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How to record ppt in laptop?


vxuqo Chaudhry answered

  1. Open the slide that you want to put the screen recording on.
  2. On the Insert tab of the ribbon, select Screen Recording.
  3. On the Control Dock, choose Select Area (or if you want to select the entire screen for recording, press Windows logo key+Shift+F).
  4. Select Record.

How to take thyroid medicine?


Kandaswamy Nadhaswaram answered

Thyroid medication should be taken on an empty stomach , around the same time each day. Afterwards, we recommend avoiding eating or drinking for 30-60 minutes. Most of our patients take thyroid hormone in the morning upon waking. Breakfast, including any coffee or milk, can be eaten 30-60 minutes later.

How to transfer mails from one gmail to another?


Namrata Melfi answered

  1. Open your new Gmail account.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right and click on Settings.
  3. Click on Accounts and Import.
  4. Click on Import mail and contacts.
  5. In the pop-up window, enter your old email address, and click on Continue.

How to control anxiety and fear?


Mortuza Rathorde answered

  1. Take time out. It's impossible to think clearly when you're flooded with fear or anxiety.
  2. Breathe through panic.
  3. Face your fears.
  4. Imagine the worst.
  5. Look at the evidence.
  6. Don't try to be perfect.
  7. Visualise a happy place.
  8. Talk about it.

How to bind mihoyo account to ps4?


Iqbalnath Udapurkar answered

This is because after logging in to the game on the PlayStation, the account for PSN automatically registers a miHoYo Account. Therefore, only an email address that is not already associated with a miHoYo Account can be linked under Settings > Account > User Center > Link Account .

How to increase mh/s on gpu?


Dez Arundhathi answered

  1. GPU warmth – Some with throttle themselves automatically around certain thermal limits.
  2. Mining software – They're not all created equally, some have certain hash algorithm improvements.
  3. Overclocking – wring every last little bit of performance out of your card.

How to identify asymmetric carbon?


Younus cofyejg Gaurav answered

A carbon atom is asymmetric if it has four different chemical groups attached . A carbon atom always has four bonds so we are looking at the groups attached to the carbon atom by those bonds.

How to avoid heart blockage at home?


Hardik Saradhana answered

  1. Add more good fats to your diet. Good fats are also called unsaturated fats.
  2. Cut sources of saturated fat, such as fatty meat and dairy. Choose lean cuts of meat, and try eating more plant-based meals.
  3. Eliminate artificial sources of trans fats.
  4. Increase your fiber intake.
  5. Cut back on sugar.

How to allow ebay to access photos iphone?


Mridini Ravel answered

Live now in the eBay iOS app, you can tap the camera icon in the search bar at the top of the home screen, choose " Image Search ," then take a picture or upload one from Photos. You'll have to grant eBay access to both your iOS Camera and Photos apps for the feature to work properly.

How to fix cmos settings wrong?


Lachhmandass Durrani answered

  1. In CMOS setup, look for an option to reset the CMOS values to the default setting or an option to load the fail-safe defaults.
  2. When found and selected, you are asked if you're sure you want to load the defaults.
  3. Once the default values are set, make sure to Save and Exit.

How to remove ear wax nz?


Laurence uila answered

You soften earwax with olive oil, baby oil or ear drops , such as Waxsol or Cerumol, which can be bought from your pharmacy. Place a few drops in your ear each day for 3 to 7 days to soften and loosen the wax so it falls out naturally.

How to earn on vtpass?


Veda Golla answered

Earning on VTpass is super easy; all you have to do is to create an account and activate an agent feature on your account (Terminal agent, Widget partner, Referal program or API) and start earning.

How to answer my strengths?


Venter pchnu Try answered

  1. Enthusiasm.
  2. Creative thinking.
  3. Task prioritization.
  4. Discipline.
  5. Determination.
  6. Analytical thinking.
  7. Communication skills.
  8. Dedication.

How to off cb message?


Mokshaa nbqs answered

CB stands for Cell Broadcast. To stop recieving CB messages, go to Messaging then tap the Menu key and select Settings . New menu appears then please, find CB activation and Uncheck it.

How to ask for permission on xbox?


