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How to hyperlink image in whatsapp?


brqioae M answered

So, let's look at the code and see if we can make it work for sending image hyperlinks via Whatsapp. Copy and paste the code above (from<a to /a> ) into your website . From the contact list, choose the person to whom you wish to send the link. You'll notice a link similar to this (Whatsapp this page).

How to oil pull with coconut oil?


Kalra yvwwb Nabila answered

To do an oil pull with coconut oil, place a tablespoon of coconut oil in the mouth . Those who do not like the taste of coconut oil can use other oils, such as sesame oil or olive oil. Sit upright and swish the coconut oil around the mouth for 15–20 minutes.

How to plot a grid in matlab?


Maushumi Beesaveni answered

Call the tiledlayout function to create a 2-by-1 tiled chart layout. Call the nexttile function to create the axes objects ax1 and ax2 . Plot data into each axes. Then display grid lines in the bottom plot by passing ax2 to the grid function .

How do you recover your administrator password?


Jasmine pdjlnlsp answered

  1. Press Win-r . In the dialog box, type compmgmt. msc , and then press Enter .
  2. Expand Local Users and Groups and select the Users folder.
  3. Right-click the Administrator account and select Password.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the task.

How to update work experience in linkedin?


Mouli Rangayan answered

Select View profile to edit your LinkedIn page. 3. Hover your cursor over the job you want to edit and tap the pencil icon (Or if you're adding a new position, you'd click the plus sign at the top of the "Experience" section of your profile). Tap the pencil icon to edit your job status.

How to get hni funding for ipo?


Arif Reza answered

ICICI Direct offers a UPI-based IPO application with an upper limit of ₹2 lakh per transaction. Thus, an HNI cannot apply for Nykaa IPO through ICICI Direct. To apply as an HNI in Nykaa IPO, you can apply online through Netbanking using the ASBA facility offered by banks or submit a physical IPO ASBA application form.

How to stop vodafone flash messages?


qvibbe Choudhury answered

Firstly, open the 'SIM Toolkit' app on your smartphone. Click on the 'FLASH! ' option. Now, select the 'Activation' option and tap on the 'Deactivate' button.

How to reset azure portal password?


Pune Hary answered

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal as a user administrator, or password administrator.
  2. Select Azure Active Directory, select Users, search for and select the user that needs the reset, and then select Reset Password.
  3. In the Reset password page, select Reset password.

How to convert ip address into hostname?


Chakravarty Ujjwal answered

  1. Click the Windows Start button, then "All Programs" and "Accessories." Right-click on "Command Prompt" and choose "Run as Administrator."
  2. Type "nslookup %ipaddress%" in the black box that appears on the screen, substituting %ipaddress% with the IP address for which you want to find the hostname.

How to eliminate squeaky floors?


Aejaz Shahabadi answered

  1. Put a Shim into the Gap.
  2. Nail a Piece of Wood Along a Warped Joist.
  3. Put Wood Blocks Between Noisy Joists.
  4. Use Construction Adhesive to Fill Long Gaps.
  5. Screw the Subfloor to the Finished Floor.
  6. Floorboard Lubricants.
  7. Fix the Squeak from Above.

How to reset ijoy beach bomb?


Hsiao ramong Mortuza answered

Open the charging tab, and opposite of the charging port , there is a small button that can be reached using a paper clip. It says reset on the top of it and does just that. Fixes the problem easily.

How to book hotel in oman for quarantine?


Tayla Farhad-Sajid answered

  1. Step 1: Head to
  2. Step 2: Click on 'Travel Forms'
  3. Step 3: Click on 'Hotel' for making a new booking.
  4. Step 4: Click on 'Agree to the refund policy of the PCR test' to proceed further.
  5. Step 5: Begin finding hotels.

How to clean ghee container?


Phanindra Murty answered

Fill your kitchen sink with hot water and add in a few generous squirts of liquid dish washing soap . Submerge the bottle and let it soak for at least a couple of minutes. Hot water does a better job of loosening grease and oil and also prevents streaking.

How to observe jupiter saturn conjunction?


Kunjal owuoeal answered

To watch the Great Conjunction, find a spot with an unobstructed view of the sky , such as a field or park. Jupiter and Saturn are bright, so they can be seen even from most cities. An hour after sunset, look to the southwestern sky, Jupiter will look like a bright star and be easily visible.

How to animate layout in android?


Thomas yceqt Mh answered

  1. Create a Scene object for both the starting layout and the ending layout.
  2. Create a Transition object to define what type of animation you want.
  3. Call TransitionManager.go() and the system runs the animation to swap the layouts.

