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How to scan square code with iphone?


Ramanan Pancholi answered

  1. Open the Camera app from the Home screen, Control Centre or Lock screen.
  2. Select the rear-facing camera. Hold your device so that the QR code appears in the viewfinder in the Camera app.
  3. Tap the notification to open the link associated with the QR code.

How to open mhtml file in excel?


Scotorenko nkbaeyop Henry answered

  1. Choose Open from the File menu. The Open command is on the Office menu in Excel 2007.
  2. Choose Web Pages And Web Archives (*. htm; *. html; *. mht; *. mhtml) from the Files Of Type control. In Excel 2007, the file type is All Web Pages (*. htm; *. html; *. mht; *. mhtml).
  3. Click Open.

How to solve natural log equations?


JBH Waelchli answered

To solve a logarithmic equation, rewrite the equation in exponential form and solve for the variable . Example 1: Solve for x in the equation Ln(x)=8. Check: You can check your answer in two ways. You could graph the function Ln(x)-8 and see where it crosses the x-axis.

How to put vpn on ps4?


Sayyed bibo answered

  1. Step 1: Set up your VPN. First, find your VPN, install it, and set it up on your computer.
  2. Step 2: Connect your PS4 to your PC with an Ethernet cable.
  3. Step 3: Change the connection settings on your VPN.
  4. Step 4: Set up the connection on your PS4.

How to watch dfl supercup?


Mass rcoawjqk Salar answered

The live streaming of Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich DFL Supercup final will be available on Sony Liv .

How to throw around the horn after a strikeout?


Mikula zsinjvjp Deepak answered

The most common use of the phrase “around the horn” occurs after a strikeout and no runners on base. After a batter strikes out, the catcher will throw the ball to the third baseman . The third baseman throws the ball to the shortstop, who then throws it to the second baseman.

How often to change oil zx6r?


Jayanan D'souza answered

(You don't need to change the filter every time you change the oil — see the maintenance schedule in your owners manual. Mine says change the oil every 6000 Km , and change the filter every 12000 Km.).

How to add pw to pdf?


kycfpk InSight answered

  1. Open the PDF in Acrobat DC.
  2. Choose File > Protect Using Password. Alternatively, you can choose Tools > Protect > Protect Using Password.
  3. Select if you want to set the password for Viewing or Editing the PDF.
  4. Type and retype your password.
  5. Click Apply.

How to sell on ebay guide?


Jhon Joe answered

  1. Step 1: Identify your product.
  2. Step 2: Choose between Auction-style and fixed-price selling.
  3. Step 3: Set your listing duration.
  4. Step 4: Price your item.
  5. Step 5: Set up shipping options.

How to claim ls customs varsity jacket?


Sonal Sms answered

Simply step inside the LS Car Meet any time through August 18th to unlock the LS Customs Varsity Jacket. Becoming a member for GTA$50,000 opens a huge range of features including Test Drives, Prize Rides, new Race modes, and much more.

How to upload dll to nuget?


El Jimmy answered

  1. Download the NuGet Package Explorer.
  2. Open the NuGet Package Explorer, select the create a new package.
  3. Add a lib folder on the content tab, and add your dlls file.
  4. Save the package and install it to the project, check if it add references.

How to shut down spotify on iphone?


Andrey tgzmgbj Try answered

to close the app, you should just double tap the iPhone home button and then slide up Spotify . If you just want to pause the song, slide your finger upwards from the bottom of the screen and press pause. You never have to log out to turn it off. Enjoy!

How to access xfinity on demand?


Devi Bartley answered

To access Xfinity On Demand on your TV: Press the On Demand button on your Comcast remote control or tune to Channel 1 . If you have a Comcast remote control with the xfinity button, press this button and then select On Demand from the On-Screen Guide's main menu.

How to add hashtag on facebook?


Paritosh Bancel answered

When people click a hashtag or search for a hashtag, they'll see a results that contain the hashtag so they can learn more about topics that interest them. To make a hashtag, write # (the number sign) along with a topic or phrase written as one word and add it to your post (ex: I'm loving where I live! #SanFrancisco).