Aparna cqda answered

Select Privacy & online safety > Xbox Live privacy > View details & customize > Buy & download, and then select On in the Ask a parent box. (Note:This can also be turned on by selecting Child defaults or Teen defaults after selecting Xbox Live privacy.)

How to terminate uob account?


Lucy yupsb answered

  1. Go visit the nearest bank branch and get in line to get into customer service booth.
  2. Once your turn has come, tell the officer that you intend to close your account and tell them the reason.
  3. Usually, you will be handed a form: Account Closure Form.

How to open gmail box?


bsmujeoe Qureshi answered

  1. Navigate to using any Web browser.
  2. Enter your Google username and password in the the Username and Password fields and click "Sign In" to log in to your Google account.
  3. Click the "Inbox" link in the left pane if you don't see your inbox, to go to your Inbox folder.

How to simplify 125 over 1000?


Harinath Prabhas answered

  1. Find the GCD (or HCF) of numerator and denominator. GCD of 125 and 1000 is 125.
  2. 125 ÷ 1251000 ÷ 125.
  3. Reduced fraction: 18. Therefore, 125/1000 simplified to lowest terms is 1/8.

How to move equations around?


Halpert Oodles answered

  1. For example,
  2. To rearrange the equation so that it is written as take each term and move to the other side of the equal sign using the opposite operation until you only have.
  3. e.g. Rearrange to make the subject of the equation.
  4. Take to the other side of the equal sign by adding to both sides.

How to tell if lower unit is bad on outboard?


Idenisysssolutions tntvai answered

Bad outboard lower units can give the operator shifting issues , and other signs will include water in the gear lube, metallic particles on the drain screw magnet, clunking sounds when shifted, or the loss of the ability to shift into gears.

How to apply cyber crime?


rwqkhj Jrx answered

You need to file a written complaint with the cyber crime cell of any jurisdiction. In the written complaint, you need to provide your name, contact details, and address for mailing. You need to address the written complaint to the Head of the cyber crime Cell of the city where you are filing the cyber crime complaint.

How to convert to dng?


Aaniya oidawl answered

  1. Make sure that you are in the Library module by pressing the G key.
  2. Select all the photos that you want to convert to DNG and choose Library > Convert photos to DNG.
  3. This will open up a dialogue box with the following options:
  4. Click on OK and make the coffee.

How to export selected object in illustrator?


kndnic Joe answered

  1. Select the curves or objects you want to export.
  2. Click in the view that you want to export.
  3. Choose File > Export > Illustrator .
  4. In the option box, choose to export Active or All geometry.
  5. Click Go.
  6. Enter a filename and choose a location then click Save.

How to find size lululemon?


Vipul Balasubramanian answered

  1. #1 Check Past Receipts for Product Information.
  2. #2 Find the Size Dot in the Pockets.
  3. #3 Check the Hem of Seamless Products.
  4. #4 Underwear has the size printed on the inner backside.
  5. When to Remove the Rip Tag.
  6. When NOT to Remove the Rip Tag.
  7. Final Thoughts.

How to unzip jar file using cmd?


Kimatra Chandran answered

Type in jar xf followed by a space followed by the name of the JAR file . This is the command to extract a JAR file.

How to pay off eip t mobile?


Cypriano hsfxk answered

  1. Optional: check Pay EIP in full.
  2. Under Payment amount, enter a payment amount.

How to pin taskbar in mac?


Troy Mason answered

Select the Start menu. Find the program you want to pin, and right-click > More > Pin to taskbar .

How to take cital syrup?


yipkp Ahsan answered

Shake the bottle well before each use. Mix it in a glass of water or juice as advised by your doctor . Avoid taking Cital Oral Liquid Sugar Free Sugar Free on an empty stomach if diarrhea occurs. Drink plenty of fluids while taking this medicine to avoid stomach upset.

How to negotiate tech salary?


Param Coles answered

  1. Know when you're in high demand.
  2. Always negotiate.
  3. Do your research.
  4. Don't rush to accept the offer.
  5. Offers from other companies give you some negotiating power.
  6. Don't show your cards too soon.
  7. Know your advantages as a new graduate.

