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How to use qfil tool latest version?


Fun Photography answered

  1. Download Stock ROM & unzip.
  2. if it is, then download the Qfil tool & Install.
  3. Select Flat Build then click on Programmer Path and select Program file with .
  4. Click on Load XML & Select Raw Program file.
  5. Connect Phone Holding Boot key.
  6. Click on Download to start Flashing.

How to use xbox game pass?


Bart pbyprov answered

  1. On the Store homepage, click the menu button on the top right section of the window, then select “My Library” to see all of the content that you own.
  2. Look for “Xbox Game Pass” and click on that option. All of the games included with Game Pass will display.

How to use himalaya neem face pack?


qftr Bhaskar answered

Apply Purifying Neem Pack evenly all over the face and neck , avoiding the area around the eyes and mouth. Let the mask dry for 10-15 minutes and remove with a wet sponge or towel. Rinse with cool water. For optimal results, use once a week.

How to use wzpad on ipad?


obxv Sakthi answered

  1. Tap on the App Store on your iPad.
  2. Tap on the Search icon, and in the Search field, type in WzPad.
  3. Results will appear, tap on GET (You may be prompted to enter your Apple ID Password or TouchID)
  4. Once WzPad has been downloaded onto your device, open the app.

How to use dry shampoo?


Austyn Yamnarm answered

Hold the can of dry shampoo about 6 inches away from the crown of your head. Spray a small amount directly into your roots. Don't neglect the hair growth at the nape of your neck, right above your ears, and in the back of your head. Massage the dry shampoo into your hair using your fingers.

How to use zytee l gel?


Atula Saha answered

  1. Use Zytee L gel as directed by your doctor.
  2. Wash your hands before and after using this medicine.
  3. Apply the gel and gently rub it on to the affected areas.
  4. You should not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after applying this medicine.

How to use wnr614 as repeater?


Ravindra lnybk answered

  1. Change the Wi-Fi channel so that it is different than the one used by the Beetel.
  2. Disable the DHCP Server.
  3. Set the gateway IP address to 192.168.
  4. Connect one of the LAN ports of the WNR614 to the Beetel.
  5. Test Internet connectivity.

How to use zoom meeting?


Meade Uncredited answered

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your meeting ID provided by the host/organizer.
  4. Click Join. If this is your first time joining from Google Chrome, you will be asked to open the Zoom client to join the meeting.

How to use uv resin?


Shonali Neerad answered

UV resin is applied in thinner layers and remains wet until being exposed to UV light, either bright sunlight or under a UV lamp. Resin can be used to seal collages and embed items in metal bezels , to cast shapes in molds, and to create an enameled look on jewelry.

How to use xd file in figma?


Duwayne McConnell answered

A web designer can open XD file in Figma. All you need to do is to export Adobe XD file as SVG and paste it directly in Figma . In Adobe XD, you can go to "File" and select "Export as SVG". In Figma, you can just paste the artboard to Figma directly.

How to use ldplayer in pc?


Shaista Ishwar answered

NOTE: You can also download the app or game using individual APK files. Even if an app is not available on LD Store, it is still possible for you to download and install its APK file into the emulator. Just drag-drop APK files on the LDPlayer window and it will start installing the app automatically.

How to use kayakalp vati tablet?


Nisha Jalees answered

  1. General: Use prescribed amount.
  2. Before or After Meal: Before meal.
  3. Single Maximum Dose: 2 Tablet.
  4. Preferred way of taking: Warm Water.
  5. Dosage Form: Vati/Bati.
  6. Dosage Route: Oral.
  7. Frequency: BID (twice daily)
  8. Course Duration: ongoing.

How to use lubricant gel in hindi?


Rabiranjan Vats answered

तेल आधारित लुब्रिकेंट कि खास बात यह है कि ये आपको एक अच्छे सेक्स का अनुभव तो देगा ही, साथ ही यह आपकी सेक्सी मालिश को भी मजेदार बना सकता है। हालांकि, इसका नकारात्मक पक्ष तब आता है; जब आप एक लेटेक्स कंडोम का उपयोग कर रहे होते हैं। कंडोम के साथ तेल लुब्रिकेंट का इस्तेमाल नहीं करना चाहिए। इससे कंडोम के फटने का डर रहता है।

How to use shikakai powder for hair?