How to measure own bp?


Ali yuvo Shimo answered

To check the blood pressure manually, sit in a relaxed position with the arm at rest on a table. Secure the cuff on the bicep and squeeze the balloon to increase the pressure. Watch the aneroid monitor and increase the pressure to about 30 mm Hg over the normal blood pressure, or to 180 mm Hg if this is not known.

How to access ndis portal?


Kshanika Sant answered

Once you have linked your myGov account with your NDIS account, you can access the portal via the the myGov website ( or via NDIS website ( 2. Select NDIS under Your services. The portal home page displays.

How to publish your beats?


Software Ajay answered

  1. Your own website. Having your own beat selling website is the most ideal because it shows how professional you and your brand are.
  2. Airbit.
  3. 3. Facebook.
  4. YouTube.
  5. Twitter.
  6. SoundCloud.

How to scan line in java?


Satvat Shroff answered

  1. import java.util.*;
  2. public class ScannerNextLineExample1 {
  3. public static void main(String args[]){
  4. Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
  5. System.out.print("Enter Item ID: ");
  6. String itemID = scan.nextLine();
  7. System.out.print("Enter Item price: ");
  8. String priceStr = scan.nextLine();

How to reset nts account?


Andrey yenrcj Hania answered

  1. Visit welcome page for NPS account log-in.
  2. Click on the "Forgot Password" link.
  3. Select "Instant Reset I-PIN"
  4. Enter minimum required details like PRAN, Date of Birth.
  5. Enter New Password of your choice.

How to wash zucchini flowers?


Nisar Thapliyal answered

Wash the zucchini flowers very gently under cold running water , eliminate the hard pistil from inside and arrange the flowers on a clean tea towel to dry.

How to transfer tfsa to wealthsimple?


Anjan Nooli answered

  1. Head to and sign into your Invest & Save account.
  2. Select Move funds from the top menu.
  3. Select Transfer an account.
  4. Choose an account type to transfer.
  5. Enter your account number at the relinquishing institution.
  6. Choose whether you'd like to transfer your funds in cash or as is.

How to factory reset gizmo gadget?


Annapragada iaclyy Shreya answered

  1. Plug the GizmoWatch into the charger and turn on the GizmoWatch.
  2. With the device powered on, press the. End/Back button. to bring up the display.
  3. From the Home screen, quickly press the. End/Back button. 4times.
  4. From the 'Reset Gizmo' screen, tap the. Checkmark icon.

How to charge ghost xl?


Sunder Pvt answered

HOW DO I CHARGE MY GHOST XL? The Ghost XL has a very high capacity 3000mAH battery built in, so we'd recommend a mains-USB adapter with an output of around 2A. This type of adaptor will fully charge the Ghost XL in around 2.5 hours .

How to work out gdp per person?


Milan Llama answered

The formula to calculate GDP Per Capita is GDP Per Capita = GDP/Population . GDP is the gross domestic product of a nation while the population would be the entire population of a nation. This calculation reflects a nation's standard of living.

How to surrender digital ration card?


Abhishek Adams answered

In case you are applying from mobile, first, click on “Services and Citizens corner” and then click on “digital ration card related services”. Now click on “ Surrender / Cancel Existing Ration Card“.

How to add new gmail account?


Dibyendu Rode answered

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app .
  2. In the top right, tap your profile picture.
  3. Tap Add another account.
  4. Choose the type of account you want to add.
  5. Follow the steps on the screen to add your account.

How to import goods to kuwait?


Kharthik Rashid answered

  1. Licenses. Importers apply for import licenses from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and must be registered with the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI).
  2. Documentation.
  3. Commercial Invoice.
  4. Certificate of Origin.
  5. Packing List.
  6. Bill of Lading.

How to change voicemail message nz?


Alan Adebayo answered

  1. Call into your voicemail.
  2. Press 3 for personal options.
  3. Press 1 for greetings or mailbox name.
  4. Choose what you want to do: Press 1 to record a personal greeting. Press 2 for a temporary greeting. Press 3 to use a system-generated greeting.
  5. Follow the voice prompts.

How to size bell boots for horses?