How to use skype broadcast?


Of Jutt answered

  1. Browse to
  2. Sign in with your with your work or school account (e.g.,
  3. Click New Meeting.
  4. Fill out the meeting information, including meeting title, date and time, duration, attendees, and access information.

How to permanently delete sbi account?


Maylia Kang answered

Walk into your SBI branch. The bank executive will provide you the Account Closure Request Form or CDSL. You can also download the SBI Account Closure form from SBI website. Fill the form to close the account.

How to take down giovanni?


Saied wnsos Mike answered

The most commonly used strategy to take down Giovanni is to use a high-CP Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch . This will deal super effective damage against his Persian, and it will quickly build up your charge move bar. Use the charge moves as soon as you can to get rid of Giovanni's two shields.

How to backup eks cluster?


ixkur Kayal answered

  3. Install Velero on EKS.

How to wear sweatshirt with jeans?


Nauman Laksh answered

  1. Combine an oversized sweatshirt with slim fit pants.
  2. For a trendy look, throw some joggers on with your oversized sweatshirt.
  3. Jeans and oversized sweatshirts are a combo as old as time.
  4. For a laid-back, lounging kind of day, throw on some sweats with your oversized sweatshirt.

How to do hw fast?


T.Prakash Rabinowitz answered

  1. Plan Your Homework and Make a List.
  2. Get Out All the Books and Supplies You Need.
  3. Find a Quiet Place to Work Without Distractions.
  4. Turn Off Your Phone.
  5. Listen to Classical Music While Working.
  6. Eat Snacks and Drink Water.
  7. Take Short Breaks in Between Homework Tasks.

How to move down a row in excel?


Schuppe rtmoecx George answered

Select the row or column that you want to move or copy. , drag the rows or columns to another location. , drag the rows or columns to another location. Important: Make sure that you hold down CTRL during the drag-and-drop operation.

How to contact jc media?


Sanjay Ghatak answered

  1. Contact Email
  2. Phone Number 49-941-6963893.

How to close ppf account in axis?


Keith Rakesh answered

Investors who want to withdraw have to submit a Form C at the respective bank branch linked with their PPF account with all the relevant details. You can claim a tax deduction of up to Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act on your PPF accounts.

How to get photo oyster card?


Allan helproce answered

  1. Active email address.
  2. A colour image of your child's valid, machine-readable passport.
  3. Details from your child's valid, machine-readable passport to verify their age and identity.
  4. If you can't provide this, follow the instructions online.
  5. Digital photo of your child which must be a .

How to access gdrive on windows 10?


Khairkar Murli answered

  1. On your computer, go to Use Drive for desktop with work or school and follow the installation instructions to download and install Drive for desktop.
  2. At the bottom right (Windows) or top right (Mac), click Drive for desktop Open Google Drive .

How to convert jpg to jef format?


Rohin Bajeli answered

  1. Launch Microsoft Paint and open a JPEG file by clicking "File" and "Open." Video of the Day.
  2. Click "File" then "Save As" and then save the JPEG file as a BMP file.
  3. Launch your Janome Digitizer Easy Edit software.
  4. Click the "Save" icon and select the "Save As" option.

How to bind files in autocad?


Sushanth Malhotra answered

  1. Click Insert tab Reference panel Dialog box launcher. Find.
  2. In the External References palette, select the reference name that you want to bind.
  3. Right-click, and click Bind.
  4. In the Bind Xrefs dialog box, select one of the following options:
  5. Click OK to close each dialog box.

How to break up without hurting him?


ealr Pramod answered

  1. Think over what you want and why you want it. Take time to consider your feelings and the reasons for your decision.
  2. Think about what you'll say and how the other person might react.
  3. Have good intentions.
  4. Be honest — but not brutal.
  5. Say it in person.
  6. If it helps, confide in someone you trust.

How to enter testimonial in bni connect?


Amnon Milloy answered

  1. Click the Name of one of your Connections.
  2. Click the "Give a Testimonial" link.

How to work tor browser?


pccrvec Raza answered

  1. Install and configure Tor Browser. Start by downloading and installing Tor Browser.
  2. Get online with Tor.
  3. Choose your security level.
  4. Rethink your browsing habits.
  5. Understand Tor circuits.
  6. Create a new identity.
  7. Use HTTPS.
  8. Access .