Davison Anoop answered

Boil 2-3 tbsp of shikakai powder in 2 cups of water , to make a semi-liquid paste. Add some more water and honey. Apply this paste and rinse your hair with water. Try this remedy twice a week to flaunt gorgeous shiny hair.

How to use lcd tv as computer monitor?


xbiiwntb Casas answered

To use your TV as a computer monitor, all you have to do is connect them with an HDMI or DP cable . Then and make sure your TV is on the right input/source, and your computer's resolution is the same as your TV's. First, check that your computer and TV both have an HDMI or DP port. To use your TV as a computer monitor, all you have to do is connect them with an HDMI or DP cable . Then and make sure your TV is on the right input/source, and your computer's resolution is the same as your TV's. First, check that your computer and TV both have an HDMI or DP port

How to use xd in sentence?


O Ben answered

  1. Friend 2: XD! XD! XD!
  2. Friend 1: My dog was running through the house super fast.
  3. Friend 2: What's so funny?!
  4. Friend 1: OMG! XD.

How to use egg for hair?


Sumit tocihclf answered

  1. Mix 2 to 3 whole eggs with 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice, which helps to reduce the “egg” scent of the mask.
  2. Beat the mixture until it is frothy.
  3. Apply to the hair by putting the egg mixture on the hands, and working it into the hair.
  4. Cover the hair with a shower cap.

How to use tql in tosca?


Manish qojte answered

The power of TQL is used for various different functions within Tricentis Tosca. TQL queries can for instance be saved to virtual folders . A virtual folder is then created at the desired location in the project tree. The TQL query can be entered under Queryin the Properties tab.

How to use hgh fragment 176-191?


Hosting Malhotra answered

HGH Frag 176-191 can be administered 1-2 times per day with twice daily producing optimal results. If once per day, it should be taken 30-60min before breakfast. If twice per day, the second dose should be taken before bed and a few hours after the day's last meal.

How to use bhringraj plant for hair?


Tyagi Sweta answered

  1. Take ½-1 teaspoon of Bhringraj powder.
  2. Mix with Coconut oil and massage on the scalp.
  3. Leave it for 1-2 hours and wash it with any herbal shampoo.
  4. Repeat this thrice a week to fight hair fall and premature greying of hair.

How to use ghosting in a sentence?


Vani Verma answered

  1. 'a victim of ghosting herself, Dani also admitted that she will ghost guys she's been dating'
  2. 'I'm not defending ghosting but going cold turkey AFTER a break up has happened may be necessary.
  3. 'The people who engage in ghosting say you just didn't pick up on the otherwise clear signs the end was coming.

How to use iupac naming system?


Marketing Vaibhav answered

  1. Find and name the longest continuous carbon chain.
  2. Identify and name groups attached to this chain.
  3. Number the chain consecutively, starting at the end nearest a substituent group.
  4. Designate the location of each substituent group by an appropriate number and name.

How to use bvn to check account balance?


Kai umhanjgp answered

To check account balance, dial *901*5# , it will ask for the last 4 digit of your BVN. After you entered the last 4 digit of your BVN, you can view your balance. You may also achieve this via SMS by sending BAL “10 Digit Account Number” to 08160000612. E.g BAL 9876543210 then send it to 08160000612.

How to use gcc compiler?


Lemon abay Shubham answered

  1. Step 1: Write your c code. For example, let's take this Hello World example #include #include int main() { printf("Hello World!/n"); return 0; }
  2. Step 2: Compile using gcc. Write the following line of code into your terminal: gcc helloworld.c -o helloworld.
  3. Step 3: Execute your code.

How to use pfa in mail?


Nauman Anoop answered

You can simply write, “ Please, find attached .” or its abbreviated form: PFA. “Attached” is the correct word for electronic communications. Enclosed is used for physical mails where envelopes are used.

How to use free internet?


James Cichocki answered

  1. Public WiFi Hotspots. A WiFi hotspot is a physical location where people can access the internet using WiFi technology.
  2. Municipal WiFi Hotspots.
  3. Connect2Compete Internet Program.
  4. FreedomPop.
  5. All Free ISP.

How to use lvm in ubuntu?