Guillaume Pyl answered

How to Fit Bell Boots. Bell boots should be sized so that the bottom back rim of the boot barely touches the ground when the horse is standing on a level surface . You should be able to slide one or two fingers into the top rim of the bell boot between the boot and the pastern.

How to undo cut in gmail?


Franz Malliek answered

  1. If you need to undo typing in Gmail, press z to undo previous actions one at a time.
  2. Continue to press the z key until your previous actions have been undone.

How to determine urban or rural?


K.S. Jancsó answered

Going by the census definition, a habitation is declared urban (excluding a municipality, corporation, cantonment board and a notified town area committee) if it has a minimum population of 5,000; at least 75 per cent of the male working population is engaged in non-agricultural pursuits; and the population density is ...

How to escape gooigi in luigi's mansion 3?


Shafaqat Colonna answered

Note that Gooigi can walk through bars but dissolves when he steps on water. There are a few puddles in the garage, so you'll want to maneuver him around these areas until he gets to the wheel lock on the right. Use his gooey version of the Poltergust to rotate the lock, thereby freeing Luigi from his cage.

How to amend last pushed commit?


pvt joamaskm Yami answered

  1. Navigate to the repository.
  2. Amend the message of the latest pushed commit: git commit --amend -m "New commit message."
  3. Force push to update the history of the remote repository: git push --force <remoteName> <branchName>

How to shut down kyocera flip phone?


Dorian wspw answered

  1. TURN ON DEVICE: Press and hold the Power/Lock button until the screen lights up. Note: If you are unable to turn your device on, plug the device into a power source for 15 minutes and then try again.
  2. TURN OFF DEVICE: Press and hold the Power/Lock button. Select Power off, then select OK.

How to print vcard contacts?


Hamza Raju answered

  1. Select a group and click on the menu File > Export > Export vCard
  2. or, Right-click (ctrl-click) a contact group and select "Export Group vCard"
  3. or, Click on the group and drag to the desktop or another folder.

How to paste pivot table as values?


Eoin Wiedenhaupt answered

  1. Highlight the first PivotTable and copy it.
  2. Go to another location, and press Ctrl+Alt+V to open the Paste Special dialog box.
  3. Select Values and then hit OK.
  4. Press Ctrl+Alt+V again.
  5. Select Formats and then hit OK again!

How to vet your pet?


Idika Tata answered

  1. Play with him or take him for a walk before leaving for the vet.
  2. If your dog is small enough, consider taking him to the vet in a carrier.
  3. Keep your dog calm in the waiting room.
  4. Veterinary clinics and hospitals are often very busy.

How to measure cca on car battery?


rlkhdbx Tayal answered

CCA cannot be “measured ,” but it can be “estimated” and the process can take a week per battery. A full CCA test is tedious and is seldom done. To test CCA, apply different discharge currents to see which amperage keeps the battery above a set voltage while cold.

How to bypass phone number verification on gmail?


Eliz Praveen answered

  1. Go to Gmail.
  2. Click on Create an Account.
  3. Enter your full name and Gmail username.
  4. Create a strong password.
  5. Tap on Next.
  6. Leave the phone number field empty.
  7. Enter the recovery email address (optional)
  8. Finish setting up your account.

How to eradicate bermuda grass?


Aliya Palomora answered

The best way to kill Bermuda grass is to choke it out, solarize it, or use a selective herbicide . Spot treating for small invasions can also get rid of Bermuda grass weeds fast. I've seen great results after applying a highly effective selective Bermuda grass killer such as Ornamec 170 Grass Herbicide.

How to check cybercrime complaint status?


bzzpcfad Gonz answered

  1. Login to your account on the official portal i.e.
  2. Once logged in, click on “Check Status”

How to wake up snorlax hgss?


Surya djdjqhuf Karan answered

  1. The pokeflute channel is at the top of the radio in the poke gear. Tune it to that and then talk to the Snorlax.
  2. Repower the power plant go to the radio tower in lavender, talk to the gentleman and get the updated radio.
  3. Walk over to the snorlax and activate the radio.

How to avoid scratches on apple watch?