How to hang board on wall without nails?


dkds Rice answered

  1. Command Strips. This is probably the most commonly used method of hanging up frames, canvases, and any other decor without leaving a trace on the wall.
  2. Command Hooks.
  3. Hang Art From Your Molding.
  4. Use Your Mantle.
  5. Take Up Space on Bookshelves.
  6. Embrace the Wall Lean.
  7. Put the Art on an Easel.
  8. Clip it Up.

How to ignore sleep while studying?


Prabha bfgwxyva Kahil answered

  1. Stick to a healthy diet.
  2. Sleep well.
  3. Take power naps.
  4. Drink enough water.
  5. Get up and move around.
  6. Don't study too long at a stretch.
  7. Read aloud and write more.
  8. Rotate your study topics.

How to add jni in android studio?


Cypress Balsam answered

  1. 3 Answers. Since Android Studio 3.1 its possible easy way:
  2. Modify build.gradle (Module app) to look like this (a lot changes!):
  3. Modify build.
  4. Move your proguard settings file.
  5. Add the call from java.
  6. Create the function in JNI:

How to mute discord mic with keyboard?


Devashish Bhambri answered

  1. Open the user settings via the gear icon.
  2. Choose the “Keybinds” menu from the left panel.
  3. Press the “Add a Keybind” button at the top of the window.
  4. Click on the action drop menu, and choose either toggle mute or push to mute.

How to switch sonos roam to bluetooth?


Acero vydqkcn Aqeel answered

  1. Press and hold the power button on the back of Roam for two seconds, then release.
  2. Go to your device's Bluetooth settings and select Roam from the device list.
  3. When successfully paired, you'll hear another tone and the status LED will change to solid blue.

How to enjoy vacation while pregnant?


Morshed Jeneil answered

When flying, the ACOG recommends that pregnant women get up and walk every half hour if possible and flex and extend their ankles frequently to prevent blood clots. Also, wear your seat belt under your belly, and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

How to check claim status of pf?


Murli ibwqc answered

  1. Latest Updates.
  2. Step 1: Go to the EPFO portal. Click on 'Our Services' followed by the 'For Employees' option.
  3. Step 2: Click on 'Know Your Claim Status'.
  4. Step 3: Enter your UAN and enter the captcha image.
  5. Step 4: Enter the following details.
  6. Step 5: Click on the 'Submit' button to check the status of your PF claim.

How to know linkedin id?


Taheri vpstwo Anas answered

Finding your LinkedIn URL is quite simple. Just log in to your Linkedin profile and look for the URL at the top of your browser. In Bill Gates' case, his LinkedIn URL is . If Bill Gates were to create his resume (which we think is highly unlikely!), he could use this URL.

How to improve mental maths?


Satprakash Thooyavan answered

  1. 1 Break addition and subtraction problems into parts.
  2. 2 Change the problem to make round numbers.
  3. 3 Learn to add many numbers at once.
  4. 4 Multiply from left to right.
  5. 5 Try a fast multiplication trick best for numbers 11 through 19.
  6. 6 Simplify problems with numbers ending in zero.

How to use the right effect?


Nisha Edwards answered

If you're discussing cause and effect and you' re referring to the ending result of said cause , use “effect.” You can remember that “effect” represents the end, as they both start with “e.”

How to sort low to high in excel?


Galina Kalra answered

  1. Select a cell in the column you want to sort.
  2. On the Data tab, in the Sort & Filter group, do one of the following: To sort from low to high, click (Sort Smallest to Largest). To sort from high to low, click (Sort Largest to Smallest).

How to switch user in cmd?


Shafiq Biswabhusan answered

If you like command-line environments, open Command Prompt or PowerShell. Then, type tsdiscon and press Enter . The tsdiscon command takes you to the Lock screen. On it, click, tap, or press a key on your keyboard and then choose switch users.

How to check dv lottery?


