

How to eat garlic for weight loss?


mwyegzla Sakthi answered

For maximum benefit, it is advised to consume raw garlic with water on an empty stomach in the morning . Crush two-three cloves of garlic and let it rest for 10 minutes, then have it with water. You can also consume garlic with lime juice. Add the juice of a lemon and 1 crushed clove of garlic in a glass of warm water.

How to eat shatavari powder?


Genelia Lyricist answered

1. Take ¼-1/2 teaspoon of Shatavari powder. 2. Take it with milk or honey twice a day after taking lunch and dinner .

How to eat using macros?


Szabolcs Nauman answered

The most important steps in counting macros are setting a calorie goal and macronutrient range for carbs, protein and fat that works best for you. Then, log your food intake and aim to stay within your macros by eating a diet rich in fresh produce, healthy fats, complex carbs and protein sources .

How to eat chia seeds in hindi?


Menna scjjgr answered

चिया सीड्स के सेवन बेस्ट तरीका है उन्हें रात भर दूध में भिगोकर रखना और सुबह उस दूध का सेवन करना। पानी में भिगोने से भी चिया सीड्स फूलकर फ्लफी हो जाते हैं और उसके बाद आप इसे दलिया या स्मूदी में एड कर सकती हैं। चिया सीड्स को अपने आहार में शामिल करना बेहद आसान है।

How much does it cost to eat at the dfac?


Khan Arzoo answered

Young soldiers living in the barracks eat at DFACs for free, while soldiers living off post have to pay for DFAC meals. Prices are low: $3.45 for breakfast and $5.55 for lunch . But even those who are eligible for free meals sometimes prefer to pay for food elsewhere.

How to eat 1500 mg of calcium a day?


APS Advani answered

The best sources of calcium are dairy products, including milk, yogurt, cheese , and calcium-fortified beverages such as almond and soy milk. Calcium is also found in dark-green leafy vegetables, dried peas and beans, fish with bones, and calcium-fortified juices and cereals.

How to eat xiao long bao masterchef?


NStay Saied answered

  1. Gently pick up the dumplings with your chopsticks and dip them in the sauce (which should have a 60-40 vinegar to soy sauce ratio).
  2. Plop them on your spoon (very important) and poke a hole in your xiao long bao.
  3. Drink and savour the soup.

How to eat in calorie deficit?


Inga Pei-pei answered

  1. Eat fewer calories than you burn each day.
  2. Burn more calories than you consume by increasing your physical activity.
  3. A combination of eating fewer calories AND exercising to burn more calories.

How to eat vegan at carl's jr?


Hsiao Eltanary answered

Start with the patty count—Carl's Jr. offers single, double, and triple-decker options, so decide just how hungry you are. Next up, toppings and sauces. The lettuce, tomato, sliced onions, jalapeños, pickles, ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, Special Sauce, hot sauce, Chili Pequin Sauce, and guacamole are all vegan.

How to eat aam papad?


Nikhil bsaxihv answered

Aam Papads are served with a sprinkle of chat masala , black salt, cumin, pepper, chilli powder and a pinch of lemon juice that make them lip-smacking good.

How to eat edible gum?


Weniger Amir answered

Soak 5gm of edible gum in water and leave it overnight . After it becomes fluffy, add this jelly-like substance to a glass of milk. If you feel tasteless, you can add some sugar as well as ice. This drink should be consumed daily to get better results.

How to eat idli with fork and spoon?


Palomora rwmlxmuf Mun answered

Just hold a small portion from where you will start with the fork (face below) and start cutting it with knife. 4) Now simply put the piece into your mouth as has been shown in the picture. 5) Do remember, you bring the dish to your mouth and you don't lean on the dish to eat it.

How to eat sesame seeds daily?


Sadab Bahl answered

1. Eat 1/2- 1 tablespoon or as per your taste roasted Sesame seeds in a day. 2. Or, you can also add Sesame seeds to salads as per your taste to get relief from constipation.

How to eat for mma?


Cohen Marcel answered

During fight week I still eat five meals a day . Meals one, three, and five consist of protein and vegetables. Meals two and four are plain Greek yogurt and organic fruit preserves with protein powder. I drink lots of water, about a gallon and half a day, up until 24 hours before weigh-ins.