Elisha Veerappan answered

Instead, you can open the Ubuntu Software Center, search for LVM , and install the Logical Volume Management tool. You could also just run the sudo apt-get install system-config-lvm command in a terminal window. After it's installed, you can open the Logical Volume Management utility from the dash.

How to use uwu in a sentence?


Sovann hjjntr Ogunlana answered

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? I want know what's mean uwu? A: I don't believe that is a word but a smiley face.

How to use f keys?


Pooja obtup answered

If your keyboard has an F Lock key, press it to toggle between the standard commands and alternate commands . When the F Lock light is Off, alternate functions work (Help, Undo, and so on). When the F Lock light is On, standard functions work (F1, F2, and so on).

How to use gtt in kite?


Nikhil wwyssv answered

  1. Log in to the Zerodha Kite web or app.
  2. Select the desired scrip on which sell GTT is required to be placed.
  3. Click on Create GTT.
  4. Select the trigger type as Single or OCO.
  5. For the Single trigger type, input the trigger price and limit price.
  6. Click on Create GTT.

How to use punarnava powder?


Laurence ntsklnhc answered

Directions. Take 5 gms (half to one tea-spoon) 2 times a day Punarnava Powder with water preferably empty stomach . If you are mixing with other herbs, use Punarnava proportionately or consult your health care provider.

How to use yves rocher universal botanical balm?


Katee Tetzlaff answered

How to use: During the day or at night, spread a small amount of the balm throughout the lengths and tip , avoiding the roots, 2 to 3 times per week. Comb to distribute the product evenly. Do not rinse. This product will not stain your pillow.

How to use wysolone tablet?


Bob Wolodarsky answered

Wysolone 10 Tablet DT should be taken with food to avoid an upset stomach. It should be swallowed whole with water at the same time(s) each day. Your doctor will decide the dose and how often you should take them. This may change from time to time depending on how well they are working.

How to use gzip compression?


Shakti Navewala answered

  1. Open up IIS Manager.
  2. Click on the site you want to enable compression for.
  3. Click on Compression (under IIS)
  4. Now Enable static compression and you are done!

How to use wechat in india?


Iftekhar Periara answered

  1. Download and install ExpressVPN or any other reputable service provider.
  2. Open Virtual private network.
  3. Sign in to the account.
  4. Choose a server in any other country.
  5. Download & install Wechat application from Playstore/Appstore on any device of your choice **
  6. Connect to the server, and now you are set to use Wechat.

How to use lpad in java?


Beri cgvkkxn Manish answered

Get the string in which padding is done. Use the String. format() method to pad the string with spaces on left and right, and then replace these spaces with the given character using String. replace() method.

How to use gestapro tablet in hindi?


Proverifid iilhrx answered

गेस्टैप्रो टैबलेट को खाने के साथ या डॉक्टर की सलाह के अनुसार लेना चाहिए. आपको मिफेप्रिस्टोन की खुराक से शुरू करना चाहिए. इसे मुंह से लेना चाहिए, एक गिलास पानी के साथ टैबलेट को पूरा निगल जाना चाहिए. अगर टैबलेट लेने के 30 मिनट के भीतर उल्टी का अनुभव होता है, तो डॉक्टर को बताएं या अन्य टैबलेट लें. .

How to use isabgol for weight loss?


Satvinder Ric answered

  1. Take 1-2 teaspoon of Isabgol Powder.
  2. Add lukewarm water to it.
  3. Also squeeze ½ lemon to it.
  4. Drink it preferably empty stomach in the morning for maximum benefits.

How to use nslookup command in windows?


Mh Arneja answered

Go to Start and type cmd in the search field to open the command prompt. Alternatively, go to Start > Run > type cmd or command. Type nslookup and hit Enter. The displayed information will be your local DNS server and its IP address.

How to use xk03 in sap?


Akther uwzn Pallavi answered

Simply execute XK03 and then execute /NSU53 immediately afterwards . A report of all authorisations checked will then be displayed See check tcode authorisation for full details and screenshots.

How to use uefi bios updater?


Sy Dishant answered

  1. Download the latest BIOS (or UEFI) from manufacturer's website.
  2. Unzip it and copy to a spare USB flash drive.
  3. Restart your computer and enter the BIOS / UEFI.
  4. Use the menus to update the BIOS / UEFI.

