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How to join pubg esports?


Preity Ginny answered

  1. Scroll down, choose a qualifier, and open it on a new page.
  2. Enter your PUBG Mobile Nickname.
  3. Create a team (or choose one that you already created earlier.
  4. Tell your teammates to enter the team you created with the invitation link.
  5. Choose which 4 players will play on the qualifier.

How to join lfg channel wow?


fktnrdl Ikram answered

If you right click on a chat tab and go to settings, under Global Channels there is an option to join the LFG channel.

How to join pg in cmc vellore?


Vali Nazmul answered

Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore PG Admission 2021 is done on basis of NEET PG 2021 entrance exam conducted by National Board of Examinations . Only candidates, who have qualified in the NEET-PG 2021 by obtaining a minimum of marks at 50th percentile, is eligible for admission.

How to join fbi in india?


Imelda Lázaro answered

  1. Attaining the appropriate education.
  2. Gain the necessary work experience.
  3. Pass the FBI application process.
  4. Complete FBI academy training.

How to join apollo hospital?


Harigopal Gill answered

  1. Ensure you meet all of the minimum qualifications and most of the preferred qualifications for your desired position.
  2. Once you've selected a position of interest, click on the "Apply Online" button.
  3. Verify the details you have entered and click on submit button.

How to join share market in india?


Bailee Stroup answered

To enter the share market as a trader or investor, you must open a demat account or brokerage account . Without a demat account you cannot trade in the stock market. The demat account works like a bank account where you hold money to use for trading.

How to join ajio as a seller?


ajivm Milite answered

  1. Register yourself on Reliance portal as a supplier.
  2. Fill up the remaining details as required which includes your registered office address.
  3. Provide documents: Pan card, aadhar card, GST details, current account details, cancelled cheque.
  4. Select your product categories.

How to join vc in overwatch?


Gauravv ynoi answered

  1. Go to Options.
  2. Select the “Sound” tab.
  3. Toggle the options for “Group Voice Chat” and “Team Voice Chat” to on.

How to join mbbs after 12th?


Amain xrdixpep answered

  2. Step 2: Pass the Medical College Admission Test.
  3. Step 3: Enroll in Medical School (4 YEARS)
  4. Step 4: Getting a License.
  5. Step 5: Complete a Medical Residency.

How to join oriflame india?


Paramvir Swami answered

  1. You need to fill the Oriflame Membership form which is know as Consultant Application Form.
  2. Then we will give you your Consultant Id and your password will be sent to your email id.
  3. You will receive your joining kit thru us or by courier depending on your choice.

How to join forensic department?


Geetika Maykar answered

The first step you need to take to become a Forensic Expert is to opt for a bachelor's degree in Forensic . There are various undergraduate degrees offered in colleges after which the candidate can opt for a career as a Forensic Expert. Some of these are B.Sc Forensic Science, B.Sc Forensic Science and Criminology, B.

How to join oxford university after 12th?


Farukh vgcmdlrc Holly answered

Choose a course and make sure that you have met or are on target to meet the admission requirements. Explore our colleges and decide whether to express a college preference or make an open application on your UCAS form. Look at our admissions timeline and note the deadlines.

How to join isro after bsc?


Harrison Ruther answered

For joining as ISRO Scientist -SC (entry level). basic education qualification is Msc or Btech. Msc can be in Physics, chemistry or mathematics. After Bsc physics you can join as Technical Assistant , ISRO allow you option of part-time/correspondence study, after completing Msc you can get promoted to Scientist-SC.

How to join azure vm to on premise domain?


Mahendra Sonu. answered

If you want to add Azure VM to your local domain, you need to create a Site-to-Site VPN Gateway to make your on-premise network can connect Azure Vnet. Meanwhile, you also need to configure custom DNS server on your VM. For more details, please refer to the document.

How to join pkg files ps4?


Lakshman Krishnamurthy answered

  1. Download the lastest release from the Release Page.
  2. Extract pkg-merge.exe.
  3. Go to where you extracted pkg-merge.exe, and locate/create a folder with all your PKG pieces inside.
  4. Drag the folder of PKG files ontop of the pkg-merge.exe program. The merging process should begin.

How to use join in xquery?


Dada Dattatreya answered

In XQuery, a join is specified as a " nested for loop ", whereby in the for clause(s) the control variables are bound, in the where clause the join predicate is evaluated and in the return clause the document parts identified by the variables are used in order to generate a fragment of the connected overall document.

How to join ib or raw?


