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How to start option trading?


Adbhut Kamra answered

  1. Open an options trading account. Before you can start trading options, you'll have to prove you know what you're doing.
  2. Pick which options to buy or sell.
  3. Predict the option strike price.
  4. Determine the option time frame.
  5. 5 Options Trading Strategies Beginners Will Understand.

How to uninstall youtube in android?


Shaily Keshav answered

  1. Get Started.
  2. Unlock the screen on your phone to access the main screen.
  3. Manage Apps.
  4. Scroll through the options on the settings screen until you locate Apps.
  5. Manage the YouTube App.
  6. Click the YouTube app icon and it will generate a management screen.
  7. Complete the Uninstall.

How to negotiate art commission?


Abaza gwgkq Arun answered

For commissions, reduce the amount of detail, or size. Negotiate time or timing. For plein air pieces purchased in situ, offer pieces done more quickly. In the case of a commission, extend the time period for completion so that you can accept other commissions in that time frame as well.

How to surrender bdo life insurance?


Bijoy Kumra answered

How to surrender a policy? To know your current cash / fund value, you may reach out to your servicing Financial Advisor or call our Customer Service Hotline at (632) 8885-4110 or 1-800-1888-6603 (Toll Free) from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) between 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

How to answer essay questions in college?


Anas kiisnkp answered

  1. Don't repeat the question.
  2. Don't use unnecessarily large words.
  3. Answer honestly.
  4. Supplement your résumé.
  5. Always use details to bring even a short story to life.
  6. Don't be afraid of the word limit.
  7. Describe your personal growth.
  8. Be specific about each institution.

How to save beyond compare results?


Sagi wylub answered

  1. * - indicates that data is different between the compared files on the indicated line.
  2. <!
  3. !>

How to give if condition in html?


Sri Qaisar answered

  1. Use if to specify a block of code to be executed, if a specified condition is true.
  2. Use else to specify a block of code to be executed, if the same condition is false.
  3. Use else if to specify a new condition to test, if the first condition is false.

How much deposit to not pay lmi?


qhlnjh Johnson answered

The best way to avoid LMI is to save a deposit that's at least 25 per cent of the purchase price of the property you want to buy. That way, you may have enough to cover stamp duty and other costs.

How to turn off cd drive windows 10?


Shailash Kambli answered

Go to “User Configuration” > “Administrative Templates” > “Windows Components” > “File Explorer“. Open the “Remove CD Burning Features” setting. Set the policy to “Enabled” to disable disc burning. Set it to “ Disabled ” or “Not Configured” to allow disc burning.

How to empty other folder in outlook?


Esguerra Avijeet answered

  1. In the Folders pane, right-click the folder and select Empty folder.
  2. In the confirmation message that appears, select Delete all.
  3. The messages are moved to the Deleted Items folder.

How to access zerodha demat account?


Anton HR answered

Visit and click on the 'Login with Kite' button . In the following page, enter your Kite login ID and password, and answers to your 2FA question to log in.

How to estimate heart rate from ecg?


Arghyakamal Mustan answered

When the cardiac rhythm is regular, the heart rate can be determined by the interval between two successive QRS complexes. On standard paper with the most common tracing settings, the heart rate is calculated by dividing the number of large boxes (5 mm or 0.2 seconds) between two successive QRS complexes into 300 .

How to register email id in sbi yono?


Hafiz Alter answered

  1. Open the SBI YONO app and sign in to your account.
  2. Tap on 'Service Request' and head to the 'Profile' section.
  3. Now tap on the 'Edit' icon to change your email-ID.
  4. Enter your new email ID and tap on 'Submit'

How to save youtube video in gallery?


Jeganath Hendricks answered

  1. Open the YouTube Go app.
  2. Go to a video you'd like to download to your SD card.
  3. Tap the video once.
  4. Select the video quality of either Data Saver, Standard, or High Quality.
  5. Tap Download.

How to gmail edit contacts?