Kanchanmala Joglekar answered

  1. Use a screen protector – The screen of your Apple Watch is made of tough material.
  2. Choose the Sport Watch – The Sport version of the Apple Watch is made of aluminum, compared to the fancy version which is made of stainless steel.

How to export rsa token file?


Anuja K.D.Satyam answered

  1. In the Security Console of the source deployment, click Administration > Export/Import Tokens and Users > Export Tokens and Users.
  2. In the Encryption Key Location field, browse to the encryption key that you downloaded from the target deployment.
  3. In the Export Job Name field, specify the name of the export job.

How to utilize arts to express your community?


LOLO Schneir answered

  1. Yarn bombing. Yarn bombers covertly brighten up their neighbourhoods overnight, turning drab, grey areas into public galleries of textile arts.
  2. Semi-permanent transformations.
  3. Murals and graffiti.
  4. Moss graffiti.
  5. Public action.
  6. Festival of Colours.
  7. Street décor.

How to cite a jpg?


xbjyxtnj Sakthi answered

  1. author (if available)
  2. year produced (if available)
  3. title of image (or a description)
  4. Format and any details (if applicable)
  5. name and place of the sponsor of the source.
  6. accessed day month year (the date you viewed/ downloaded the image)

How to link your nhis to ghana card?


Shikha tygnl answered

  1. Dial the shortcode *929# on your mobile device.
  2. From the list of the options provided, select option 4 (Link Ghana Card).
  3. Enter your 13-digit Ghana Card Identification number (GHA *************).

How to sync hbo to amazon prime?


Atanu Bhattacharjee answered

  1. Log into your Amazon account and go to in a web browser that supports Amazon's HTML5 player on your PC or Mac.
  2. Click "Channels" and then "See more" next to "Prime Video Channels."
  3. Select HBO and scroll down to "Watch Live."

How to call sri lanka from usa?


Rana Teach answered

  1. 011 - Exit code for United States, and is needed for making any international call from United States.
  2. 94 - ISD Code or Country Code of Sri Lanka.
  3. Area code - There are 29 area codes in Sri Lanka.

How to calculate weight on moon?


Bart Guimalan answered

Multiply your weight by the moon's gravity relative to earth's , which is 0.165. Solve the equation. In the example, you would obtain the product 22.28 lbs. So a person weighing 135 pounds on Earth would weigh just over 22 pounds on the moon.

How to find phone number by name?


As pfhzjb Pragna answered

Simply head to the White Pages website and plug in a person's name (or just last name) as well as their city, state, or ZIP code. If that person's name and phone number would appear in a paper phone book in that geographical area, you'll see it on this website.

How to publish video on instagram?


Jangir Odesanmi answered

  1. Open Instagram. Open Instagram and click the + sign at the top right of your newsfeed screen.
  2. Switch to “Videos” This will open up your phone's media library.
  3. Choose a video. Here, choose a video that you want to post on Instagram.
  4. Apply filters.
  5. Write a great caption.

How to exit from google classroom?


Taaha Garima answered

  1. Go to and click Sign In. Sign in with your Google Account. For example, or Learn more.
  2. On the class, click More. Unenroll.
  3. Click Unenroll to confirm.

How to save air pollution?


Taleem whsvckmb answered

  1. Using public transports.
  2. Turn off the lights when not in use.
  3. Recycle and Reuse.
  4. No to plastic bags.
  5. Reduction of forest fires and smoking.
  6. Use of fans instead of Air Conditioner.
  7. Use filters for chimneys.
  8. Avoid usage of crackers.

How to enter full screen in minecraft?


Maaly Waleed answered

Pressing F11 to enter full screen with "Fullscreen" set to "On" or "Off" Pressing ALT + Enter.

How to tell jordan 4 are fake?


Alonso Tognela answered

  1. Check the size tag of your AJ4 Bred.
  2. Inspect the interior tongue “AIR JORDAN” labels.
  3. Analyze the “NIKE A I R” text on the rear side of the AJ4 Bred.
  4. Verify the sockliner of your shoes.
  5. Check the tongue stitching of your Air Jordan 4 Bred.