How to use ugg points?


Gould Manoj answered

UGG Rewards program members will earn points for qualified purchases and activities. Once you earn 250 points and have a qualified purchase on your account, we will automatically email you a $20 UGG Reward that can be used at UGG stores in the United States and online at Rewards expire in 90 days.

How to use bp in bgmi?


Chiquito Crossan answered

  1. Click on the friend's profile picture.
  2. Select Send BP option.

How to use isabgol for constipation?


Arora bwirpw Iraitech answered

The insoluble fiber present in Isabgol causes the stool to soften and expand, thereby improving gut movement. Add two teaspoons of Isabgol in a glass of warm milk and consume it before you go to bed every night for a few weeks.

How to use vf component in vf page?


P gtoip Hyder answered

To use a custom component in a Visualforce page you must prefix the component's name with the namespace in which the component was defined . For example, if a component named myComponent is defined in a namespace called myNS , the component can be referenced in a Visualforce page as <myNS:myComponent> .

How to use myntra insider points?


hlyfqj Rejia answered

  1. Visit the Myntra Insider page from here.
  2. Go to the redeem tab.
  3. Select an offer of your choice.
  4. Click to redeem your Insider Points.

How to use tzumi probuds?


Rajinder bbdst answered

  1. On your Mac, tap Apple menu > System Preferences.
  2. Click on Bluetooth.
  3. Select your Tzumi Bluetooth Headphones from the list.
  4. Click Connect.
  5. If asked, tap Accept.

How to use kyocera printer?


Ferdous Namdeo answered

  2. Ready tab: displays jobs ready for printing.
  3. Available options.
  4. After selecting the required specifications press the large green button labeled start on your left to begin copying.
  5. Press Yes.

How to use bb cream on face?


Waqar Kazi answered

  1. Apply BB cream to cleansed skin after any additional serums or moisturizers.
  2. Use a foundation brush, sponge, or your fingers to apply the cream.
  3. Apply foundation for more coverage and concealer in any problem areas.

How to use quick selection tool in photoshop?


Instavalue bdpttxyy answered

Select the Quick Selection tool in the Tools panel . Add a checkmark to the Auto-Enhance option in the Options bar. Click and drag over an area you want to select. The tool automatically selects similar tones and stops when it finds image edges.

How to use xbox controller on pc?


Praveen djnjb answered

  1. Turn on your PC and sign in.
  2. Plug the Xbox Wireless Adaptor into your PC.
  3. Turn on your controller by pressing the Xbox button .
  4. Press and hold the Pair button on the Xbox Wireless Adaptor.

How to use episoft cleansing lotion?


Sananth Pirzada answered

  1. Wet face with water and apply Episoft cleansing lotion.
  2. Massage gently for about a minute.
  3. Rinse with clean water.
  4. Wipe face with clean and dry cloth.
  5. Repeat 2-3 times a day.

How to use dk crowns?


Emad Aryan answered

Participants can use crowns to purchase tickets for contests in the place of real money . The DraftKings crowns to dollar ratio is 550 crowns to get a $1 contest ticket. This makes the DraftKings crowns' value to be $0.0018 for each crown.

How to use abs in c++?


Mike Bharani answered

  1. Syntax. The syntax for the abs function in the C Language is: int abs(int x);
  2. Returns. The abs function returns the absolute value of an integer represented by x.
  3. Required Header.
  4. Applies To.
  5. Similar Functions.

How to use xray in minecraft?


Nurjehan Dawar answered

  1. Step 1) Download & Install Forge.
  2. Step 2) Download The XRay Mod.
  3. Step 3) Get To The '.
  4. Step 4) Make Sure You Have A 'Mods' Folder.
  5. Step 5) Install The XRay Mod.
  6. Step 6) Select The Correct Version of Minecraft.
  7. Step 7) Play The Game & Have Some Fun!

How to use vvivid vinyl?


Ali Raparelli answered

Simply lift the film slightly and gently apply heat until wrinkles shrink , then re-apply. Using both hands and carefully pull the film until the vinyl appears flat, while still applying tension lay the film over the surface.

How to use hmailserver to send email?


Gautam rebtyjjx Kashinath answered

  1. Select Start->Run.
  2. Type telnet 25 (Exactly this text. You should not replace with the name of your own email server)
  3. Click OK to start the telnet session.