Gohar upkcabtn Jolly answered

  1. Go to Google Contacts.
  2. Click a contact's name.
  3. At the top right, click Edit .
  4. Edit the information.
  5. Click Save.

How to center words in html?


Abbie Dubuque answered

To center text using HTML, you can use the <center> tag or use a CSS property. To proceed, select the option you prefer and follow the instructions. Using the <center></center> tags. Using a style sheet property.

How to read intros on okcupid?


Ramashrit Chugani answered

If you're a paid member, you can see all of your Intros at once. If you don't have a paid subscription, you'll see one Intro message at a time. You can visit the person's profile to see the full Intro they sent you. Like them to move them to the Conversations page, or Pass on them to see the next Intro.

How to arrange an awkward bedroom?


Paul gxhvhmg answered

  1. Create Zones. Establish all the functions that need to take place in the room.
  2. Simulate Symmetry. Have an awkward placed window that feels like its throwing everything off in the space?
  3. Embrace asymmetry.
  4. Define & Anchor space.
  5. Pull furniture away from walls.

How much to illustrate a book cover?


Bebo maucizle Muddasar answered

A professionally illustrated book cover will cost, on average, between $500-$1,500 .

How to convert writing into pdf?


Banerjee Martin answered

  1. Open Acrobat or launch Acrobat online services from any web browser.
  2. Select the Convert To PDF tool.
  3. Drag and drop your Notepad file into the converter. You can also choose Select a File to manually locate your document.

How to be on hgtv property brothers?


Verzoletto ybzyby Aqeel answered

  1. Own a home in the Los Angeles area and surrounding neighborhoods, which has potential to be forever home regardless of duration.
  2. Have a renovation/design budget of at least $70K.
  3. Be willing to move out of your house for the duration of the renovation/shoot (approx.

How to block phone if lost?


Jurkovic Hosni answered

  1. File a report with the police, and keep a copy of the report.
  2. Get a duplicate SIM Card for the lost number from your telecom service provider (eg, Airtel, Jio, Voda/Idea, BSNL, MTNL etc.).
  3. Get your documents ready - a copy of police report and an Identity Proof must be provided.

How to host easter brunch?


uuwekt Sovann answered

  1. Prepared meats and fish. Shutterstock.
  2. Deviled eggs. Shutterstock.
  3. Savory brunch stratas and quiches. Shutterstock.
  4. Sweet brunch casseroles. Shutterstock.
  5. Waffles. Shutterstock.
  6. Brunch sides. Shutterstock.
  7. Muffins and biscuits. Shutterstock.
  8. The best brunch cocktails. Shutterstock.

How to remove all filters in excel?


Jayanan Sakshi answered

  1. Go to the Data tab > Sort & Filter group, and click Clear.
  2. Go to the Home tab > Editing group, and click Sort & Filter > Clear.

How to tie two tvs together?


H.E. Burman answered

Plug an HDMI splitter into the media box to create two ports rather than one. Plug each HDMI cable into the splitter and test both televisions simultaneously to ensure everything functions properly. Both television sets should show the same content and function in the same manner.

How to answer lmsw questions?


kamtr Dom answered

  1. Read the question carefully.
  2. Find a way to break down the question.
  3. Show what you know.
  4. Reason, reason, reason!
  5. Get the structure and presentation right.
  6. Reaching a conclusion.

How to watch aquaman in australia?


Sammeer Srivastava answered

  1. Kayo Sports.
  2. Kayo from Telstra.
  3. Foxtel from Telstra.
  4. Main Event.
  5. DAZN.

How to stop knock knees?


Inge Fareed answered

In most cases, knock knees don't need to be treated because the problem tends to correct itself as a child grows. Your child doesn't need to avoid physical activity, wear supportive leg braces or shoes , or do any special exercises.

How to do kcb mobile banking?