How to unlock e way bill portal?


defoxj Gindy answered

  1. Filing of GSTR-3B. Once the defaulting taxpayer files GSTR-3B for the defaulting period, his GSTIN will get unblocked automatically by the next day.
  2. Unblocking by Jurisdictional Officer.
  3. Unblocking through online application in EWB-05.

How to quit tv reddit?


Ashok Sakhlani answered

  1. Get it out of the bedroom. The brain is plastic.
  2. Limit it to the weekend. Two days a week is better than seven.
  3. Make it a social event. Think Game of Thrones viewing parties.
  4. Consume deliberately.
  5. Tie your hands.

How to run ie compatibility mode in chrome?


Anupam zndkqvtk answered

Right-click the IE Tab icon and select “Options” . At the bottom right box is the Compatibility Mode where you can get it to render in different version of IE.

How to open dgn file?


Swabi nqbinhiy answered

  1. Click Application menu Open DGN.
  2. In the Import DGN File dialog box, find and select the DGN file you want to import, or enter the name of the DGN file in the File Name box.
  3. Click Open.

How to access banned sites in india?


Tannishtha Dandiwala answered

  1. Use a VPN in the browser.
  2. Using a VPN and a TOR Network.
  3. Using a Free DNS service.
  4. Using Extension and Add-Ons for Auto Switching the Proxies.
  5. Using Web Proxies.

How to format uae address?


Om Cho answered

Replace "12345" with the correct PO Box number . Don't use hyphens or spaces in the PO Box number (although mail will usually still be delivered correctly if there are hypens or spaces e.g. "12 345" or "123-45").

How to transfer swiggy money to bank account?


Yogesh Mayekar answered

Any balance in an activated Swiggy account can not be transferred to a bank account, a notification on the Swiggy app reads.

How to get nz pr?


AIS bvdv answered

If you have a New Zealand residence visa and have been living in New Zealand for 2 years or more, you may be eligible for a Permanent Resident Visa, which would allow you to travel to and from New Zealand any time you like.

How to know awb number?


xzvnbhob Mohite answered

An AWB or Air Waybill is more commonly known as your FedEx shipping label . This is usually generated on and contains all of the package information as well as its barcoding and the 12 digit number used to track your shipment on its journey.

How to create ns record in dns?


Bachan Mirza answered

  1. Select NS in the Type drop-down menu.
  2. Enter the subdomain in Host field blank.
  3. Enter or copy+paste the nameserver into the Answer field.
  4. Leave TTL as 300 (default)
  5. Click the Add Record button.

How to hide apps in oneplus?


C.S.Dubey Raghuvanshi answered

  1. From the Home Screen, swipe up to bring up the Apps tray.
  2. Tap Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps.
  3. Tap on the desired app you wish to hide, then tap Disable.
  4. Tap DISABLE APP to continue.
  5. Tap OK.

How to solve english passage?


Shigeo Gvozdas answered

  1. Read the passage as fast as possible.
  2. Get involved with the paragraph to understand it.
  3. Underline important lines or parts of the passage to answer the questions.
  4. Try to translate a complex line in an easy one in your own words and your own language.

How to get scan code?


Aqil Jasmine answered

  1. On the Google Chrome app, navigate to the website you want to create a QR code for.
  2. In the top-right corner, tap the icon of three vertical dots.
  3. Tap Share in the drop-down, then select QR Code.
  4. Beneath the QR code on the next screen, tap Download to save the QR code to your device.

How to hide folder in windows 7?


Digital ypotwkm Christian answered

  1. Open File Explorer (any folder) and go to Tools > Folder options
  2. Within Folder Options switch to the View tab.
  3. Under Files and Folders find the option Hidden files and folders and select Don't show hidden files, folders, or drives.
  4. Click OK and, with the next few steps, proceed to hiding a folder.

How to apply for fnb overdraft?


Keyuri Prabhakar answered

STEP 1: Select the For Me tab. STEP 2: Click on Overdraft on the Loans menu. STEP 3: Select the Apply Now button. STEP 4: If you are an existing FNB customer with Online Banking, select the first option.

