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How to elevate legs to reduce swelling?


Script jijqbhua answered

Above the heart: For the best results, elevate your legs high enough to be above your heart . This way, gravity will move the built-up fluid towards your heart to get rid of swelling and pain faster.

How to allow teredo tunneling on xbox one?


Arjan Naji answered

Depending on your version/network, now either access Advanced and Select iPv6, then flag "Allow Teredo Tunnels" -- or click the Network tab, then Network Options and check "Allow Teredo tunnels ." This should solve your connection issue.

How to connect ios to pc?


Ryan niivxrs answered

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your PC via USB.
  3. Click on the device icon.
  4. Click Settings on the left side of iTunes to see the types of content you can sync.
  5. Click on the content you want, then click on Sync in iTunes.
  6. Click Apply in the lower right corner of iTunes.

How to withdraw edd money?


Andrey Digi answered

You can withdraw cash without charge at any Bank of America network ATM , and can make two free withdrawals per benefit deposit at non-network ATMs. You may also elect to walk into any financial institution that accepts Visa® and cash out the balance on the card.

How to answer employment gap questions?


Adil fgjsf answered

Prepare a short but straightforward explanation that you feel comfortable with. Highlight how you have met the challenge and overcome your problems. In your interview answer refer to the skills you gained in your previous jobs and how they make you the right job candidate.

How to obtain autopsy reports?


Pall Khairati, answered

An Autopsy Report may be obtained by the decedent's next-of-kin (via an in person request or via a notarized written request), notarized authorization from the next-of-kin, or pursuant to a validly issued subpoena or court order.

How to dry long hair fast?


pndmomba Sabev answered

  1. Use conditioner in the shower.
  2. Gently wring or shake out your hair while still in the shower.
  3. Buy a new towel.
  4. Focus on the roots!
  5. Rock a towel turban.
  6. Use a wide-toothed comb or microfiber brush.
  7. Blow-dry with product.

How to identify mtu issue?


Sanjoy Kovelamudi answered

One method to test and detect a reduced MTU size is to use a ping with a large packet size . Here are some examples of how to do this. On a Windows host you can also set the Do Not Fragment (DF) bit to 1 with the -f ping parameter.

How to export sticky notes windows 10?


Pushpendra syxzzwq answered

  1. Open the Run command using the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut.
  2. Type the following path and click the OK button:
  3. Right-click the plum.
  4. Using File Explorer (Windows key + E), open a folder location that you want to use to export the backup.

How to text plate number to lto?


W.M. Keshwani answered

At the moment, LTO already has a system that allows you to text LTO to check plate number. All you need to do is using your cellphone to key in: LTOVEHICLE[plate number of your car] and then, send to 2600 . After that, wait for around 5 – 10 minutes till you receive the auto-generated reply.

How to cancel ikea order before delivery?


Jinal Mistry answered

While orders cannot be changed once paid, please call IKEA at 1-866-866-IKEA (4532) if you wish to request a cancellation or rescheduling. Please note that we require a minimum of 24 hours prior to the delivery appointment to request changes in order to avoid rescheduling fees.

How to factory reset bush tv?


Vidhubala Usgaonkar answered

  1. Press the MENU button on your remote.
  2. Scroll to Install and Retune.
  3. Press OK.
  4. Scroll to First time installation.
  5. Press OK.
  6. Scroll to Yes.
  7. Press OK.
  8. Your TV will now switch off and then restart.

How to eat halim seeds?


Gillani Abiodun answered

You can sprinkle these seeds in your soups, salads and stews . Always remember to stay within the recommended limit. Take 1 glass of water and soak 1 tablespoon of haleem seeds in it overnight. The next morning, add 1 tsp fresh lemon juice to the water and drink.

How to hold an arrow?


Nona Luddy answered

  1. Place your hand around the grip so that the grip is placed around the part of the hand below your thumb.
  2. The grip will then be positioned between your thumb and your index finger.
  3. When you raise the bow, you need to position the thumb so that it is pointing towards the target.

How to pick your own song on snapchat?