Naveen Vijayan answered

  1. Download the KCB App from App Store.
  2. Dial *522#
  3. Go to 'No. 9 My Account'
  4. Select 'Activate my app'
  5. You will receive an SMS with a One Time Password (OTP active for 2 minutes)
  6. Enter received OTP to complete the activation process.

How to prop fly hl2?


Pramanik balgy Jasmine answered

  1. To fly on a supply crate, you'll simply have to flip it, so the bottom of the crate would face the sky.
  2. Then just simply jump on it, press and hold your Wallclimbing key, or rapidly jump off and re-grab the object. You'll also have to hold your Forward key during the flight.

How to break vcenter linked mode?


Lawerance Kunkalekar answered

  1. On the Platform Service Controller, click Start > Run, type cmd, and click OK. The Command Prompt window opens.
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\VMware\vCenter Server\bin\.
  3. Run the cmsso-util unregister command to unregister the vCenter Server:
  4. Power off the vCenter Server.

How to save hd photos from messenger?


Hakeem Sen answered

Open the Facebook Messenger application. Click on your profile photo in the upper left corner. Now Select ' Photos and Media '. Tap the toggle switch to enable Save on capture.

How to open paytm bank account?


Attorney pyvfr answered

  1. Open the Paytm application.
  2. Locate 'Paytm Bank' and click on it.
  3. Tap on 'Open a Savings Account'
  4. Set a strong passcode and re-enter it for confirmation.
  5. Next, fill in the nominee details.
  6. Enter on 'Proceed' to open a Paytm Payments Bank savings account.

How to message us number from uk?


Kanchan Kajjan answered

Sending text (SMS) messages internationally With most cell phones you can replace the exit code with the plus sign. For example, in order to text from Europe to the US you can either use 00 1 or +1 followed by the 10 digit US cell number .

How to exit ps4 safe mode?


Mass dmwoke Sherist answered

Restart System is the easiest way to get out of Safe Mode. This option forces your PS4 to restart normally. Change Resolution switches the display resolution to 480p once the console restarts, which may help you resolve screen issues.

How to order oncotype dx?


Asif ysnucs answered

  1. STEP 1 - Get specimen kits.
  2. STEP 2 - Complete requisition form.
  3. STEP 3 - Submit a sample.
  4. STEP 4 - Access results.

How to create xdp file?


Mouftah Kimm answered

  1. Include project files. Create a Microsoft .
  2. Create a PDFUtilityService client. Create a PDFUtilityServiceService object by using your proxy class constructor.
  3. Invoke the PDF to XDP conversion operation.

How to ripen italian plums?


Munna Billimoria answered

To make them ripen even more quickly, place them in a brown paper bag with a banana or an apple and close the top. Doing so produces a compound called ethylene that enhances the ripening process. Unripe plums will fully ripen after about two weeks .

How to factory reset rca tv?


Rana Prince answered

Hold down the menu button on the top or side of your TV for at least 10-15 seconds. An on screen menu will appear asking you to enter the time, date and location settings. Follow the onscreen instrucitons, and once completed your TV will reset to factory settings.

How to open kubernetes dashboard from outside?


Sofiann cnqavdx answered

To access to Kubernetes Dashboard via proxy from remote machine, you will need to grant ClusterRole to allow access to dashboard. Create new file and insert following details. Now apply changes to Kubernetes Cluster to grant access to dashboard.

How to lucid dream longer?


Priya dwob answered

  1. Make your bedroom hospitable to dreaming.
  2. Keep a dream journal.
  3. Recognize your dream signs.
  4. Perform reality checks.
  5. Use the MILD technique.
  6. Try going back to sleep.
  7. Induce sleep paralysis.
  8. Use the Wake Back to Bed technique.

How to iterate cursor in python?


Jeeva Naval answered

  1. Create a database Connection from Python.
  2. Define the SELECT query.
  3. Execute the SELECT query using the cursor.
  4. Get resultSet (all rows) from the cursor object using a cursor.
  5. Iterate over the ResultSet using for loop and get column values of each row.