How to grow kyoho grapes?


qsezuroh Chalamuri answered

The planting method includes the following steps that firstly, seeds are buried into the ground; secondly, fertilization is conducted after budding in the next spring and the soil condition is observed to prevent severe soil loss in the rainy season; thirdly, when new buds grow longer, the buds are transplanted to the

How to find determinant of nxn matrix?


Itx Bajaj answered

  1. Pick any row or column in the matrix. It does not matter which row or which column you use, the answer will be the same for any row.
  2. Multiply every element in that row or column by its cofactor and add. The result is the determinant.

How to bypass ometv login?


Biren Shankar answered

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN or try another alternative.
  2. Download and Install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Close open OmeTV tabs.
  4. Clear cookies and close your browser.
  5. Launch the VPN and log in using your credentials.
  6. Connect to any VPN server.

How to test stator zx6r?


Maziin Ketelsen answered

how can I tell is my stator is working correctly? unplug the stator lead or leads take a meter set it to the resistance scale test the leads to ground if any of the leads read anything it's bad. #2 test between the leads (all 3) and there should be resistance maybe 2-5 ohms.

How to sync awesome note ipad and iphone?


Szabolcs wqxtsian answered

  1. Go to iPhone/iPad Settings > iCloud, then sign on with Apple ID.
  2. Go to Awesome Note Settings > Sync, then turn on iCloud.

How to cancel dmart ready order?


Fritz griffziv Yash answered

In case you do not see the button 'Cancel Order', it means that we have already initiated work on your order and no changes can be made to it now. In such a case, you can write to us at with 'Cancel my Order' mentioned in the subject line.

How to pick people up in gang beasts?


Meena Punetha answered

But here we go: first, in order to grab someone you will need to hold both Punch buttons (L1/LB on PS4/Xbox) , which will grab with each hand. Next, you need to hold the Lift button (Triangle/Y on PS4/Xbox), and finally, release the two Punch buttons to throw your enemy.

How to flush your upper eyelid?


Biff Sunshine answered

Gently pull your upper eyelid down so it hangs over your lower lashes. Blink a few times. This should make you tear up, which can flush out the object. Flush it.

How to play own music on alexa?


Rishi Subham answered

In the Connected Devices section, tap the entry to Pair Alexa Gadget. Then open the Bluetooth settings screen on your mobile device and tap the name listed for your Echo. Your Echo is then connected. Now when you open a music app on your phone or tablet, the audio will play through your Echo device.

How to extract an audio from a youtube video?


Gary eoyshg answered

  1. Go to YouTube to MP3 Converter.
  2. Copy and paste the YouTube video link that you want to extract the audio and click the Go button.
  3. Choose MP3 with the quality you want and click the Convert button.
  4. Then click Download and you'll get the audio file.

How to turn pictures into artwork?


isvfux Gomes answered

  1. Pikazo.
  2. Waterlogue.
  3. Portrait Painter.
  4. Brushstroke. This is one of the most full-featured apps dedicated to digital paintings.
  5. PicsArt. Picsart is like a sort of mobile Photoshop.
  6. Prisma. This is the app that popularized painterly photos in the first place.

How to apply for university of mumbai?


Of zdtnzeo Jamie answered

Candidates need to first fill up the Mumbai University pre-enrollment admission form to apply for UG and PG programmes. This is possible only when candidates have an access to the login window of Mumbai University admission form 2021.

How to change ppf nominee online?


Miguel Manfredi answered

  1. The first thing one must do is to acquire Form F from the bank or post office from where you created the PPF account.
  2. All you have to do is fill out this form with the correct details and submit it to the concerned bank of post office.
  3. The nomination will be changed after the form has been submitted.

How to quote from a video?


Claire Pradhan, answered

The general format for citing online videos in MLA style is as follows: " Title of video ." YouTube, uploaded by Screen Name, day month year, If the author of the video is not the same as the person who uploaded the video, your citation would be formatted as follows: Author last name, First Name.

How to win ww2 zombies?


Thaao Hammid answered

  1. Kill just enough zombies, but not too many.
  2. Make sure you upgrade your guns to keep up with the zombies.
  3. There is an optimal path (but it's not the only way)
  4. Mix the classes.
  5. Kite the zombies.
  6. Look out for 'treasure zombies'
  7. Whenever possible, play as David Tennant.

How to get gmp certification?


Fasnokk cwlxqov answered

  1. Application. This is the initial step to get the GMP certification; the application covers some essential data of the organization.
  2. Review of Application.
  3. Analysis & Agreement.
  4. Documentation Review.
  5. Granting Of Certification.
  6. Surveillance Audit.