How to eat moringa seeds?


Raghavachandra mkuuxh Manoj answered

The seed pods are picked while still green and eaten fresh or cooked . Moringa seed oil is sweet, non-sticking, non-drying and resists rancidity, while the cake from seed is used to purify drinking water. The seeds are also be eaten green, roasted, powdered and steeped for tea or used in curries.

How to eat sleeping pills?


Andrea Motivale answered

(Most sleeping pills, such as Ambien or Lunesta, should be taken at least seven to eight hours before you need to wake up. You can take Intermezzo in the middle of the night if you have at least four hours of bedtime left.) 8. Try to take the first dose on a night when you don't have to go anywhere the next morning.

How to eat onion seeds?


Naomika Rau answered

It's usually lightly toasted and then ground or used whole to add flavor to bread or curry dishes. Some people also eat the seeds raw or mix them with honey or water . They can also be added to oatmeal, smoothies or yogurt.

How to eat green leafy vegetables?


Patil Gagandeep answered

  1. Add Spinach to a Frittata. Spinach and Goat Cheese Frittata.
  2. Make a Spinach and Purple Kale Pizza.
  3. Add Arugula to a Breakfast Pizza.
  4. Make Green Juice.
  5. Try Cooking Asian Greens.
  6. Add Bok Choy to Ramen.
  7. Make Pureed Soup.
  8. Make a Green Smoothie.

How to eat iron tablets during pregnancy?


Waked uejymep Ajay answered

  1. Try to take the pills on an empty stomach about 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals.
  2. Do not take antacids or drink milk or caffeine drinks (such as coffee, tea, or cola) at the same time or within 2 hours of the time that you take your iron.

How to eat garlic bread?


Bin Rach answered

Garlic bread is a traditional accompaniment to Italian pastas like lasagne, spaghetti, linguini, etc. You can also serve sliced garlic bread along with soups, stews, gravies , or tossed salads. Slice left over garlic bread and cut into cubes. Toast and use as flavoured croutons for soups and salads.

How to eat jaggery for hair growth?


Umar wlatkw answered

  1. Eat a small piece in its original form.
  2. Use it as a sugar substitute and add it to your daily cup of green or black tea.
  3. Make gur roti by adding a small amount of it in the flour. Roll out rotis and cook on a hot tawa.

How to eat after delivery?


Saha Maziin answered

  1. Eat a variety of foods.
  2. Drink plenty of liquids.
  3. Eat foods that have protein such as milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, fish and beans.
  4. Eat your fruits and vegetables.
  5. Lose weight safely.
  6. Take prenatal vitamins.
  7. Limit junk foods.

How to eat kismis in morning?


Ashrut Vashisth answered

How to Have Raisins Soaked in Water? Rinse 15-30 raisins in running water and add them to a cup of drinking water. Let them soak overnight and eat them the next morning on an empty stomach.

How to eat yucca root?


Joshi Lina answered

How to eat it: You can prepare it in the same way you would a baked potato, though it's important to remove the skin first. Yuca have a high starch content which make them rather dry, so including a sauce helps. A common way to prepare a yuca is to make oven-baked yuca fries or chunks .

How to eat ice cream cake?


hzooow Bubno answered

Some people like to eat ice cream cake with a spoon , while others prefer to use a fork. Have both types of utensils available so people can use the one they prefer. Make sure you also have plenty of napkins. Use a long, serrated knife to cut your ice cream cake.

How to eat pumpkin seeds?


Emil zzaqn Hary answered

Pumpkin seeds can be eaten raw but taste especially delicious roasted. To roast them, toss them in olive oil or melted butter, plus salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you desire. Spread them on a baking sheet and cook them in the oven at 300°F (150°C) for 30–40 minutes, or until brown and crunchy.

How to eat opo squash?


Dua Vamshi answered

Peel off the skin with a knife or a peeler. Slice the squash in half lengthways and remove any mature seeds. You can then cut it into slices to roast, steam, use in stir-fries, or cubes to add to soups and stews. This squash retains its firmness when it is cooked, making it ideal for many applications.

How to eat in minecraft pc without a mouse?