How to change ghost of tsushima controls?


Samuel Rolanas answered

In Ghost Of Tsushima, you cannot change the default controls .

How to breed epic ghazt?


Parth mphrw answered

  1. Plant Island: + T-Rox and Furcorn.
  2. Ethereal Island: + Boodoo and Dragong.

How to port mobile number?


Bharath mmjngg answered

  1. Step 1– Send an SMS in the following format- PORT followed by space <Mobile number you wish to port> to 1900.
  2. Step 2– You will receive an 8-digit UPC (Unique Porting Code) as a reply from the existing mobile number operator on your registered mobile number.

How to cure high rdw?


Ranjeet Bose, answered

Eat a healthy and nutritious diet in order to prevent nutrient deficiencies. It is important that your diet includes enough iron, folate, and vitamin B12 [8, 11, 12]. Correcting nutritional deficiencies can help improve red blood cell production and decrease RDW levels.

How to appear away outlook?


Jessalyn Scheinman answered

  1. Click on your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Click on the status drop down menu below your email address. Note: You can also remove your status by clicking 'Sign out of IM'.
  3. Select your current availability.

How to improve geothermal energy?


xnnzt Nazmul answered

Geothermal resources are reservoirs of hot fluid (brine) that exist below the Earth's surface. Wells can be drilled into these underground reservoirs to tap steam and very hot brine that can then be brought to the surface to generate electricity.

How to determine paternity without a dna test?


R uerd Danyal answered

  1. Date of Conception. There are ways to estimate date of conception, which can be found all over the web.
  2. Eye-Color Test. An eye-color paternity test shows how eye color and inherited-trait theory can be used to help estimate paternity.
  3. Blood-Type Test.

How to backup iphone on external drive?


Mohanji Baokar answered

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Launch iTunes or find your device via Finder.
  3. Select Back Up Now.
  4. With the backup completed, open the iOS_backup folder on the external drive.
  5. Check the date and time of the last backup — it should coincide with your recent activity.

How long for ozone to kill mold?


Benton fdln Mark answered

Mold remediated in an all-metal trailer after 48 hours of a high dose.

How to avoid oom killer linux?


nkolmr Das answered

  1. Disable the OOM Killer (Put vm.oom-kill = 0 in /etc/sysctl.conf)
  2. Disable memory overcommit (Put vm.overcommit_memory = 2 in /etc/sysctl.conf) Note that this is a trinary value: 0 = "estimate if we have enough RAM", 1 = "Always say yes", 2 = "say no if we don't have the memory")

How to ask someone out on ft?


Soumya mwywzzvd answered

  1. Ask the person what time it is.
  2. Ask the person where they are from.
  3. Ask the person what they are reading.
  4. Compliment what the person is wearing.
  5. Talk about the music that is playing, or anything else that is going on around you.

How to port forward ts 3?


ucbtz van answered

  1. Log-in to router and navigate to port forwarding options.
  2. Assign port number to local IP address with correct port type, 9987 (UDP), 10011 (TCP) and 30033 (TCP)
  3. Apply forwarding rules on router.
  4. Configure Firewall, on inbound rules by creating new rules for server executable (ts3server.exe).

How to find word version?


Nikos Duarte answered

If you have Windows, open a Word document, choose File from the top left corner, and then click either Account or Help on the left nav bar. You'll see your Office version and information under Product information, on the right side of the window.

How to hide baby hair?


Bibo Warschilka answered

  1. With the help of bobby pins, twist small sections of your hair to cover the baby hair. This makes them less noticeable.
  2. Go for soft fringes that suit your face frame. The fringes can hide the baby hair or flyaways.
  3. Use a hair band or cool hair accessories to cover up your baby hair.

How to measure neck in cm?


zmzvgy India answered

Place the measuring tape around the neck at the height where the collar would normally rest - just below your Adam's apple. Do not crane your neck out or squeeze your chin down. The tape should be resting lightly on the skin, not squeezing it. Hold one finger under the tape measure to ensure some room for comfort.