How to ultra evolve in neo monsters?


Creators Fun answered

  1. Epic : 100,000 Silver.
  2. Super Epic : 200,000 Silver.
  3. Legendary : 500,000 Silver.

How to format json in bbedit?


Sy dkegthyi Mike answered

  1. Open a JSON file in BBEdit. There is no need to restart BBEdit because BBEdit rocks!
  2. Select Text > Apply Text Filter > FormatJSON.

How to test wordpress website?


Lokesh Antti answered

To test get the latest version of WordPress 5.0, you need to go to Tools > Beta Testing and pick the Point release nightlies. After that, go to Dashboard > Updates and you'll see that there's an update available. Hit that blue Upgrade Now button to get started.

How to validate dropdown list in javascript?


Manson bxbmvod Udaya answered

  1. <script type="text/javascript">
  2. function validate() {
  3. if (document.getElementById("<%=ddl_country.ClientID%>").value == "--Select--") {
  4. alert('!!!!!!
  5. document.getElementById("<%=ddl_country.ClientID%>").focus();
  6. return false;
  7. }
  8. return true;

How to increase number of devices on wifi?


Sayyed Messier answered

On the left side, click on WiFi then click on Options. Scroll down and look for WiFiOptions. Select the number of wireless clients in the Max WiFi dropdown list and click on Submit. Note: To adjust the number of wireless clients that can connect per network, just click on the left and right arrows.

How to teach square shape to preschoolers?


Dhawal Dhaimade answered

Ask children if they can tell you what a square is. Say, “Yes, a square is a shape that has four equal sides and four corners.” Put the box with the square item in front of children . Show children the item in the box. Talk about why the item is a square.

How to cure a sore eye?


Park Dorian answered

For example, OTC eye drops or warm compresses can reduce eye pain. If there is something stuck in the eye, using artificial tears or a warm water flush can help to remove it. A warm compress with a damp washcloth can soothe pain from a stye. Always avoid rubbing the eyes or using makeup around the area.

How to become sti officer?


vmiuwk Mir answered

  1. Degree from a recognized University.
  2. Last year students can also apply for this exam.
  3. You must have knowledge of the Marathi Language.

How to become the best fashion stylist?


obsrzzhp Gerald answered

  1. Develop strong networking skills.
  2. Develop close personal and professional relationships.
  3. Don't be shy.
  4. Experience is more important than a diploma.
  5. Stay up to date.

How to merge folio in axis mutual fund?


Cal pfcwmdhn answered

The investor is required to submit a letter to the AMC/registrar stating all the folio numbers that are to be consolidated into one primary folio. Investors can also download a form for consolidation of folios available with the AMC or its registrar.

How to export html5 from photoshop?


Satvinder Horo answered

  1. Step 1: Your PSD Design. Considering you want to convert your PSD to HTML5 we can assume you have your Photoshop design handy.
  2. Step 2: Working With Layers.
  3. Step 3: Layer Type Support.
  4. Step 4: Working With Layer Effects.
  5. Step 5: Using Layer Tags.

How to identify the hba card/ports and wwn in windows?


Javar Sanu answered

run “fcinfo” command in Command Prompt . It will show up HBA connected to the server with WWN.

How to move old emails from gmail to yahoo?


Boley Bakkedahl answered

If you're moving from Gmail to Yahoo Mail for example, you'll need to go to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP , then select 'Enable POP for all mail. Once your account is added, Yahoo Mail will start grabbing all of your older messages from Gmail.

How to measure gfp fluorescence?


Bhaskar Akshat answered

Flow cytometry and fluorescent microscopy are two conventional tools to detect the GFP signal; flow cytometry is an effective and sensitive technique to quantitatively analyze fluorescent intensity, while fluorescent microscopy can visualize the subcellular location and expression of GFP.

How to remove alarm icon from status bar?


Izhar prpoe Ankur answered

  1. Settings.
  2. Display.
  3. Status Bar.
  4. Icon Manager.
  5. Turn Off the Alarm option.

How to update lg smart tv software?


Jaideep Chandra answered

Press the Home/Smart button on your remote. From the Home Screen, choose Settings from the bottom-left. From the Settings menu, navigate to the Others tab in the bottom-left, then choose Software Update to open the update options screen.

How to delete a sent email?


Abaza Hyder answered

In Mail, in the Navigation Pane, click Sent Items. Open the message that you want to recall and replace. On the Message tab, in the Actions group, click Other Actions, and then click Recall This Message. Click Delete unread copies and replace with a new message or Delete unread copies and replace with a new message.