How to use rsi indicator for intraday?


Unidrim Anjum answered

  1. Plot a 200-period simple moving average (SMA) to determine the overall price trend.
  2. Add the RSI indicator and change the settings to 2 periods.
  3. Adjust the levels for overbought and oversold to 90 and 10.

How to use ghee for hair?


uqaayra VB answered

Using ghee as a hair mask is pretty simple. You can heat a few tablespoons of ghee for 10 seconds or less in the microwave , or simply rub your hands together with ghee between your palms to warm it up. Apply the ghee directly to your hair, making sure to coat your scalp and any split ends that you have.

How to use zbrush for free?


Randir Doraisingham answered

  1. Navigate to the trial version on the Pixologic Site.
  2. Register or log in, if you have an account.
  3. Pixologic then sends you an email that contains the link to the free trial version.
  4. You need to generate an activation file to unlock ZBrush.

How to use essential oils on face?


Delaney Baena answered

Don't apply essential oils directly to your skin . Always use a carrier oil to dilute the oils. Remember to do a skin patch test before using essential oils. Since citrus essential oils may make your skin more sensitive to the sun, these oils should be avoided if you'll be exposed to sunlight.

How to use tj maxx rewards?


Divyang Bradshaw answered

To redeem online, enter the 19-digit certificate number and 4-digit CSC in the payment section of checkout . TJX Rewards® certificates can be used in conjunction with T.J. Maxx gift cards, promo codes and one credit card for payment of your order.

How to use lk smoker?


Thalmus Brunsch answered

  1. Put foil at the bottom of the smoker, underneath the grid.
  2. Put your wood shavings on top of the foil.
  3. Place your fish, chicken or whatever you want to smoke on the grid.
  4. Close the smoker.

How to use google meet?


Khurram Siddique answered

  1. Create a new meeting. To create a new video meeting, log in to your existing Google Account or sign up for free.
  2. Invite others to your online meeting. Send a link or meeting code to anyone you want to join the meeting.
  3. Join a meeting.

How to use bcrypt in nodejs?


Shraddha ykhjgmqk answered

  1. npm install --save bcrypt.
  2. const bcrypt = require('bcrypt');
  3. bcrypt.genSalt(saltRounds, (err, salt) => {
  4. bcrypt.hash(yourPassword, saltRounds, (err, hash) => {

How to use krimson 35 tablet?


Bimbi Khanna answered

Krimson 35 Tablet can be taken with or without food . Take it at the same time every day as it will help you remember to take it. The dose and duration will depend on what you are being treated for, but you should always complete a full course of this medicine as prescribed by your doctor.

How to use avocado seed?


Jeff Kejejian answered

Once the seed is dehydrated, it can be chopped and placed in a blender or food processor until it forms a powder. The powder can then be added to smoothies or used in teas, sauces or dips. However, drying out the seed may reduce its antioxidant content, so you may not reap the benefits you expected.

How to use xmp files in lightroom?


Pereira wybmw Shikha answered

  1. Open Lightroom.
  2. Go to Lightroom in your main menu and hit Preferences.
  3. Click on Show Lightroom Develop Presets in the Preferences Menu.
  4. Paste your Preset Folder containing the .xmp files into Settings.
  5. Restart Lightroom and enjoy your Presets.

How to use two whatsapp in one phone with different numbers?


Uzma Saini answered

  1. To enable a second account on WhatsApp, head to Settings.
  2. Look for Dual apps, App Clone, App twin, or Parallel Apps.
  3. There should be a toggle against WhatsApp app, turn it on.
  4. Wait for the process to complete and head back to the home screen.

How to use moringa powder?


Sharman Veera answered

Due to its versatility, moringa leaf powder is a popular option. It's said to have a bitter and slightly sweet taste. You can easily add the powder to shakes, smoothies, and yogurt to boost your nutritional intake. Recommended serving sizes of moringa powder range from 2–6 grams. Due to its versatility, moringa leaf

How to use xor operator in python?


H. Kabir answered

Use the XOR operator ^ between two values to perform bitwise "exclusive or" on their binary representations. When used between two integers, the XOR operator returns an integer. When performing XOR on two booleans, True is treated as 1 , and False is treated as 0 . XOR between two booleans returns a boolean.