Lochlyn Bain answered

  1. For Java Edition (PC/Mac), right click and hold.
  2. For Pocket Edition (PE), you tap and hold.
  3. For Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press and hold the LT button on the Xbox controller.
  4. For PS3 and PS4, press and hold the L2 button on the PS controller.
  5. For Wii U, press and hold the ZL button on the gamepad.

How to take emi on debit card?


Sha Sahil answered

Using EMI on debit cards is as simple as it comes. After you've chosen your desired product, you can see if the Debit Card EMI option is available on your payment options or during checkout. On the payment page, under payment options, select Debit Card EMI .

How to eat nc blue crab?


Tambayan Saim answered

Simply bring the pot to a boil over a strong stove flame or campfire, season, and carefully add live crabs (use tongs to avoid the pinchers). Boil until the meat is cooked and tender (about 7 minutes). Pluck out crabs with long tongs, and crack them open to eat!

How to eat isabgol for acidity?


Tracee Buckman answered

Isabgol prevents your stomach lining from becoming acidic. Tip: To use Isabgol for acidity relief, you can consume 1-2 teaspoons of Isabgol with buttermilk .

How to eat an avocado?


Mumtaz MD answered

  1. Seasoned. The simplest way to enjoy avocados is by sprinkling them with a pinch of salt and pepper.
  2. Stuffed.
  3. In scrambled eggs.
  4. On toast.
  5. In guacamole.
  6. As a substitute for mayo.
  7. In salads.
  8. In soups.

How to eat birth control pills?


Baloch Shafaqat answered

Take 1 pill every day for 21 days (3 weeks) in a row . Then don't take any pills for seven days (week 4). You'll get your period during the fourth week while you aren't taking any pills. It's important to take every pill in a 21-day pack because there are no reminder (hormone-free) pills.

How to eat af kit?


Vineetha Kovalchuk answered

How to use AF Kit Tablet. Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Swallow it as a whole . Do not chew, crush or break it.

How to eat bbq chicken?


Tanu Morris answered

  1. Fajitas. Save.
  2. Quesadillas. Instead of wrapping in a soft tortilla, use the BBQ chicken to make quesadillas.
  3. Nachos. Save.
  4. Top baked potatoes or baked sweet potatoes. Use leftover, shredded bbq chicken to top baked potatoes or sweet potatoes.
  5. Slop Bucket/BBQ Sundae. Save.
  6. BBQ Chicken Pizza.

How to eat smaller portions?


India zfacdc Kareem answered

  1. Make at Least Half Your Plate Veggies.
  2. Eat Protein With Every Meal or Snack.
  3. Drink Water With Your Meal.
  4. Begin With a Vegetable Soup or Salad.
  5. Use Smaller Plates and Forks.
  6. Eat Mindfully.
  7. Spice Up Your Meals.
  8. Eat More Soluble Fiber.

How to eat if you have high cholesterol?


Himanshu rqjptpm answered

  1. Choose healthier fats.You should limit both total fat and saturated fat.
  2. Limit foods with cholesterol.
  3. Eat plenty of soluble fiber.
  4. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Eat fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids.
  6. Limit salt.
  7. Limit alcohol.

How to eat roasted chana for weight loss?


Mente fclusp Udaya answered

Roasted chana makes for a yummy low-carb snack. Chana is also a good source of protein and fibre, both of which are an essential part of weight loss. You can pick the seeds of your choice and slow roast them in a pan. You can keep them in a jar and have them whenever you like.

How to eat everything and not get fat?


Umar Oodles answered

  1. 01/7Achieving body goals through your diet.
  2. 02/7​Eat fast food at least once a week.
  3. 03/7​Go easy on sauces.
  4. 04/7​Drink water before eating fast food.
  5. 05/7​Eat mindfully.
  6. 06/7​Indulge in small portions.
  7. 07/7​Eat only one meal of fast food.

How to eat xiao long xia?


Holmes Shivam answered

  1. Hold the crayfish with the head in your strongest hand and the tail in the other, between your thumb and index finger.
  2. Do the twist and snap: pull the head away from the tail with a slight twisting motion.
  3. Pinch and flex the tail all over to crack and loosen the shell.