Amir Zeenat answered

Intelligence Bureau recruitment process requires candidates to appear for CGPE ( Combined Graduate Preliminary Exam) which is conducted by SSC (Staff Selection Commission) every year. To become RAW agent, candidates should take Group A Civil Services exam under the Central Staffing Scheme.

How to join aurobindo ashram?


Betts qomb Humaira answered

You can apply for SAS Membership online or via mail . Please note that we will need 15 days to process your request. If you have not received the membership card within 20 days time or if you have any queries related to membership, email us at

How to join military engineering services?


Bhagyashree Dam answered

The candidates can visit the official website: OR to access the web portal of the Military Engineer Services, Headquarters Chief Engineer Southern Command Pune-411001 for online registration of various posts as mentioned in the advertisement.

How to join a league in uefa games?


sygpgxiv Admin answered

In order to join a league, you'll need to have a league code from the league creator . If you do so, please go to the leagues section of the website or mobile application, click on 'Join league' and enter the code in there.

How to join indian army after 12th?


Fawad Prateek answered

  1. Clearing the NDA written exam which is conducted by UPSC.
  2. Clearing the Services Selection Board Interview Round.
  3. On clearing the Interview Round, the candidate must also clear the Medical Test.

How do you join a bowling league?


Raghavachandra blud Luis answered

  1. Find out what you want. Although many people think of bowling leagues as strictly competitive affairs, there are a range of leagues catering to almost every age and skill level.
  2. Check your schedule.
  3. Head to your nearest Zone Bowling.
  4. Get the right gear.

How to join kendriya vidyalaya as student?


inltb Abaza answered

  1. Students and parents can follow the given steps to know how to register for KVS 1st Class admission 2022.
  2. Visit the official website of KVS,
  3. On the homepage, click on the 'New Registration' button.

How to join navy after graduation?


Aishwarya Bilal answered

  1. (A) Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) entries.
  2. (B) Direct Entry : Permanent Commission for Undergraduate Level Entry.
  3. (C) Direct Entry : Permanent Commission for Graduate Level Entries.
  4. (D) Indian Navy Entrance Test (INET) : Permanent Commission/ Short Service Commission for Graduate Level Entries.

How to join python with mysql?


D.K.Prabhakar Mansukhlal answered

  1. import mysql.connector.
  2. #Create the connection object.
  3. myconn = mysql.connector.connect(host = "localhost", user = "root",passwd = "google",database = "PythonDB")
  4. #creating the cursor object.
  5. cur = myconn.cursor()
  6. try:
  7. #joining the two tables on departments_id.

How to join paramilitary forces?


V.C. S.Pappu answered

Candidates are generally required to clear a written test followed by a fitness and medical test . Candidates qualifying all the tests will have to go through an interview followed by training. Successful trainees are then deployed under the paramilitary forces in India.

How to join ngo after 12th?


Fawad qwaws Aidify answered

You have to pursue a degree related to sociology then only you can join an NGO, but after graduation only. Hi Mansi, You have to pursue a degree related to sociology then only you can join an NGO, but after graduation only.

How to join new class in google classroom?


Murali iqgxbven answered

  1. Go to and click Sign In. Sign in with your Google Account.
  2. Make sure to sign in with the correct account.
  3. At the top, click Join class .
  4. Enter the class code from your teacher and click Join.

How to join mtv splitsvilla?


Parkash Russell answered

You can also participate in MTV Splitsvilla 2021. To do that you have to register yourself on the MTV official website for voot app . This show is hosted by popular video Jockey Ranvijay Singh Singha adds popular Bollywood actress Sunny Leone.

How to join ff esports?


Ivy aldiiil answered

  1. Sign in on the Platform.
  2. Click on create team.
  3. Enter your team details.
  4. Invite other team members, and complete your team.
  5. Once the team is complete click on the Join Tournament button and then apply.

How to join iaf after btech?


ppuewkkt Choudhury answered

  1. Combined Defence Services (CDS) entry - It is one of the basic and main modes of entry into the flying branch of defence.
  2. NCC Special entry mode - This exam is open for both male and female candidates who are eager to join Indian Airforce.

How to join whatsapp beta?


Jabbar Yashpal_Sharma answered

Go to WhatsApp Settings. Tap Linked Devices. Tap Multi-Device Beta . Tap Join Beta.

How to join lpg subsidy?


Llama hsdscox Anju answered

  1. Choose your LPG service provider and click on 'Join DBT'.
  2. If you don't have an Aadhaar number, click the other icon to join the DBTL option.
  3. Now visit the official website of your preferred LPG provider.
  4. A complaint box will open, enter the subsidy status.
  5. Now proceed to click on the subsidy related (PAHAL).