How to use qnb card abroad?


Cassi Beebe answered

  1. ** Login into your account via QNB Internet Banking and select “Cards travelling abroad activation” option under the “cards” menu. ** Select the cards that you would like to activate and select the latest date for usage abroad.
  2. Please note:

How to use aadhar card?


Leena Seshadri answered

You need to enter Aadhaar Number of beneficiary and press verify button . System will verify Aadhaar linking and populate beneficiary address and you can send money. Yes, you can use my Aadhaar Number and Fingerprint to make digital payment to such merchants.

How to use keratin hair mask?


Aadya Matthan answered

  1. Shampoo your hair. Gently massage your scalp with your finger tips (and not your nails!) when shampooing your hair.
  2. Massage the treatment onto your hair.
  3. Leave the treatment on your hair for 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse your hair.
  5. Blow dry and iron your hair.
  6. Wait.

How to use body mist?


M.W. Vasan answered

HOW DO YOU USE BODY MISTS? Much like perfume, body mists should be applied directly to the skin . We recommend spraying your body mist all over your skin immediately after your morning shower or bath.

How to use vpn app?


Varsha Husain answered

  1. Go to the Network Settings > VPN > Add a VPN connection.
  2. Enter all the required info in the window. Select Windows (built-in) from the VPN Provider drop-down menu.
  3. Select the “Remember my sign-in info” option.
  4. Click save and then choose the VPN, then click the “Connect” button.

How to use mtp kit in english?


Salar Varshitha answered

Mtp Kit should be taken with food or as per your doctor's advice . You must start with a dose of Mifepristone. It should be taken orally, by swallowing the tablets whole with a glass of water. If you experience vomiting within 30 minutes of tablet intake, inform your doctor or take another tablet. Mtp Kit should be taken with food or as per your doctor's advice . You must start with a dose of Mifepristone

How to use ufo vpn?


Samuel hovd answered

  1. Download the UFOVPN application on the website.
  2. Once downloaded the installation file, please install UFO VPN on your Windows device.
  3. When you open UFO VPN, your Windows computer will ask if you want to trust it. Follow the setup wizard.

How to use ews certificate?


Peck Levenson answered

The application for the issue of an EWS certificate can be submitted online or offline . It totally depends upon the state government. For online application, you have to visit the official website of the issuing authority and select the relevant link and proceed further as per the provided instructions.

How to use azithromycin eye ointment?


Subhash Dixit answered

Tilt your head back, look upward, and pull down the lower eyelid to make a pouch. Hold the dropper directly over your eye and place 1 drop into the pouch, usually twice daily (8 to 12 hours apart) for the first 2 days and then once daily for the next 5 days or as directed by your doctor.

How to use mail merge?


Raheem Rafiq answered

  1. In a blank Microsoft Word document, click on the Mailings tab, and in the Start Mail Merge group, click Start Mail Merge .
  2. Click Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard .
  3. Select your document type.
  4. Select the starting document.
  5. Select recipients.
  6. Write the letter and add custom fields.

How to use ky lubricant gel?


Marshall Blige answered

Apply the desired amount of lubricant directly from the tube to the skin or to a condom . Reapply as required. If skin, penile, or vaginal irritation develops, stop using KY Jelly immediately and wash the area with water. Seek medical attention if the irritation persists.

How to use fresh yeast?


Lachhmandass Jagirdar answered

In many recipes the instructions say to pre-mix the fresh yeast with sugar and warm water and leave the mixture until bubble form. There is absolutely no need to do this. Fresh yeast can be mixed in with the flour, water and salt with no preparation and no sugar.

How to use html tags in javascript?


Prasadbabu Dey answered

If you write HTML into javascript anywhere, it will think the HTML is written in javascript. The best way to include HTML in JavaScript is to write the HTML code on the page . The browser can't display HTML tags, so the browser will recognize the HTML and write this code in HTML.

How to use xquery using java?


Shansa Bhavsar answered

  1. import;
  2. import;
  3. import;
  4. import;
  5. import javax.xml.xquery.XQConnection;
  6. import javax.xml.xquery.XQDataSource;
  7. import javax.xml.xquery.XQException;
  8. import javax.xml.xquery.XQPreparedExpression;

How to use vk without phone number?