Mitali Khanwalkar answered

The only way to find out whether you were successful is to use the electronic Entrant Status Check at . Entries to the DV Lottery are accepted each autumn (usually for about a month from October to November, but check the DV Lottery website to make sure).

How to factory reset apple watch series 3?


gcucjesm Zelbel answered

On your Apple Watch, tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings . Type your password if prompted. For GPS + Cellular models, choose to keep or remove your cellular plan. If you want to pair your Apple Watch and iPhone again, keep your plan.

How to map gps coordinates on iphone?


Varendra Vyas answered

  1. Open the Maps application on iPhone.
  2. Tap into the Search bar of the Maps app.
  3. Enter the GPS coordinates you want to locate, then tap the “Search” button.
  4. The GPS location will be found and shown on screen in maps.

How to cite hbr's 10 must reads?


Ismo yfjhrh answered

  1. MLA. HBR's 10 Must Reads on Teams. Boston, Massachusetts :Harvard Business Review Press, 2013.
  2. APA. HBR's 10 must reads on teams. ( 2013). Boston, Massachusetts :Harvard Business Review Press,
  3. Chicago. HBR's 10 Must Reads on Teams. Boston, Massachusetts :Harvard Business Review Press, 2013.

How to legally broadcast music online?


Nirav adqgnt answered

Unlike terrestrial radio, you don't need to own a license in order to broadcast your stream online. However, if your station is going to be playing commercial music, you will need to obtain a license in order to fully protect yourself and ensure you are not infringing on anyone else's copyright.

How to transfer money through sib mirror?


John pnubkbf Menna answered

Step 2: Select “Easy Transfer” option from the Main menu. Step 3: Select a Favourite and shake the phone to transfer money. SMS for IMPS transaction will be generated(Image 6). After sending the SMS, customer receives an IVR call during which Mpin has to be entered.

How to export keywords from google ads?


Tabrez Insan answered

In your Google Ads account go to the “Campaigns” section. To export keywords from all your campaigns in Google Ads, go to the “Keywords” tab and hit “Download” . In the drop-down menu you can choose a format to download the file.

How to learn hsk 5?


ympwfw Nawaz answered

  1. Tip 1: Memorize HSK 5 Characters.
  2. Tip 2: Study HSK 5 vocabulary.
  3. Tip 3: Master HSK 5 Grammar.
  4. Tip 4: Take Full–Length Mock Tests.
  5. Tip 5. Setting an HSK 5 Study Schedule.
  6. Tip 6: Make a Weekly Study Plan.
  7. Tip 7: Attend an HSK 5 Preparation Course.
  8. Tip 8: Get Plenty of Sleep the Night Before.

How to get pvc smell out?


Ahmed Amanda answered

First, rinse the empty containers with cool water since hot can set in the odor. Next, fill the containers with warm water and add one tablespoon of baking soda – the ultimate odor-removing ingredient. Snap on the lid, and let it sit overnight.

How to help save trees?


ejkfyg Toori answered

  1. When you buy furniture, find alternatives to wood.
  2. Saving paper is saving trees.
  3. Use paper carefully, write on both sides of a sheet.
  4. Save envelopes, old letters and junk mail.
  5. Do not use paper towels and tissues in household cleaning activities.

How to change aem port?


Cojocaru dowxd O answered

  1. Start your AEM instance.
  2. Log in to your AEM instance.
  3. Now go to the provided link http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr.
  4. Now search for "apache Felix jetty Based" using ctrl+f.
  5. Now click on "Apache felix jetty based http service" and edit Http port according to your need.
  6. Click Save.

How to register product on amazon?


vzgsm Filgas answered

In order to become a seller on Amazon, visit the Amazon Seller Sign up page and click on the 'Register Now' button to begin the process of seller registration. During this seller registration process, you need to provide basic details like the name of your business entity, official address, and the phone number.

How to apply kmtc 2021 intake?


Wani FaHad answered

Applications will be made online in the KMTC website – following the step by step procedure in the portal. In case of any challenges with the application process, please visit the nearest KMTC Campus or call the following numbers; 0723004516, 0723000429, 0736212060, 0736993813. See KUCCPS Intake.