How to join an esports team?


Radhakrishan Paswan answered

Probably the best thing to do is to join a league or play in online tournaments . Almost every popular Esport has online tournaments that are open to the public, as long as you reach a certain level such as the number of wins, K/D, or the like.

How to join ima through ncc?


pwdnszj Seller answered

To join the army, apply for NCC Special Entry Scheme through your directorate – ask your unit CO to forward your application to the directorate which will then forward it to the recruiting directorate. If you get shortlisted, follow the procedure of SSB interview.

How to join travel agency?


Hafiz jnvcr answered

The process of becoming a travel agent is very easy as you require a high school diploma to become one. On top of that many employers prefer additional formal training along with good communication and computer skills among the travel agency applicants.

How to join voice chat in telegram group?


jibccv Shahxad answered

  1. Navigate to the group or channel information page.
  2. Tap the three dots (vertical ellipsis) in your group or channel information page.
  3. Tap on Start Voice Chat.

How to join narcotics control bureau?


Szabolcs lqvhfhj answered

Once the candidates clear their UG or PG, they can apply for the UPSC Civil services exam or recruitment exams conducted by the narcotics control bureau or state public service commissions. In India, the Narcotics Control Bureau recruits candidates as Narcotics Officers.

How to join rujuta diwekar?


Naman Patwardhan answered

Criteria – We are always on the look out for enthusiastic people willing to learn and contribute at their best. If you are Mumbai based, it's a bonus. To explore the opportunity of being part of Team Rujuta, fill in the form below and send it across and we will call you to our office for a discussion over chai.

How to join prime video?


Saluja ifyu Rodcliffe answered

  1. Go to Amazon Prime.
  2. Select or tap the sign-up button.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the payment and sign up.

How to join groupme with qr code?


Madhuvanti Ballutia answered

  1. In your chat, click the group's avatar (profile picture).
  2. Select Settings .
  3. In Group Details, click QR Code .
  4. You can share or print the QR code for your friends and family to scan and join your group.

How to join overwatch contenders?


Unique Saka answered

Aspiring players can qualify for Contenders through regional Open Division programs , which in turn qualify top teams for Contenders Trials, a promotion-relegation tournament that takes place each season. Follow your favorite Contenders players on their path to the Overwatch League!

How to join knights templar?


Anshul Saraswat answered

  1. You must first be a Master Mason.
  2. You must also be a Royal Arch Mason.
  3. You must profess a belief in Christianity.

How to join dia india?


Swaraj Bahl, answered

Another route to join the above agencies is by first joining related agencies through direct recruitment . For example, to join the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), you can first join the Armed Forces and then move towards joining their specific intelligence wing.

How to join tasc force?


Haseeb ihkbspdf answered

For STF [Special Task Force], serving candidates from ranks of constable onwards are chosen based on their exceptional past record and exemplary physical ability. For this, you need to appear for UPSC exam and opt for the police service branch or you may enter through state level competitive exam.

How to join clan in clash of clans?


Adarsh Cawas answered

The first is to receive an invite from an elder, co-leader or the leader. Open up your mailbox, then head over to your inbox and tap the accept or reject button. The second way is to go to the clan profile and tap join . Type in a message and wait for them to accept you.

How to join vpn network?


Sharbani ) answered

  1. Open your phone's Settings app.
  2. Tap Network & internet Advanced. VPN. If you can't find it, search for "VPN." If you still can't find it, get help from your device manufacturer.
  3. Tap the VPN you want.
  4. Enter your username and password.
  5. Tap Connect. If you use a VPN app, the app opens.

How to join overwatch league?


Talreja Rinku answered

Aspiring players can qualify for Contenders through regional Open Division programs , which in turn qualify top teams for Contenders Trials, a promotion-relegation tournament that takes place each season. Follow your favorite Contenders players on their path to the Overwatch League!

How to join uganda army?


ylbapnhr Giangiulio answered

  1. MUST be a Ugandan citizen and must be in possession of an Original National Identity.
  2. MUST be healthy and medically fit; ready to undergo medical and physical body check and a road run to test endurance and body fitness.

How to join new team in microsoft teams?


Parvati Parmar answered

  1. Select Teams on the left side of the app, then choose. Join or create a team at the bottom of your teams list.
  2. In Join a team with a code, paste the code in the Enter code box and then select Join.

How to join mcte mhow?