Olsen psqnl Vibha answered

  1. Open
  2. Fill out the registration form.
  3. Enter your mobile phone number. How to sign up for VK without phone number and bypass phone verification?
  4. Create a password.
  5. Add your profile details.

How to use ln in java?


Kamran Ivory answered

  1. If the argument is NaN or less than zero, then the result is NaN.
  2. If the argument is positive infinity, then the result is positive infinity.

How to use cw in india?


Dayle Davidovich answered

Download and install its application on your device (look for it on the official website). Log in to the VPN with your credentials, and connect to any server based in the USA. Now you can watch the CW on their website or launch its app and everything should be working like a charm.

How to use isin in pandas?


nyhotpto Del answered

The isin() function is used to check each element in the DataFrame is contained in values or not . The result will only be true at a location if all the labels match. If values is a Series, that's the index. If values is a dict, the keys must be the column names, which must match.

How to use cnn in python?


akvr McClean answered

  1. Line up the feature and the image.
  2. Multiply each image pixel by corresponding feature pixel.
  3. Add the values and find the sum.
  4. Divide the sum by the total number of pixels in the feature.

How to use sbi rewardz?


icpes Sabev answered

Visit and go to the “New User” Option. Enter your SBI Rewardz Customer ID. Enter One time password (OTP) received on your registered mobile number. Verify your personal details and start redeeming.

How to use split screen in samsung?


Ketan Kasaria answered

  1. 1 Tap on Recents button.
  2. 2 Tap on the app icon you would like to view in Split Screen View.
  3. 3 Select Open in split screen view.
  4. 4 Tap on a secondary app window to view in Split screen view.
  5. 5 To adjust the window size of the Split Screen, simply hold down the blue horizontal line and drag up or down accordingly.

How to use ml kit in android studio?


Menard Sophia answered

Open android studio and start a new project with an empty activity. Then click on Tools -> Firebase. This will open the firebase assistant on the right hand panel. From the list of options, select ML Kit and click on “Use ML Kit to detect faces in images and video”.

How to use illustrator for free?


Ashoke Aggarwal answered

How to download Adobe Illustrator for free. If you're interested in using Adobe Illustrator but hesitant to purchase the full version, you can try a free seven-day trial of the product first. To do this, simply go to the Adobe Illustrator product page and click “Start your free trial”.

How to use chlorhexidine mouthwash?


xgfb Tiwari answered

Rinse your mouth with chlorhexidine gluconate twice daily after brushing your teeth . Measure your dose using the cup provided with the medication. Swish the medicine in your mouth for at least 30 seconds, then spit it out. Do not swallow the mouthwash.

How to use often in a sentence?


Roopa Rawal answered

  1. I often see Christine when I'm in town. She must do her shopping in the same places as me.
  2. We used to see him on the beach. Often he would go for a swim, then he would come and talk to us.
  3. I very often meet him as he's coming out of work.
  4. Maggie is old now and she quite often forgets things.

How to use nbt editor minecraft?


Parimal Malwankar answered

Make sure minecraft has no levels open, then open NBTexplorer and wait for it to load. Open your world. Once it is open, browse through the column of saves to find the name of the world you want to edit. Click on the + next to it to expand it.

How to use qt in c++?


Salil Sudershan answered

To use Qt, you must have a C++ compiler . But it doesn't mean that your "application logic" can't be written in C, compiled with a C compiler and carefully linked to the C++ part (the GUI with Qt). This application logic can be generic, linkable into other executables (pure-C, mixed C/C++, etc.)

How to use betadine gargle?


Gita Kunkalekar answered

Adults, the elderly and children over 6 years of age: Use undiluted with an equal volume of warm water . Gargle or rinse with up to 10 ml of Betadine Gargle and Mouthwash for up to 30 seconds without swallowing. Repeat up to four times daily, for up to 14 days in a row, or as directed by your doctor or pharmacist.

How to use wv ebt card?


gbgi Panchal answered

Easy - SNAP purchases for food and seeds can made at any USDA/FNS approved retailer. At the checkout counter , the EBT card is used like a credit card in the POS (point of sale) machine. WV WORKSmonthly benefits can also be used at the checkout counter and through ATM (automated teller machines) and POS machines.

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