Dedipya Burra answered

Open Snapchat and navigate to the camera screen. Tap on the “Music Sticker” (music note) on the far right of the screen. A drop down menu will appear with options for genres and recommended songs. Select one or search your song of choice.

How to update pubg mobile lite?


Wales Suraj answered

Step 1: On any web browser, visit the official PUBG Mobile Lite website. Step 2: When you get to the website, tap on the 'APK Download' option to download the file for the latest version. Step 3: Now, tap on the allow "Install from unknown source" option on your smartphone.

How to know kernel version in linux?


T Jimmy answered

  1. uname -r : Find Linux kernel version.
  2. cat /proc/version : Show Linux kernel version with help of a special file.
  3. hostnamectl | grep Kernel : For systemd based Linux distro you can use hotnamectl to display hostname and running Linux kernel version.

How to cancel naacp ldf donation?


Dumpati aujpfba answered

Encryption makes your online donation more secure than using a credit card in physical form at a store or any other place of business. If you would like to opt out of email communication at any time, just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every LDF email communication .

How to go for nt scan?


Umar lcyu Mahipal answered

An NT scan is a common screening test that occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy . This test measures the size of the clear tissue, called the nuchal translucency, at the back of your baby's neck. It's not unusual for a fetus to have fluid or clear space at the back of their neck.

How to configure rtmt email alerts?


Gagandeep iqth answered

  1. On "Alert Properties: Email Notification" Window. choose > Trigger Alert Action > Click Configure.
  2. " Alert Action" Window will open. Click > Add.
  3. " Action Configuration" window will open. Specify a Name, Description of the action.
  4. Click Ok.

How to run dvwa in ubuntu?


Navakant Pathare answered

  1. Download DVWA via Git. First install Git if it is not installed - sudo apt install git - and then: cd /var/www/html sudo git clone
  2. Create configuration file.
  3. Grant writable permissions.
  4. Create MySQL Database.
  5. Enable certain PHP functions.
  6. Open DVWA and continue with its setup.

How to activate quick heal antivirus?


Dev Malliek answered

Select Start > Programs > Quick Heal antivirus > Activate Quick Heal antivirus. On the Registration Wizard, enter the 20-digit Product Key and click Next. Registration details are displayed, verify the details and click Next. Your product is activated successfully.

How to differentiate true and false sublime?


Abhiman nvflc answered

True Vs. False Sublime—False sublime is characterized by timidity or bombast of language and also by puerility (a parade and pomp of language). True Sublime, on the other hand, is marked by universality of appeal : it pleases all and always : it uplifts our souls.

How to download educational books for free?


Fuliva Keth answered

  1. Open Library. The Open Library has more than 1 million free e-books available.
  2. Internet Archive. The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library.
  3. Project Gutenberg.
  4. Google eBookstore.
  6. BookBoon.

How to negotiate total compensation?


Manish Virtual answered

  1. Make sure your negotiating points are reasonable and well-supported.
  2. Try to avoid negotiating with HR.
  3. Be clear on your absolute minimum.
  4. Have a strategy for dealing with counteroffers.
  5. Remember that prolonged haggling over little details is a bad sign.

How to know your moon sign?


cgxs Islamovic answered

Your moon sign is determined by calculating your full date, place and time of birth and finding your position around the moon . It moves quickly around the zodiac, visiting each sign for around two to two and a half days.

How to celebrate mother's day in new zealand?


Deeksha Kunnu answered

Most traditions are still pretty similar in New Zealand to those of the holiday's birthplace. It's common to buy your mother a gift , give her a greeting card, whether store bought or handmade, give her flowers, and take her out for dinner or make a nice meal at home.

How to differentiate duodenal ulcer from gastric ulcer?


Guillaume Pyl answered

Gastric and duodenal ulcers are peptic ulcers, which are open sores in the lining of the digestive tract. Gastric ulcers form in the lining of the stomach. Duodenal ulcers develop in the lining of the duodenum , which is the upper part of the small intestine.

How to make ui responsive in angular?


Iwan Kress answered

You can achieve Responsive in Angular using matchMedia and services, directives and components . Always remember to delete a listener whenever you create a listener in a service/component/directive after that instance has been destroyed.

How to add ihg reservation to apple wallet?