Vali bfbhwygj answered

  1. Candidates need to visit the official site.
  2. The home page of the MCTE Mhow will be displayed.
  3. Click on the Careers/ Recruitment tab.
  4. Search for the Associate Professor and Assistant Professor Advt.
  5. Download the notification and read the instructions carefully.

How to join european football clubs?


Jodi Seydoux answered

  1. Getting scouted in 2 ways.
  2. Getting the right agent for you.
  3. Contacting clubs by yourself.
  4. Join a specialised academy that trains you and finds trials for you.

How to join faze clan?


Antti Qasim answered

There are a series of terms and conditions that you will need to subscribe to, though: You can only say “I'm in FaZe Clan” and rename yourself to FaZe [name] during the 24 hour period . Your actions do not represent the organization or its staff, players, and partners.

How to join uofa wifi?


Varun Benton answered

  1. Select the Network icon on the taskbar.
  2. Choose the Wi-Fi network you want, then select Connect.
  3. Type the network password, and then select Next.
  4. Choose Yes or No, depending on the type of network you're connecting to and if you want your PC to be discoverable by other PCs and devices on the network.

How to join lds church?


Shawnee O'Connell answered

You can join the LDS Church by learning about Mormon beliefs , visiting the church, and finally becoming a member of the church through confirmation by a Priesthood holder.

How to join rdc camp?


anbmesle Tantano answered


How to join rotaract club?


Zixtus Prasad answered

How can I become a member? Clubs accept new members by invitation . To help us find the right club for you, we'll ask you a few questions about yourself and your interests. Then we'll share your answers with Rotary leaders in your community who will match you with a club.

How to join voice chat in discord?


Inder Quereshi answered

Tap a server's icon to view its available channels. Select a voice channel. Voice channels appear under the “Voice Channels” heading. Tap Connect to Voice .

How to join utkal university?


dejo Said answered

  1. BPharm and MPharm admissions are based on Odisha Joint Entrance Examination (OJEE)
  2. MBA admissions are based on CAT/ MAT/ University entrance test.
  3. UGC NET/ JRF/ University entrance test is required for MPhil/ PhD admissions.

How to join to cells in excel?


Farooq Stephen answered

  1. Select the cell where you want to put the combined data.
  2. Type = and select the first cell you want to combine.
  3. Type & and use quotation marks with a space enclosed.
  4. Select the next cell you want to combine and press enter. An example formula might be =A2&" "&B2.

How to join indian army?


Albadawee Atanu answered

There are four main entries to get into IMA . In your final year of Graduation, you need to pass the Combined Defence Services Exams, clear the SSB, be medically fit and join IMA as a Direct Entry if you come in merit. The other entries are 10+2 Tech Entry where you apply after your 12th Exams.

How to join ima after 10th?


Mohit paron answered

There are four main entries to get into IMA. In your final year of Graduation, you need to pass the Combined Defence Services Exams , clear the SSB, be medically fit and join IMA as a Direct Entry if you come in merit. The other entries are 10+2 Tech Entry where you apply after your 12th Exams.

How to join nxt wrestling school?


Sunhil Korner answered

  1. Submit application. Click the APPLY NOW button at the bottom of the page to fill out a questionnaire and submit your application to become a WWE Superstar.
  2. Accept an invitation.
  3. Attend Tryout.
  4. Begin your superstar journey.

How to join iit after 12th without jee?


mwwqqcwu Trkulja answered

  1. JAM 2022.
  2. GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering)
  3. UCEED (Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design)
  4. CEED(Common Entrance Exam for Design)
  5. HSEE (Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Exam)
  6. CAT (Common Admission Test)

How to join traffic police?


Jackée Stepanek answered

  1. Grade 12 or equivalent (No specific subjects needed)
  2. No criminal record · Code B driving Licence (manual transmission)
  3. Medical Certificate – that a person may do strenuous exercises.
  4. Applicants shall not be older than 35 years of age.

How to join cbi after 12th?


Dialogues Sarkar answered

  1. Graduation Degree (Any Stream) from a recognized college.
  2. Bachelor's degree marks better to have more than 50%.
  3. If you want to apply for the Sub Inspector in CBI then the age limit is 20 Years to 30 Years.

How to join unacademy as a tutor?


Dibakar Deonath answered

How to become an Unacademy Educator? Download the Unacademy Educator app from the Android Play Store . Once you download the app you will need to apply to be an Educator by submitting a 3 minute demo lesson. Create this demo lesson with full passion, and give a preview of how well you can teach a particular topic.