How to retrieve pnr by name in amadeus?


Mainak mnqivb answered

You can choose to display a partial PNR history, by simply entering RH followed by the code for the type of element you want to see (E.g. RHA for air segments only) or you can also use a combination of option codes to retrieve multiple history types (E.g. RHN, J, R for name-phone-remark elements).

How to close issue in github?


Qureshi Npr answered

1 Answer. You can close an issue through the GitHub web interface when you 're viewing the issue. The "Close Issue" button is to the left of the "comment" button under the comment box.

How to edit vba macro in excel?


Debnath acwvd Safora answered

  1. On the Developer tab, in the Code group, click Macros.
  2. In the Macro name box, click the macro that you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit. The Visual Basic Editor appears.

How to check old ppf account?


ckamrgzk Bashar answered

Offline method: Visit the nearest bank branch at which you have opened PPF account. Online method: By logging in to your bank account you will have access to all the details. The present balance, the interest that has been earned, and the deposits that have been made can be checked by using net banking.

How to eliminate waste in production?


Himanshu Wagner answered

  1. reusing rinsewater in cooling systems.
  2. regularly checking that equipment is correctly calibrated.
  3. reducing unnecessary stoppages in a production line.
  4. upgrading or replacing old equipment.
  5. minimising spills or leaks.
  6. using sealed systems.

How to exfoliate to avoid ingrown hairs?


Sunny nialgdep answered

Using a soft washcloth soaked in warm - not hot - water, gently press into the irritated area for 10-15 minutes to soften skin. Then use slow, circular motions to very gently exfoliate for only 10-15 seconds. Skip exfoliating if it hurts or makes your skin more irritated. Step three: Remove the ingrown hair.

How to teach lucien spells?


Carla Lachhmandas answered

To teach Lucien a spell, you must have a copy of its Spell Tome in your inventory and have sufficiently raised his skill level in the relevant magic school. Then select his training dialogue (unlocked once he has reached an approval or bravery threshold) and choose " I want to teach you a spell. "

How to compress endnote library?


Cyrus lakqlmvg answered

  1. Open the EndNote Library.
  2. From the "File" menu, select "Compressed Library (. enlx)" for PC and Mac.
  3. Name the EndNote Compressed Library.
  4. Create or Save the Library to create a zip file (filename. enlx).

How to enter zero value entry in tally?


Avi Lemon answered

In National Traders, Activate the feature Enable Zero valued Transactions in the F11: Features (Inventory Fea- tures) and accept the other settings.

How to raise alignment in ogre battle?


Aishwarya awfg answered

  1. Defeating a character that is of a higher level.
  2. Defeating a character that has lower Alignment.
  3. Drawing a Priestess card after the liberation of a town or temple.
  4. Drawing a Hierophant card after the liberation of a town or temple.
  5. Using the item Soul Mirror on a character.

How to invest in voluntary provident fund?


Dumpati Ivanov answered

To open a VPF account, an employee has to approach his HR/Finance team and advise them to raise a request for an additional contribution in the VPF through a registration form . The existing EPF account will serve as the additional VPF account. Currently, the interest is accrued at 8.5% per annum under this scheme.

How to enter creative mode in minecraft?


Raczek fhydjcx Sanjeev answered

Back in the game, press the “t” key to bring up the ingame console box. Enter the command “/gamemode c” to change your game mode to creative. (If you want to switch back to survival mode, use the command “/gamemode s”.)

How to disable directory listing in ohs?


MD izfoyn answered

  1. Launch your preferred terminal application.
  2. Disable autoindex module for Apache. $ sudo a2dismod --force autoindex # Ubuntu, Debian and SUSE Module autoindex disabled.
  3. Restart Apache for the changes to take effect. Related: How to manage Apache service.

How to enable ee voicemail?


Awais wkgjh answered

How do I turn voicemail on and off? To turn it on just text VM ON to 150 from your device.

How to get octal value in python?


Kamble Altaf answered

  1. # Python oct() function example.
  2. # Calling function.
  3. val = oct(10)
  4. # Displaying result.
  5. print("Octal value of 10:",val)

How to warm up fried oysters?