How to eat sustainably uk?


mptri Nishu answered

  1. Eat more plants. Farming animals for meat and dairy requires space and huge amounts of water and feed.
  2. Eat more variety.
  3. Use your voice.
  4. Make responsible seafood choices.
  5. Cut the waste.
  6. Grow your own food.
  7. Look for products containing RSPO certified palm oil.
  8. Get Giki.

How to use rmd gutkha?


Gregory athjki answered

Gutka is consumed by placing a pinch of it between the gum and cheek and gently sucking and chewing , similar to chewing tobacco.

How to eat ashwagandha powder for height increase?


Gerald Stephen answered

  1. You can consume Ashwagandha powder for height mix by mixing it with water or milk.
  2. You can have this twice every day, after your meals.

How to eat kiwi fruit benefits?


Rituraj Vishwasrao answered

By helping to maintain a healthy blood pressure and providing a boost of Vitamin C, the kiwifruit can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. Beyond this, kiwi also contains a high level of dietary fiber. Fiber can reduce risk factors for heart disease by lowering LDL or bad cholesterol.

How to eat vitamin d tablets?


Henry baaec Raheem answered

Place each dose on the tongue, allow it to dissolve completely, and then swallow it with saliva or water . You do not need to take this medication with water. Certain medications (bile acid sequestrants such as cholestyramine/colestipol, mineral oil, orlistat) can decrease the absorption of vitamin D.

How to eat broccoli raw?


Dwarkadas Kajjan answered

To enjoy raw broccoli, first clean the head of broccoli under cold running water . Use your fingers to rub clean any noticeably dirty spots and gently pat the broccoli with a paper towel until it's completely dry. Using a sharp knife, cut the broccoli florets from the main stem into bite-sized pieces.

How to eat soaked almonds?


Giuseppe crogai answered

The easiest way to have soaked almonds is by soaked 3-4 almonds at night and having them in the morning after peeling them . This will give you an instant energy boost which is most-needed in the morning. You can add almonds to your cereal bowl, oats, smoothies and shakes to make breakfast more nutritious.

How to eat ajwain after delivery?


Dada Pandya answered

Use any of the following – ajwain (carom seeds), jeera (cumin seeds) or fenukgreek (methi) seeds. Take two teaspoons of any of these seeds, and boil in 500 ml water, until the flavour and colour is infused. Cool, strain and pour it into your water bottle. Keep sipping through the day.

How to eat pantop dsr?


Probodh Venugopal answered

You have been prescribed Pantop-D SR Capsule for the treatment of acidity and heartburn. Take it one hour before the meal, preferably in the morning . It is a well-tolerated medicine and provides relief for a long time. Inform your doctor if you get watery diarrhea, fever or stomach pain that does not go away.

How to eat jaggery for periods?


Subhendu Josalkar answered

Jaggery. Monisha includes jaggery in her list of foods that can induce periods. You can mix jaggery with ginger, sesame seeds, turmeric and carom seeds and chew it with a glass of warm water . Drinking this regularly can induce periods and even prepone them.

How to eat athi fruit?


Humphrey Mamgai answered

  1. The skin of the fig is edible. As a result, you do not need to peel the fig before eating it.
  2. If you do not like the texture of the skin, you can peel it off before eating the fig.
  3. To enjoy the flavor of the interior without removing the skin, simply cut the fig in half.

How to eat niranjan phal?


zfotrr Sufiyan answered

Niranjan Phal is Easy cure for piles. When soaked overnight in a cup of water, it swells. Crush it & squeeze its juice & drink on empty stomach first thing in the morning . The blood issuing through uterus, piles, ulcers , all discharges reduce slowly with this.

How to say eat in bsl?


Jillobai Ingle answered

Fingers bunched to touch thumb, move backwards and forward to mouth .

How to eat horse gram?


Susumna Koshy answered

How to use horse gram. Horse gram is featured in a variety of dishes, thanks to both its unique flavor and distinct texture. In fact, horse gram is often used in dishes like soups, stir-fries, curries, and dals . Most recipes involve soaking or sprouting the seeds before boiling or pressure cooking and adding spices.

How to eat extra calories?