How to join merchant navy after 10th?


Andrew Kashif answered

The eligibility for joining the merchant navy is finishing class 10th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The candidate should have normal vision, but glasses up to plus or minus 2.5 may be allowed. Admission is done through an entrance exam followed by a screening test and a main written examination .

How to join bts fancafe?


Bhavita Bhargava answered

  1. Go to BTS' Fancafe and click on "로그인" (Login). If you are already logged in, you may skip to step 3.
  2. Type in your Daum ID and Password then click on "로그인."
  3. Click on "카페 가입하기" (Join Cafe).
  4. Read the nickname rules listed below and then follow the steps shown in the image after.

How to join aeronautical engineering after diploma?


Faroogh bhatt answered

Answer. Once you complete the diploma in Mechanical Engineering you can opt for B. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering. The diploma holders are given the option to get lateral entry in the Engineering course.

How to join rd in post office?


Payal kak answered

  1. Download the India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) app.
  2. Open a post office savings account through the app: Enter the required details such as the mobile number and PAN card number.
  3. Enter the Aadhaar Number and verify with OTP.
  4. Fill the online application form.

How to join facebook group?


rwde Izhar answered

To join a group as your Page, visit Facebook on a computer or visit the Facebook app on your mobile device. Tap in the top menu. Enter the name of the group you're looking for. Tap the group name in the results and tap Join Group.

How to join ios developer beta?


Manit Sathidar answered

Download the macOS Developer Beta Access Utility from the download page. Open the macOS Developer Beta Access Utility and follow the instructions. Once installation is complete, you'll be presented with the macOS beta in the Mac App Store. Click the Download button to install the beta.

How to join dsc army?


ixppxi Babakhanian answered

Candidates qualifying in the prelims exam will be eligible to appear for the mains exam. Those candidates who qualify in the mains exam will be eligible to appear for the interview which is the final stage. Candidates qualifying in all the selection process will be hired as in Defence Security Corps (DSC).

How to join supr daily?


Morshed Zara answered

Get in touch at to join the Supr Family!

How to join lines in qgis?


Jeffery Reikhi answered

  1. If the Join Lines plug-in is not installed, select Plug-ins | Manage and install plug-ins and install the Join Lines plug-in.
  2. In the map view, select two lines.
  3. Select Vector | Join two lines | Join two lines.
  4. Select Layer | Toggle editing.
  5. Click Save. The joined line is saved.

How to join bhabha atomic research centre?


Tanuja Box answered

  1. B.E/B.Tech/B.Sc. (
  2. Applicants will be considered based on their score in GATE exam.
  3. Candidates should have a valid GATE Score of GATE-2016 or GATE-2017 Score in the same engineering discipline as the qualifying degree discipline.

How to join bba course?


Regina Vijayan answered

For admissions into BBA courses, students are needed to clear the 10+2 or equivalent examination from any recognized board or school . Some colleges consider the criteria of securing 50% marks in the qualifying exam. The age should be between 17 to 25 years.

How to join aod fcu?


Milan wdph answered

  1. Visit one of our office locations and see one of our top notch member service representatives. They will be more than happy to assist you.
  2. Sign up at work.

How to join bts group?


Shaikh Tinnanuri answered

To join, ARMYs need a Weverse account, both for the app and for the Weverse shop . Fans also need a PayPal account, as this fan club charges a monthly fee to enjoy the perks, including a mobile membership card. From the Weverse app, fans have the options to choose from different “tiers” of the official fan club.

How to become radio rj?


Ruchika fbnjkgcb answered

  1. Diploma in Radio Programming and Broadcast Management (DRPM)
  2. Diploma in Radio Production and Radio Jockeying (DRJ)
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Radio and Broadcast Management (PGDRBM)

How to join cyber security after bca?


Surnath Bail answered

You must have a diploma or a certification to apply for cybersecurity roles in companies. At upGrad, we offer PG Diploma in Software Development Specialisation in Cyber Security, which teaches you all the skills we mentioned above along with many others. As a BCA graduate, you're eligible to apply in this program too.

How to join barcelona football academy in spain?


Goyal ggirlwa Innovation answered

  1. ID / Passport of the applicant, original or photocopy.
  2. Bank account number.
  3. Libro de Familia or photocopy, for whom the membership is requested.
  4. ID of the father, mother or legal guardian.
  5. A passport-size photo if the child is not present.

How to join vudu accounts?