R.D.Pareenja Nasreen answered

  1. Open the IHG App on your iPhone.
  2. Locate the option for your "Club Rewards" account.
  3. Scroll the page all the way up until you see "Member Card" at the left side of the page.
  4. Tap "Add to Apple Wallet," to the right of the "Member Card" label.
  5. Tap the "Add" button in the top right corner of the screen.

How to take care of tillandsia ionantha?


igujdcjs Hussain answered

The Ionantha varieties love sunlight, so they should also be kept in an area that gets adequate light throughout the day(east/west facing windows are best). We recommend soaking the plant once or twice a week depending on the environment, and regular misting as needed.

How to amend soil for cucumbers?


Mahesh Govinda, answered

Cucumbers require fertile soil. Mix in compost and/or aged manure before planting to a depth of 2 inches and work into the soil 6 to 8 inches deep. Make sure that soil is moist and well-drained, not soggy and compacted. Soil should be neutral or slightly acidic with a pH of around 6.5 to 7.0.

How to open rgess account?


mxnynxth Jrx answered

  1. Open a new demat account with any DP of NSDL.
  2. If you already have a demat account and you are eligible, designate your demat account under RGESS.
  3. To designate your demat account under RGESS, submit a declaration in Form A to your DP.
  4. Start investing.

How to ride pokemon in pixelmon?


Moushumi Lari answered

To mount a Pokemon simply right click on the Pokemon you wish to mount with nothing in your hand and click left-shift to dismount it. There are 3 types of Pokemon you can mount: Land, Water, and Flying. Turning the Pokemon you are riding can be difficult and can be done by clicking the "A" key and the "D" key .

How to allow offline play on xbox one?


Col Academy answered

  1. Press the Xbox button  on your controller to open the guide.
  2. Select Profile & system > Settings > General > Network settings.
  3. Select Go offline.

How to order iu health uniforms?


Winslow Aquino answered

How to Order Uniforms: All team members can order their uniforms online at . If you work at least 20 hour a week (or . 5 FTE) then you are eligible to use payroll deduction when purchasing your uniforms.

How to spot in bf4 xbox one?


Satyanshu Carroll answered

Use the spot button while looking at an enemy soldier or vehicle to tag them for your team . If a soldier is tagged, they will have a red upside-down triangle over their head. If a vehicle is tagged, they will be marked with a red star and a small red icon of the vehicle.

How to open baby boy foreskin?


Anwari Nuttgens answered

  1. Gently pull back the foreskin.
  2. Clean beneath the foreskin with mild soap and water.
  3. Rinse and dry beneath the foreskin thoroughly.
  4. Pull the foreskin back over the head of the penis.

How to motivate type b personality?


Shyamal Fardin answered

‍You will want to place Type-B personalities somewhere where they can have frequent interaction with others such as in customer service or human resources . When it comes to rewarding these employees, letting them know you appreciate them verbally goes a long way.

How to calculate percentage by cgpa?


Elnaaz Gera answered

To convert CGPA to percentage, all you need to do is multiply your CGPA by 9.5 . This formula is provided on the official website of CBSE for class IX and X. For example, if you have got 9.4 CGPA then the equivalent percentage would be 9.4*9.5 = 89.3%.

How to use tokens in warzone?


Biswajeet, Deol, answered

Use a 2XP Token by equipping it from the Warzone menu . An on-screen timer starts, ticking down in real time. The clock never stops, even if you log out, so only activate a token if you plan to use the full amount of time!

How to fast forward a cd?


Poprocsi Cohen answered

Simply press and hold FF to fast forward , or RW to rewind. Release the button when you reach the part of the song you want to listen to.

How to prevent silent heart attack?


Aadii Bashir answered

  1. Quitting smoking if you smoke and avoiding secondhand smoke.
  2. Keeping a healthy diet that is low in fat and low in cholesterol.
  3. Exercising regularly.
  4. Managing your stress.
  5. Controlling your blood pressure.
  6. Managing your blood sugar level if you have diabetes.

How to keep erythritol from crystallizing?


Nitika slrbonco answered

Cooking experts recommend using distilled water for mixing erythritol since it contains no impurities (yes, impurities in your water can lead to crystallization). However, it's worth a try. Hard water mainly seems to aggravate the situation.