How to travis pick g chord?


Kanu Kumbhar answered

So with the C chord you were alternating your bass notes between the 5th and the 4th strings. For a chord like G where you have a note on the 6th string, it's most common to alternate your bass notes between the 6th and the 4th strings.

How to add xy data in qgis?


Odunayo mqvur Prem answered

Click the down arrow next to the icon and select “add new shapefile” from the options. From the pop-up window select point. You can also change the coordinate system (the default is the set coordinate system of your QGIS file) and add any attribute fields you want. Hit the “ok” button.

How to remove ufone caller tune?


Chakravarty ofytxps Shivam answered

SMS 'SUB' to 6666 or dial *6666# or visit your nearest Ufone Sales and Service Center, Franchise or Retailer. To unsubscribe UTunes write “UNSUB” and send it to 6666.

How to update ppt in laptop?


ncbyf Here answered

To update PowerPoint on Windows, click on the “File” tab, then click on “Help” in PowerPoint 2010 or “Account” in PowerPoint 2013 or later. Finally, click on “Check for Updates”. For PowerPoint on Mac, click on “Help”, and then “Check for Update”.

How to stop dsc alarm from beeping?


xqwzja McClean answered

Note: DSC keypads also emit "normal" beeping caused by the "Chime" function. You can easily toggle this on or off by pressing and holding the "Chime" button on any keypad that has function keys. For keypads without a chime button, just press "*4".

How to know port number of sql server?


Wahidan Rajarathnam answered

  1. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager from the start menu.
  2. Go to Network Configuration, click the SQL instance for which you want to check SQL port.
  3. It opens the protocols list.
  4. Click on IP Addresses and scroll down to IPAll group.

How to connect vlc mobile to pc?


Balooni Frederik answered

Download VMR Connect to your PC or Mac, then install it by following on-screen instructions. After installation, make sure your phone and computer are on the same network/WiFi, then open the VLC Mobile Remote app on your phone. As soon as you open the app, it will detect and allows you to connect to your computer.

How to backup hard disk?


Panda sdmmto Bap answered

Click Start, type backup in the Start Search box, and then click Backup and Restore in the Programs list. Click Back up files under Back up files or your entire computer. Select where you want to store the file backup, and then click Next.

How to identify vein and artery?


Mischa C.R.Parthasarthi answered

Located throughout the body, arteries transport nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to organs and tissues. Arteries are more muscular and have smaller, rounder lumens (internal spaces) than veins. The artery lumen has a wavy endothelium, or inner lining, due to the configuration of elastic tissue beneath it.

How to open nfc in iphone 11?


Hiranya Kamdar answered

  1. First open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Then select the option “Control Center”.
  3. Scroll down and tap the green plus button to the left of “NFC Tag Reader”.

How to tell type of snake from skin?


ytxb Valdez answered

The easiest method of identify a snake species based on its skin alone is by counting scales . Firstly, have a look at how long the snake is and work out roughly where the middle of its body would be. From here we can simply count the scales around the skin.

How to earn money on gta?


ihjqj Ahsan answered

In the beginning hours of the game, one of the easiest ways to make money is to rob an armored vehicle . They appear randomly as blips on the minimap while you are driving around. Take out the drivers, then blow the back doors open with a gun or C4.

How to dry used coffee grounds?


Rauniyar Aisha answered

Put your tray into the preheated oven and set a timer for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, check the tray and flip your grounds over to help the heat distribute more evenly. Continue baking, checking and flipping your grounds every 10 minutes, until completely dry. Most batches will dry completely in 20-30 minutes .

How to message on jpay?


Nanubhai Abedi answered

  1. Open a account.
  2. Purchase stamps.
  3. Click on the “Email” tab and follow the prompts.

How to install windows server backup feature?


Macala Giorgio answered

  1. Click Next.
  2. Tick Automatically restart the destination server, if necessary.
  3. Select Yes.
  4. Select Install.