Debnath Josh answered

You can connect only one Vudu account at a time, and you can switch accounts every 180 days. If you're already a Vudu user, you can simply click on the Account Info link under your name, and then scroll to the Movies Anywhere section and click Manage.

How to join fire brigade?


Rupendra Mital answered

  1. Aspirants must have a minimum of a high school diploma certificate.
  2. Training (s) in emergency medical services or an emergency medical technician (EMT) basic certification will be required.
  3. Candidates need to hold a higher national diploma certificate.

How to join agriculture courses after 10th?


Khanna Dane answered

There is no specific entrance examination for admission in Diploma in Agriculture. Admission in Diploma in Agriculture is done on merit- basis. Students' performance in the Class X board is considered for admission in UG diploma courses.

How to join zimele money market fund?


Snehal Mehtha answered

Accounts can be opened online at or through the Zimele app . The Zimele Unit Trust is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA). A unit trust is required to have a fund manager, a custodian and trustees.

How to use join zoom meeting?


Hollow Mael answered

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your meeting ID provided by the host/organizer.
  4. Click Join. If this is your first time joining from Google Chrome, you will be asked to open the Zoom client to join the meeting.

How to join doterra lrp?


Nigam Tewari answered

  1. Once you are logged in on click the “Create New Loyalty Order” button.
  2. Choose a processing date before the 15th to help you qualify for the FREE Product of the Month and then click “Save Date and Shop”.
  3. Go shopping!

How to join channel in discord?


Mikula mtmkhawo Sharlin answered

  1. Click the plus icon in the left sidebar.
  2. Select "Join a server."
  3. Paste in the invite link and hit "Join."
  4. Tap the three stacked lines in the top-left corner of the screen.
  5. Select the "+" sign in the server menu.
  6. Tap "Join a server."

How to join urbanpro as a teacher?


Vallabh Loknath answered

browse select tutor from option and register with your personal email id and phone number. Hi, You can contact UrbanPro support team they will help you. Send an email to , they will let you know the subscription charges and help you to register as a teacher.

How to join eto course?


Gurpreet Panjuani answered

  1. Clear Entrance Test of 100 marks.
  2. Clear Psychology Test- It is a 2-hour test with personality-based questions.
  3. Panel Interview: Shortlisted students are called for an interview via email.
  4. Medical Exam and Eye test- You will undergo a medical test conducted by company-appointed doctors.

How old to join ymca?


Nikhil Qaisar answered

Any person who is not more than 18 years of age are eligible for membership of the Association who shall apply in writing to the Association for membership and pay the prescribed entrance fee and membership fee in advance may be admitted as a JUNIOR MEMBER of the Association for a YEAR.

How to join ios beta?


Alfrey ckbrkkmo Guest answered

  1. Open Safari and visit the Apple Beta Software Program web page.
  2. Select Sign up.
  3. Log in with your Apple ID.
  4. Scroll down to the Get Started section, tap enroll your iOS device.
  5. Follow the instructions to create and archive a backup of your iPhone in its current state.

How to join private group on telegram?


Anjala Konnur answered

Launch the Telegram app from your home screen and open your private channel from your recent chats. Tap the channel's name on the chat header to view its information page. Under the Members section, tap Subscribers. Select “Add subscribers” and select Invite via Link.

How to join entertainment industry?


N rmwwuah Varshi answered

  1. Consider educational programs. Some entertainment jobs require specific training.
  2. Be willing to take entry-level work.
  3. Get a start in performing as an extra.
  4. Intern or volunteer.
  5. Network.
  6. Go where work is plentiful.
  7. Cultivate your passion.

How old to join rfs?


Rajeshwar Dalvi answered

The joining age for Junior Members may vary depending on the area, but is not younger than 12 years . When they turn 16 Junior Members can apply to become operational members (with parental consent) and attend emergency incidents with other brigade members, once they have completed the required training.

How to join akshaya patra?


Prosit Dange answered

Join Us Online. Share news of Akshaya Patra with your online network. Write about us on Facebook and Twitter, share the link of The Akshaya Patra Foundation's website, share our Public Service Announcement (PSA) with your friends and followers, or embed an Akshaya Patra PSA on your own website.

How to join uk army?


Adolfo Mescudi answered

How to Apply. Whether you are joining as a soldier or an officer, full time or as a part time Reservist, joining the Army starts with an online application . Once you've submitted your application, you'll be guided through the process by a Recruiter or Candidate Support Manager. Find out more about the joining process.

How to register for qq?


Igor Esguerra answered

  1. Step 1: Download the QQ app.
  2. Step 2: Open the app.
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