Periwal Shikha answered

  1. Eat three to five meals a day. Eating at least three meals a day can make it easier to increase calorie intake.
  2. Weight training.
  3. Eat enough protein.
  4. Eat meals with fibrous carbohydrates and healthful fats.
  5. Drink high-calorie smoothies or shakes.
  6. Seek help where needed.

How to eat sweet potato?


Wen Didier answered

  1. A Crispy, Healthy Snack. Try munching on sweet potato chips.
  2. Just Drizzle and Eat!
  3. Add a Twist to Your Sandwiches.
  4. Sweet Potato Pancakes!
  5. The New Potato Salad.
  6. Grill 'em!
  7. Sweet Potato Fries.
  8. Top Your Salad.

How to eat menstrual cycle?


gqxvxol Point answered

Focus on eating whole foods throughout your cycle to help balance your hormones. Eating every 3 or 4 hours can also help you to manage blood sugar levels and avoid cortisol spikes or mood swings. During this phase, your estrogen is on the rise. Drink soothing tea, like chamomile, to combat cramps.

How to eat yacon root?


Cristina wtcpiu answered

It has a delicious juicy, crunchy texture but is not over-sweet when cooked. Yacon can also be boiled, cubed and placed in stews and casseroles , grated in a slaw salad, cubed and added to all manner of salads. It can also be juiced or put in a smoothie. Either treat it like a juicy, crunchy potato or a mild apple.

How to eat sichuan peppercorn?


sdwtcio Qasim answered

In Chinese cooking, Sichuan pepper is toasted before being crushed or ground. This mutes the spice's citrus flavors and heightens its woody notes, making for an excellent pairing with meats . To toast the spice, add it to a dry skillet over medium heat. Stir for about one minute, or until fragrant.

How to eat ahi tower?


Maxie Carlin answered

To eat, take two forks and begin to mash it all together . Drizzle with additional sauce of your choice and dig in.

How to eat sunflower seeds for hair growth?


xqanz Fathy answered

Grab a handful of sunflower seeds for healthy hair growth. You can also sprinkle some sunflower seeds on your salads or oatmeal or add to pancakes or bread. Because they're high in calories, avoid eating too much.

How to eat interstitial cystitis?


D.K. Panjuani answered

  1. Go with whole fruit more often than juice.
  2. Select unsweetened fresh, frozen or canned fruits.
  3. Drink 100% fruit juice (e.g., pear nectar).
  4. Choose vitamin C-rich options, often.

How to eat honey for cough?


xgxlle Horo answered

To use honey to treat a cough, mix 2 teaspoons (tsp) with warm water or an herbal tea . Drink this mixture once or twice a day. Do not give honey to children under 1 year of age.

How to eat while on dbol?


Preeti rbvs answered

Your muscles act as a sponge and soak up the protein, carbs and other nutrients you consume. That's why it's important to prioritize high-protein foods in your meal plan while on steroids. Eat plenty of fish and lean meat as well as eggs, cottage cheese and low-fat dairy.

How to eat walnut for weight gain?


Reecha Tarpore answered

Walnuts even help in heart disease and cancer prevention because they cancel out the negative effects of the harmful saturated fats found in high-​​fat foods. If you're eating this super food to gain weight, your target should be about 20 grams of walnuts daily .

How to eat very fast?


Link fhtnn Anant answered

  1. Use a timer or watch the clock to stretch your meal out to 30 minutes.
  2. Try chewing each mouthful anywhere from 15 to 30 times, depending on the food.
  3. Take sips of water every few mouthfuls. This can help you to feel fuller, too.
  4. Put your hand or fork down between each mouthful.

How to eat makhana for weight loss?


Surekha Prajapati answered

Makhanas can be eaten ground or roasted . Soaked in water overnight, they can be added to soups, salads or other curry dishes. The puffed lotus seeds are also added in rice puddings and other dry roasted snacks.

How much to eat to gain 1 kg?


Faaiz Patni answered

Generally speaking, every 1kg of weight gain needs about 7000 additional calories [or 29 300 kilojoules]. So to gain 1kg in a week, you would need to eat your Daily Energy Expenditure (DEE) (calculated on the How Much Should I Be Eating Handout) plus a further 1000 calories [or 4 190 kilojoules] every day.

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