How to factorise when the coefficient is greater than 1?


pgpkd Mehar answered

When the coefficient for is greater than 1, there is a different method to follow. Step 2: Once we have the correct factors, replace. Step 3: Take a common factor of the first two terms then do the same for the last two terms. Step 4: You should notice that you have two brackets the same.

How to connect fb to whatsapp?


M.S. Hare answered

  1. Tap in the bottom right of Facebook.
  2. Tap Pages, then go to your Page.
  3. Tap .
  4. Tap WhatsApp.
  5. Tap Sync Info.
  6. Tap Continue.
  7. Review the information you're providing, then tap Confirm and Sync.

How to avoid paying bounty rdr2?


Jiten Kavthekar answered

Instead, try picking a fight at your local saloon . This should attract the police without making them resort to the use of deadly force. Now that you've got their attention, it's time to surrender. This will get rid of your bounty for free in exchange for a few nights in jail.

How to calculate rgb image size?


Ranjan gjiej AIS answered

3000 x 2400 pixels x 3 = 21.6 million bytes = 20.6 megabytes. The last “× 3” is for 3 bytes of RGB color information per pixel for 24-bit color (3 RGB values per pixel, which is one 8-bit byte for each RGB value, which totals 24-bit color). 3000 x 2400 pixels x 3 = 21.6 million bytes = 20.6 megabytes. The last “× 3” is for 3 bytes of RGB color information per pixel for 24-bit color (3 RGB values per pixel, which is one 8- bit byte

How to unlock ghost rider in ultimate alliance?


Vijay jybooe Yami answered

User Info: overcracker. You'll need to trade in someone from your team for him at a particular point in Mephisto's realm . You really can't miss him. The traded character will get returned to you at the end of the Mission.

How to extract week from date in excel?


Tamim Kainat answered

  1. Generic formula. =WEEKNUM(date)
  2. To get the week number from a date, you can use the WEEKNUM function. In the example shown, the formula in C5, copied down, is:
  3. The WEEKNUM function takes a date and returns a week number (1-54) that corresponds to the week of year.
  4. Good links.

How to measure internet gb usage?


Mary yfrp answered

For a very basic overview of your network usage, you can open up the Settings menu and go to Network & Internet and click Data usage . Here you'll see a donut graph that shows how much data you've used over what types of connections in the last 30 days.

How to watch amazon prime on laptop?


Satyakaam P.K. answered

  1. Google Chrome.
  2. Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  4. Microsoft Edge.
  5. Safari.
  6. Opera.

How to logout from gmail?


Taru Sundar answered

  1. On the home page of your Gmail account, click on the icon specifying your name or your photo.
  2. A dialog box will appear.
  3. We will be quickly logged out from your current Gmail account.
  4. A 'Signed out' symbol will appear in front of the account after you logout.

How to restart bind service in ubuntu?


Mon Shimo answered

  1. Start named service. $ sudo service bind9 start. $ sudo /etc/init.d/bind9 start.
  2. Stop named service. $ sudo service bind9 stop.
  3. Restart named service. $ sudo service bind9 restart.
  4. See the current status of named service. $ sudo service bind9 status.

How to screenshot on zbook laptop?


znhzvvfh Ananth answered

  1. Press the Windows key and Print Screen at the same time to capture the entire screen.
  2. Open an image editing program (Microsoft Paint, GIMP, Photoshop, and PaintShop Pro will all work).
  3. Open a new image and press CTRL + V to paste the screenshot.

How to reverse atropine overdose?


Regina Pow answered

If atropine is unavailable or in limited supply, intravenous glycopyrrolate or diphenhydramine may provide an alternative anticholinergic agent for treating muscarinic toxicity; however, glycopyrrolate does not cross the blood-brain barrier and cannot treat central effects of OP poisoning.

How to guess unknown words?


Hassan fzrgozex answered

  1. examine the immediate context of the word (i.e. the sentence in which it appears, and words which come before and after); pay particular attention to linking words;
  2. examine the wider context of the word (i.e. other sentences in the paragraph);

How to estimate handicap in golf?