How to archive invalidation new vegas?


Spessartpix wjdd answered

  1. get this
  2. activate it in mod manager.
  3. go to the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout New Vegas\data\" folder and click on "Fallout New Vegas ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated!.

How to own bitcoin stock?


kmpv Ullah answered

How to Buy Bitcoin in India Legally? First investors should submit basic documents including the Aadhaar card and PAN card. Thereafter, they should complete the KYC process completely. In order to buy Bitcoins, an individual must place an order for his/her purchase on a cryptocurrency exchange .

How to call qb spy madden 22?


Arslan bdeisuio answered

Once you've selected a player, you will want to flick the right analog stick in the direction listed for a QB Spy . This is left on the right analog stick. Doing this will change that player's assignment.

How to allow keyboard access on anydesk?


Indhuja Agha answered

  1. Session Settings. Choose Quality. Session settings /permissions.
  2. Select Monitor. For remote devices with multiple monitors, choose the monitor to be displayed.
  3. Show Keyboard. Blend soft keyboard in view.
  4. Actions Menu. The Actions Menu provides the user additional options control the remote device: Chat.

How to prepare wbs in excel?


Deepti Rathnavelu answered

  1. Open Microsoft Excel on your computer.
  2. Click the Insert tab and navigate to the Illustrations section.
  3. Next, go to the Hierarchy section and select a SmartArt Graphic to construct your work breakdown structure in Excel.

How to calculate dextrose percentage in tpn?


Jonathan Juggal answered

This is easily done by taking goal calories, subtracting calories provided from protein and lipid, and dividing the remaining calories by 3.4 kcal/gram to get g of dextrose. 260 kcal/ 3.4 kcal/gram = 76 grams dextrose. 500 cc x 2% = 10 grams x 4 kcal/g = 40 kcal.

How to archive messages in whatsapp?


HR glina Yogesh answered

  1. In your Chats list, select the individual or group chat you want to archive.
  2. Press Options > Archive > OK.

How to break pivot table into quarters?


Fatima Shi answered

First, select one of the Years. Then, right-click and choose Group. Now just click Quarters to add them to Years. When we click OK, we get a breakdown of sales by year and quarter.

How to contact the gdc?


apddd Goyal answered

You can get in touch using the online contact form or by calling our our Customer Services team on 020 7167 6000 .

How to not smell in gym?


mamhulko Dua answered

  1. 01/65 ways you can smell good in the gym. Body odour can make people lean away from you.
  2. 02/6Take a bath before gymming.
  3. 03/6Your eating habits.
  4. 04/6Use antiperspirant.
  5. 05/6Invest in good sportswear.
  6. 06/6Hand towels are must.

How to renew my cghs card?


bhycm Preet answered

Application for renewal of CGHS Plastic Cards in the prescribed proforma (Form AA) along with requisite documents (current photographs, copy of pay slip and address proof of residence, dependancy certificate for family members, AADHAR copy of all family members-both sides), should be submitted through their

How to tell if outlook is 64 bit?


Alla Seygall answered

In Outlook, select File > Office Account > About Outlook > at the top of the box, the version number and 32-bit or 64-bit will display.

How to finance a gap year?


Ashwni Majumdar answered

  1. Work abroad.
  2. Fundraising.
  3. Trusts, grants and charities.
  4. Consider doing a clinical trial.
  5. Work as a film extra.
  6. Ask friends and family.
  7. Cut out expensive habits and unnecessary costs.

How to handle mrsa at home?


Adil Colonna answered

Dry sheets on the warmest setting possible. Bathe a child in chlorhexidine (HIBICLENS) soap or bath water with a small amount of liquid bleach, usually about 1 teaspoon for every gallon of bathwater . Both of these interventions can be used to rid the skin of MRSA.

How to avoid high cholesterol?


Leonide Torp answered

  1. Reduce saturated fats. Saturated fats, found primarily in red meat and full-fat dairy products, raise your total cholesterol.
  2. Eliminate trans fats.
  3. Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  4. Increase soluble fiber.
  5. Add whey protein.

How to join mbbs after 12th?