How to watch valorant tournament?


Boushra tzopb Joshi answered

  1. Twitch.
  2. YouTube.

How to fully evolve magnemite?


Adnan Kareem answered

To evolve Magneton into Magnezone, you'll need to be around a Magnetic Lure Module placed on a PokéStop . Once you're in its range, you can evolve it using 100 Magnemite Candy. The prompt to evolve your Magneton will turn green from red once you can evolve it.

How to xbox stream on twitch?


Vladimir hwozk answered

  1. Go to the store on your Xbox and install the Twitch app.
  2. Open the Twitch app on your Xbox.
  3. Select Log In.
  4. Visit on your PC or mobile device and enter the 6-digit code shown on your Xbox app to link your Twitch account to your Xbox Live gamertag.

How to get jee admit card?


Karina Janjua answered

  1. Go to the official website of JEE Main 2022.
  2. Click on the admit card link.
  3. Choose 'Through application number and password'.
  4. Enter the application number and password,
  5. Click on 'Sign In'.
  6. The admit card will appear on the display.

How to obtain avis wizard number?


izhlsbs Odunayo answered

On the My Account page, under My Saved Information, you'll find your Wizard number through the View/Print Avis Card or the Identity Information tabs . If you have an Avis Charge card, please call Customer Service at 1-866-842-5552 to request a replacement.

How to claim vip suitcase warranty?


Jayanan Khan-Din answered

  1. By visiting the nearest VIP Exclusive showroom,
  2. By visiting the store from where you have purchased the product,
  3. By contacting customer care for further assistance,
  4. By creating a service ticket online.

How to share uploaded files in google drive?


Arad rpfulq Srikant answered

  1. Step 1: Find the file you want to share. Share a single file. On a computer, go to Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, or Slides. Click the file you want to share.
  2. Step 2: Choose who to share with & how they can use your file. Share with specific people. Select the file you want to share.

How to shutdown cisco mds switch?


Avyshek dliqe answered

There is no separate command required on MDS switches for a graceful shutdown of the MDS switches. You need only remove the power source. The MDS has enough RAM memory and does not require any fschk when it will power back UP unlike other vendor switches. The MDS is architected that way.

How to stop qantas ff points expiring?


Aakansha uixptu answered

What you need to do. To ensure you keep your Qantas Points from expiring you'll need to earn or use Qantas Points through your account at least once every 18 months .

How to add my location in google map?


Soreh lmlkq answered

  1. Open the Google Maps app.
  2. Search for the location in the search bar.
  3. Tap the info bar that appears at the bottom of the screen to open it.
  4. Tap "Add a Missing Place" at the bottom of the info page.

How to invest in yes bank fpo zerodha?


Biana LaBute answered

You can apply for the Yes Bank FPO on Console using any supported UPI app . Once you have entered your bid on Console, you will receive a mandate collect request on your UPI app. On acceptance of the mandate, the bid amount will get blocked in your bank account. The process to apply is the same as it is for an IPO.

How to buy ihg pillows?


Amogh Iyengar answered

  1. Email:
  2. Call: 1-800-720-69738am-4pm EST.
  3. Text: 1-833-217-4484.

How to buy xinfin network?


Navya Kaits answered

  1. Credit Card. Easily Buy, Sell, and Hold Xinfin Network at the BuyUcoin secure Cryptocurrency Exchange and Wallet.
  2. Debit Card.
  3. MobiKwik Wallet.
  4. Bank Transfer.
  5. IMPS Transfer.

How to measure eggshell thickness?


Amin Vasilyev answered

The traditional way of measuring eggshell thickness is to take average thickness of fragments of blunt, equator, and sharp end from one egg .

How to open mhtml file in chrome?


aphsjgbo Guide answered

Press Ctrl-o. Click the browse button to open the dialog box. Browse the MHTML file and select it.