Milana Lampassi answered

Handicap differential = (Adjusted Gross Score-rating of the course) X 113 / Course slope ratings . The course rating is simply the scores of a new golfer on a normal course under a normal playing condition. Slope rating is the rating of 113 for a course based on the standard difficulty.

How to run xampp on ip address?


Morten gkolffm answered

Just edit c:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd. conf and change the Listen 80 to Listen 127.0. 0.2:80 or whatever ip address you want. Make sure you place : between the ip address and port number, in this case it was port 80.

How to save instagram dm voice message?


Ahindra Umar answered

- Go to Messages on the Instagram web. - Click the one message - You will show "Download" button under the voice messages. - Click the download. - ( Press CTRL+S or CMD+S ) or (Right click and 'Save Audio As..') Note: If you don't see "Download" button, please refresh the page.

How to use outlook without vpn?


Fatty Keya answered

  1. In Outlook 2010 go to “File” then click on “account settings”
  2. Double click on your ISIS exchange configuration.
  3. On the change account page click on “More Settings …” tab.
  4. On the “Microsoft Exchange” screen click on the “Connection” tab and click the “Connect to Exchange using HTTP” box.

How to wash jockey mask?


Campira hhuu Rohan answered

Machine Wash Warm - Normal Cycle - Tumble Dry Medium – Non-Chlorine Bleach Only - Medium Iron If Needed.

How to gain cenarion expedition rep?


Sudhin Fernandes answered

The main way to gain reputation with the Cenarion Expedition is by killing mobs throughout Outland and its dungeons , although certain mobs stop giving reputation after reaching Honored.

How to upgrade processor in hp laptop?


TaSi Asraf answered

  1. If the processor has a fan, unplug the fan wires from the motherboard.
  2. Press in on the handles at the top corners of the processor while gently pulling out on the processor.
  3. Gently lay the old processor aside and pick up the new processor.

How to connect joystick to tv?


Llama qepov Queen answered

  1. Put the controller or gamepad into Bluetooth pairing mode and make sure it is discoverable. See the product's user manual for how to do this if needed.
  2. Navigate to the Bluetooth device list on your TV and select the controller or gamepad to pair with.

How to connect ancestry dna to a tree?


Ranjan Henry answered

Connect your DNA test to a public family tree by signing in to your Ancestry account and clicking the DNA tab . From your DNA homepage, click "Link to Tree" under your name. Click a tree name or click “Start a tree” and then Link DNA results.

How to know journal name?


Divya Lam answered

Look near the article title or at the bottom of the first page . Article title: Always on the first page, toward the top. Periodical title: May appear at the top or bottom of the first page. Sometimes repeated at the bottom of subsequent pages (with volume, issue and page numbers).

How to rank tennis level?


Lotto Kerry answered

  1. 1.0: Just starting to play tennis.
  2. 1.5: Player working primarily on getting the ball into play.
  3. 2.0: Player needs on-court experience, with an emphasis on play.
  4. 2.5: Player is ready to play league matches and low-level tournaments.

How to hide typing and online in whatsapp?


Daveigh Everhart answered

Visit the WhatsApp Menu by tapping the three dots on the right corner and tap Privacy. Under that, tap the Writing Status and select the desired. Choose Hide for contacts if you want to hide typing status for personal messages or choose Hide for the group if you want to hide your typing status from WhatsApp groups.

How to switch uber payment method?


Jarul Deshmukh answered

  1. In your Uber app, tap the white panel at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Tap "Switch" next to the price and payment method.
  3. Select the correct payment method.

How to upgrade qnap nas?


Shrishti Hansika answered

  1. Log into your NAS as an administrator (use the admin account, or a user account belonging to the administrator group), go to “Control Panel” > “Firmware Update” and choose the “Live Update” tab.
  2. Click “Check for Update” and a pop-up will appear informing you of the latest version.

How to enable vnc server on raspberry pi?


Sameep eojbuusg answered

  1. Open a terminal on your Raspberry Pi or use the PiTunnel Remote Terminal.
  2. Enter the command sudo raspi-config.
  3. Use the arrow keys to select Interfacing Options and press Enter.
  4. Use the arrow keys to select VNC and press Enter.
  5. You will be prompted to enable VNC Server.