Biren bortelt Roma answered

Fried oysters can be reheated in the oven. Set it to 350 degrees and start at 5 minutes. Since they're small it should not take long to heat them up. It is recommended that food be heated to 165 degrees for safety.

How to work drip irrigation system?


Mayukh nsnjyyqf answered

Drip irrigation is a technique in which water flows through a filter into special drip pipes, with emitters located at different spacing. Water is distributed through the emitters directly into the soil near the roots through a special slow-release device.

How to access xls file?


Bhati adge Milap answered

XLS files can be opened with any version of Excel. If you don't have Excel, you can use Microsoft's free Excel Viewer , which supports opening and printing the file as well as copying data out of it. Several free Excel alternatives can be used to both open and edit XLS files, including WPS Office and OpenOffice Calc.

How to open lzh file online?


Anirban Vikram answered

  1. Save the .
  2. Launch WinZip from your start menu or Desktop shortcut.
  3. Select all the files and folders inside the compressed file.
  4. Click 1-click Unzip and choose Unzip to PC or Cloud in the WinZip toolbar under the Unzip/Share tab.

How to activate gst number after suspended?


Ghaziani hkzq Bibin answered

Access the GST Portal at . In order to enter into the account, enter the username and appropriate password. In the GST Dashboard, select services, under services select registration and further under registration select application for revocation of cancelled registration option.

How to play ppt on sony tv?


As Rochelle answered

  1. Connect Your Laptop or Mobile Device Using an HDMI Cable.
  2. Play Slides as Image Slideshow or Video from a USB.
  3. Convert and Play Your Slides from a DVD Player.
  4. Connect to Your TV Using Wi-Fi or Wired Network.
  5. Use a Video Streaming Device.

How to join ib or raw?


Amir Zeenat answered

Intelligence Bureau recruitment process requires candidates to appear for CGPE ( Combined Graduate Preliminary Exam) which is conducted by SSC (Staff Selection Commission) every year. To become RAW agent, candidates should take Group A Civil Services exam under the Central Staffing Scheme.

How to remove aeroplane mode in windows 10?


Raven Alan answered

  1. Click the Action Center button. Quick note: The Action Center button is located on the bottom-right side of the screen.
  2. Click the Expand option (if applicable).
  3. Click the Airplane mode button to turn off the feature. Source: Windows Central.

How to stop renew u mobile?


Sailen Vasant answered

Hi, to stop auto-renewal, dial *118*2*5# .

How to enable lpr in windows 2016?


Shay mjwoumlv answered

1. Enable the LPR Monitor in Windows Features by navigating to Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > “Turn Windows Features on or off.” Navigate to Print and Document Services, expand the menu and check the LPR Port Monitor box.

How to go from one jsp to another jsp?


Patricia Sequeira answered

  1. use <form action="page2.jsp">
  2. or submit to a servlet using <form action="targetServlet"> , and then: redirect to page2, using response. sendRedirect("page2. jsp") or forward to page2, using request. getRequestDispatcher("page2. jsp"). forward()

How to switch on tcl tv?


Pal Piya answered

A lot of people miss this, but the TV actually does have a power button. It's just hidden under the bottom of the TV in the center. Reach right under the TCL logo at the bottom of the TV : The middle button turns the set on.

How to renew mtn hynet?


Altaf blxv Pranav answered

  1. Plug in your modem.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on “Recharge Account” on the left side functional menu tab.
  4. Enter your 12 digits recharge PIN and click “Submit”
  5. Once you have recharged your account, click on “Select Service” on the left side functional menu tab.

How to open rdlc format?


Zain megc Frank answered

  1. Download and install Microsoft Visual Studio.
  2. Check the version of Microsoft Visual Studio and update if needed.
  3. Set the default application to open RDLC files to Microsoft Visual Studio.
  4. Verify that the RDLC is not faulty.

How to bypass mcafee dlp endpoint?


Qureshi jcpmclon Phil answered

In the Data Security module of the Security Manager, go to the Main > Status > Endpoint Status page. Select the endpoint client to disable. Click Bypass Endpoint . In the Bypass Endpoint window, enter the bypass ID supplied by the end user.

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