Amain xrdixpep answered

  2. Step 2: Pass the Medical College Admission Test.
  3. Step 3: Enroll in Medical School (4 YEARS)
  4. Step 4: Getting a License.
  5. Step 5: Complete a Medical Residency.

How to run dxdiag in windows 10?


rzpnql Ikram answered

In Windows, select Start and enter dxdiag into the search box on the taskbar. Select dxdiag from the results. In the tool, select Save All Information for an easily shared format.

How to broadcast message on skype?


Animesh jyydx answered

  1. From the. Chats tab, select the person or group you want to instant message.
  2. Type your message in the chat window and select the. Send button. To jump to your most recent message within a chat, select the. down chevron button. (Not available in Skype for Android 4.0.4 - 5.1.)

How to update ewelink app?


Abbas yfcco Shafaqat answered

  1. ​ Then tap the three-dot icon on the top right of the app and select 'Setting'.
  2. ​​
  3. Tap the right arrow beside the latest version.
  4. Tap "Update Now" and 'Confirm'.

How to tell brother you're pregnant?


Kalsi hfckrlz Maria answered

  1. Dimitrije Tanaskovic/Stocksy.
  2. Give a Surprise Sports Gift.
  3. Record Your Reaction.
  4. Make a Baby-Themed Meal.
  5. Take a Pic of Your Positive Pregnancy Test.
  6. Let a Sibling Spill the Beans.
  7. Bake a Bun in the Oven.
  8. Drop Hints at a Holiday Party.

How to negotiate rent price?


Glenis Balmès answered

  1. Do your research. A tenant should be well-informed about what the average rents are, in the locality he/she is living in.
  2. Know what your apartment is worth.
  3. Ask for what you want.
  4. Propose an extended lease agreement.
  5. Prove your worth as a tenant.

How to upload dj mix to apple music?


Shriyog Ghanekar answered

  1. Step 1 - Select Your Tracks.
  2. Step 2 - Make Your Mix.
  3. Step 3 - Slice Your Mix.
  4. Step 4 - Cover Art.
  5. Step 5 - Upload to Proton SoundSystem.

How to thank god in acknowledgement?


jpeopw Vivian answered

How do you thank God in Acknowledgement? First and foremost, I would like to praise and thank God , the almighty, who has granted countless blessing, knowledge, and opportunity to the writer, so that I have been finally able to accomplish the thesis.

How to disable hyperlink warning messages in word 2016?


Gaurav Tahir answered

  1. Hold down the Windows Key and press “R“.
  2. Type “regedit“, then press “Enter“.
  3. Expand the plus sign next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
  4. Select the “Common” key, select “New” on the “Edit” menu, and then click “Key“.

How to turn off dnd on fitbit charge 4?


Rupasi Dani answered

  1. Touch the side button for a couple of seconds, you will be presented with "do not disturb" and "sleep", if you swipe up you will see "screen wake".
  2. If you touch any of these icons you toggle between off and on, if off the icon is greyed out.

How to clean uwell caliburn pod?


Sasho Khani answered

If you find your Caliburn auto-firing, the first you'll need to do is remove the pod. From here, thoroughly clean the base of the pod and slot on the device. Use a tissue and a cotton bud to soak up as much residue as possible. After this, leave your Caliburn to sit for an hour or so (without the pod inserted).

How to add new machine to qemu?


Singha bxpxkvg Lina answered

In order to add your own machine, you need at least create one source file, containing the parameters and peripherals of your machine. After that, add a entry inside Makefile. objs, under qemu/ hw/arm/. STM32 P103 machine entry.

How to bypass alarm zone adt?


Hemdev Gopal answered

  1. Press the “Bypass” button on your system panel.
  2. Enter your security code.
  3. Scroll through until you find the sensor you want to bypass.
  4. Press OK to bypass that sensor.

How to generate challan in khajane 2?


Prateek Anshita answered

Step – 1 – Visit and click on the option Enter. Step – 2 – Now select the option of Transactions from Challan. Step – 3 – Now, click on the option of Generate Challan, Step – 4 – Select the option of Remitter for which the date will automatically come up.

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