How to generate new upi id?


Rajan Alam answered

  1. Open Google Pay.
  2. In the top right, tap your photo.
  3. Tap Payment methods.
  4. Tap the bank account for whom you want to create a new UPI ID.
  5. Select “Manage UPI IDs”
  6. Tap the '+' next to the UPI ID you want to create.
  7. When making a payment, you can select the UPI ID you want under “Choose account to pay with”

How to pick at someone's brain?


Kaumudi Kalita answered

  1. Get on his or her radar.
  2. Have one specific question or favor in mind.
  3. Address your message directly.
  4. Honor his time.
  5. Consider alternative venues.
  6. Show your gratitude.
  7. Be an active part of his or her network.

How to restart apple tv?


Sofian Benn answered

  1. Press and hold both the Back (second-generation Siri Remote) or (first-generation Siri Remote) and TV buttons on the Siri Remote until the Apple TV status light blinks rapidly.
  2. Disconnect Apple TV from the power outlet, wait five seconds, then reconnect it.

How to issue apb sims 4?


Messier vfndfxva Antriksh answered

  1. Go on Patrol, Go to Crime Scene, Issue APB - Use the Crime Map to do these things.
  2. Talk to the Chief - Find this specific interaction under the Friendly menu.
  3. Analyze Evidence - use the lab equipment in the room to the left of the station entrance.

How to heal joint effusion?


Omkar fkwjtlb answered

Treatment for joint effusion depends on the cause and often includes resting the joint and applying ice packs to reduce swelling. In some cases, fluid may be removed from the joint to reduce swelling and increase the joint's range of motion.

How to respond to ahlan wa sahlan?


Vibha kzhp answered

“Ahlan Wa Sahlan” (welcome) is the more formal version of “Ahlan”. The most common reply is “ Ahlan bik” to a male or “Ahlan biki” to a female . To reply to more than one person, say, “Ahlan bikum. Marhaba (Welcome) It comes from the word “rahhaba” which means “to welcome”.

How to sketch using word?


pizuqz Joyia answered

  1. Click the 'Shapes' button and select 'Scribble' Open up your Microsoft Word document.
  2. Hold down your mouse to draw. Click and hold down your mouse to draw.
  3. Release the mouse. As soon as you release your mouse, the drawing will be finished.
  4. Edit your drawing. Double-click your drawing.

How to activate siri on iphone 12?


buyizmfu Badar answered

1. To ask Siri something, hold down the Side button until you see the Siri icon at the bottom of the screen . Allow Siri When Locked switch to enable or disable Siri on the lock screen.

How to raise cyanuric acid in pool?


Kanai Khote answered

  1. Step 1) Calculate the volume of water in your pool.
  2. Step 2) Calculate the amount of cyanuric acid (stabilizer) you will need.
  3. Step 3) Add the Cyanuric Acid.
  4. Step 4) Turn your pump on to the “circulate” or “filter” setting.
  5. Step 5) Retest the water and repeat if necessary.

How to run in hr zone 2?


Roger Quinn answered

  1. Set a good easy zone.
  2. Start slow.
  3. Accept going substantially slower than normal.
  4. Accept you are not a machine.
  5. Ensure your watch and/or chest strap are positioned correctly and have enough battery power.
  6. Give this method 8-12 sessions of running.

How to forward text message iphone xr?


Nirmiti Sreeram answered

Touch and hold the message bubble that you want to forward, then tap More. Select any other text messages that you want to forward. Tap Forward and enter a recipient. Tap Send .

How to sort droopy eyelids?


hfpzw Mazen answered

1) Apply cucumber slices . Cucumbers contain ascorbic and caffeic acids, both of which reduce saggy eyelids. They decrease inflammation and naturally tighten skin. Cucumber slices help make your skin look healthy, smooth and glowing brighter than before.

How to launch github desktop?


Nayab jwaerzzz answered

In the menu bar, select the GitHub Desktop menu, then click Install Command Line Tool. Open Terminal. To launch GitHub Desktop to the last opened repository, type github . To launch GitHub Desktop for a particular repository, type github followed by the path to the repository.