How to calculate net working capital?


xnuk Amit answered

  1. Net Working Capital = Current Assets – Current Liabilities.
  2. Net Working Capital = Current Assets (less cash) – Current Liabilities (less debt)
  3. NWC = Accounts Receivable + Inventory – Accounts Payable.

How much do hsn hosts get paid?


Freddy Barua answered

The salary for TV Host at Home Shopping Network is $120,000 annually .

How to add uv texture in blender?


Aqar okvkopor answered

  1. Switch to Object Mode by selecting “Object Mode” in the drop-down list at the top left corner of the display screen.
  2. Press Shift + A to open the Add menu.
  3. Go to the “Mesh” option.
  4. Select “UV sphere” or any object of choice.

How to buy ergo coin india?


Joe Shi answered

  1. Open an account on an exchange that supports ERG. Jump to our table to compare popular options — just remember that most exchanges require an email address, phone number and proof of ID to register.
  2. Deposit funds into your account.
  3. Buy Ergo.

How to measure ecg report?


Zixtus Maharshi answered

The ECG is measured by placing a series of electrodes on the patient's skin – so it is known as the 'surface' ECG. The wave of electrical depolarisation spreads from the atria down though the IVS to the ventricles. So the direction of this depolarisation is usually from the superior to the inferior aspect of the heart.

How to control sonoff without ewelink?


Zarli Madaan answered

If you get logged out of the eWeLink app, then you will need an active internet connection to log into the app and get control of your devices again. What about using Tasmota firmware ? Using Tasmota firmware on Sonoff devices is another option to get your devices operating without any working internet connection.

How to overcome tamo guna?


Ambrish Sethumadhavan answered

  1. By Adding Vinyasa in Asana Practice. Practice to reduce Tamas, add more movement in practice.
  2. By Regulating Breathe Through Pranayama.
  3. Adopting Moving Meditation Techniques.
  4. Avoid Oversleeping or Sitting for Long Hours.
  5. Change Modes of Entertainment.
  6. Change Your Diet.
  7. Go out in Nature.

How to vlookup vertical and horizontal?


V.N. Puttu answered

The VLOOKUP function can search for a specific category or value in a table and return the “opposing” value from adjacent columns. HLOOKUP works exactly in the same way except that it looks horizontally rather than vertically. “V” in VLOOKUP refers to vertical and “H” in HLOOKUP refers to horizontal.

How to get jre path in windows?


Shikhaa Lobo answered

Click the Advanced tab, and then click Environment Variables. Under System Variables, look for the JAVA_HOME system variable. The JAVA_HOME path should point to the location that you recorded when you installed the JRE. Click the Advanced tab, and then click Environment Variables. Under System Variables, look for the JAVA_HOME

How to hide ugly walls?


Waya Zelbel answered

  1. Hang a huge painting. Save.
  2. Create the illusion of a window. Save.
  3. Hide odd powerpoints with a wall gallery. Save.
  4. Cover up ugly tiles with wall stickers. Save.
  5. Make a living wall. Save.
  6. Fake a brick wall. Save.
  7. Hang or install a huge wall mural. Save.
  8. Make wainscot wall panels. Save.

How to take pictures ac odyssey?


Idrees Adnan answered

The photo mode in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey allows you to capture shots of beautiful views or interesting moments in-game in quality pictures without the user interface in the way. The mode is enabled per default and is activated by pressing F3 on your keyboard or L3 + R3 simultaneously on a controller.

How to download esic card online?


Mikula mtmkhawo Sharlin answered

  1. Login to the ESIC portal with your user credentials provided to you by ESIC during ESIC registration.
  2. Under the employee section on ESIC site, click on “e-pehchan card“
  3. You need to select the unit details for your organization to view employee details.

How to open gst account?


frvmorv Waked answered

To obtain this, you need a valid mobile number (an India number), email address and PAN (Permanent Account Number) for the business. Go to official GST portal - / and under the services tab, choose Services > Registration > New Registration.

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