How to apply ccl leave?


Jeevant cuciwus answered

I am the primary caretaker of the baby needs taking care of her 24X7, as there is no relative or family member to support me. I humbly request you to consider my condition and sanction a Child Care leave for a period of ____(no. of days) days. This will help me to take care of my growing kid.

How to lubricate ziptrak blinds?


Atif Henry answered

To apply, lower the blind all the way to the ground, and apply the silicone spray in the groove between the spline tape and the track . Lubricate the entire height of the track, from top to bottom, taking about 10 seconds. Only a small amount of spray is required.

How to afford two babies in daycare?


Delhi Manobala answered

Ask for a sibling discount . Some daycares offer a discount for a second child. Your daycare may be one of them, which can help you save money. Ask what the sibling discount is the next time you take your child in.

How to choose the right mx handlebars?


Anoop Pune answered

MX handlebars come in various heights and bends, and there's a lot to choose from. As a general rule, riders who are between 170-180cm would be better suited with a low bend bar and rotated slightly towards the rider. Taller riders are typically better suited to a higher bend bar rotated slightly away from the rider.

How to verify rsa signature?


Mohan Perreira answered

To sign a message m, just apply the RSA function with the private key to produce a signature s; to verify, apply the RSA function with the public key to the signature , and check that the result equals the expected message. That's the textbook description of RSA signatures.

How to extract tacit knowledge?


kgigem Tambayan answered

  1. Collaboration and Social Networks.
  2. Show Your Work.
  3. Storytelling.
  4. Tracking Lessons Learned.
  5. Guided Experience.
  6. Reinvention.

How to export er diagram from sql developer?


Hijab Mehdi answered

  1. Click File → Data Modeler → Print Diagram → To Image File.
  2. Browse to and select the export file location.
  3. Click Save.

How to clean asus laptop keyboard?


Abhishek Vishwkarma answered

You can use the keyboard cleaner with a brush , or air blaster to clean out particles that get in between the keys. To clean the LCD cover, LCD bezel, upper case and top case and bottom case, please use a microfiber cleaning cloth with 70 to 75% isopropyl alcohol and wipe it gently.

How to escape your own thoughts?


Nakul D. answered

So give it a try: Start with sitting, and focusing on your breath for five minutes . If your mind wanders, just observe that wandering, with a sense of curiosity, and pull it back to your focus. That part – the pulling the mind back, again and again – is really the heart of the practice.

How to learn vmware at home?


Gerhard Lawson answered

First, get yourself a VMware user account from here which will enable you to download the required software. Secondly, grab a copy of VMware Workstation Player from here. You'll need it to run ESXi and vCenter Server as VMs on your home computer or bare metal setup. Thirdly, download the free version of ESXi from here.

How to activate business function in sap?


Hiroo Kittoo answered

  1. Log on to the development system with authorization SAP_ALL.
  2. Disable all batch jobs.
  3. Close the system for all other users.
  4. Start transaction SFW5.
  5. Optionally, choose an industry solution in the Business Function Setdropdown box.

How to freeze bank account?


Chanakya Virk answered

Account freezes can also be initiated by either an account holder or a third party, such as a government, a regulatory authority, or a court order. Many banks and credit card providers are now offering a bevy of online and mobile banking options including the ability to freeze an account with the ' click of a button.

How to help asthma cough?


Shaka Kasaria answered

Asthma medications prescribed by your allergist will help to relieve the coughing attacks. These include a fast-acting bronchodilator inhaler, which expands the airways in the lungs and offers quick relief, or a corticosteroid inhaler, which relieves inflammation when used daily.

How to check yum update status?


Balakrishnan Nehal answered

To check for any updates available for your installed packages, use YUM package manager with the check-update subcommand ; this helps you to see all package updates from all repositories if any are available.

How to hide archived chats on gbwhatsapp?


Pasha lwvjujid Aham answered

  1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  2. Tap and hold the chat window you want to hide.
  3. Few options will appear on top right corner.
  4. Select the box with an arrow pointing downward.
  5. The chat will be archived and won't appear in normal window.

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