How to qualify for gi bill?


ukjxj Azhar answered

  1. You contribute $100 a month for the first 12 months you are in active duty, or qualify under VEAP conversion.
  2. You have completed High School or have an equivalency certificate before you apply for benefits.
  3. You have served at least 2 years on active duty.

How to make xcode run faster?


Nisrine qnux answered

  1. Show Build Time. You have to enable this settings via command line:
  2. Whole Module Optimization. The default settings from Xcode makes the build process slow.
  3. Pods too. Similarly, you can add a post install hook to Podfile .
  4. Build Active Architecture Only.
  5. Other Tricks.

How to deactivate uan online?


xnzron Sabir answered

  1. In case you have two UANs, the issue must be reported to the EPFO or the new employer.
  2. An email must be sent to
  3. A verification will be conducted by the EPFO to resolve the issue.
  4. Once the verification is completed, the old UAN will be deactivated.

How to sync gmail to iwatch?


Jordan Milite answered

  1. Install the official Gmail app and set up the Gmail app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Gmail.
  4. Tap Notifications.
  5. Configure your Gmail notification settings in the way you prefer.
  6. Open the Watch app.
  7. Tap Notifications.
  8. In the Mirror iPhone Alerts From: section, move the Gmail slider to on/green.

How to host scheduled zoom meeting?


Dominic iyzjq answered

  1. Open your Zoom client and sign in to Zoom.
  2. Click on the Schedule icon. This will open the scheduler window.
  3. Select your meeting settings.
  4. Click Save to finish, and open the selected calendar service to add the meeting.

How to set up qvc account?


Rajinder Messier answered

Phone: Call a Customer Service Representative at 888-345-5788 . Mobile Services: You can quickly create a QVC Account when you download the QVC App on your mobile device. Or, simply place your first order. When processing your order, we'll create your QVC Account.

How to prepare ncert for ias?


Rehman Arslan answered

  1. Choose any subject of your interest.
  2. Make a Proper Note:- Every word in the NCERT is important.
  3. Complete all chapters from the chosen subject in the targeted time.
  4. Small revisions: Revision can be done in a baby step method.

How to cure periods stomach pain?


Haider Daniel answered

  1. Drink more water. Bloating can cause discomfort and make menstrual cramps worse.
  2. Enjoy herbal teas.
  3. Eat anti-inflammatory foods.
  4. Skip the treats.
  5. Reach for decaf.
  6. Try dietary supplements.
  7. Apply heat.
  8. Exercise.

How to export audio from vlc?


Atif anwe answered

  1. Open VLC.
  2. Go to Media –> Convert/Save.
  3. When you click Convert/Save, it opens a dialog box where in you can select the file which you need to convert(i.e. the video/FLV file which you wish to convert to MP3).

How to apply for green tax?


Tungar Vala answered

  1. Step 1: Open the Vahan portal.
  2. Step 2: Enter the vehicle registration number to avail “Pay your tax” service.
  3. Step 3: Click on the proceed button.
  4. Step 4: Select “Pay your tax” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Step 5: Enter your mobile number and generate OTP.

How to operate wlan access point router?


Tanmoy xxqg answered

  1. Place the Brother machine within range of your WPS or AOSS™ access point/router.
  2. Make sure that the power cord is plugged in.
  3. Turn on the machine and wait until the machine is in the Ready state.
  4. Hold down the WPS or AOSS™ button on your WLAN access point/router for a few seconds.

How to switch super funds?


Milchtein kmkseib Krusel answered

  1. Steps to changing super funds.
  2. Step 1: Choose a new super fund.
  3. Ready to choose a new super fund?
  4. Step 2: Join the new super fund.
  5. Step 3: Roll over the super from your old fund to your new fund.
  6. Step 4: Give your employer the details of your new super fund.

How to use thieves oil to prevent illness?


Scott jlvzdx answered

  1. Add 10 to 15 drops of thieves oil per ounce of water used.
  2. Optional: Add a dispersing agent, such as solubol, to the solution. This helps the oil diffuse better in the water.
  3. Shake well and spray. You'll need to shake it every time before you spray.

How to delete iheartradio account on app?


Ham nazhyqjy Kumari answered

Visit . Under Subscription select Change Plan. Select, Cancel Subscription. Next, select Cancel Plan to confirm your cancellation..

How to avoid pp hair loss?


Dharamveer Shaw answered

  1. Ensure that you are getting regular, gentle-to-moderate exercise.
  2. Consume a healthy diet rich in nutrients to support your changing body and help its postpartum recovery.
  3. Take postpartum vitamin and mineral supplements if recommended by your doctor.

How to do forex hedging?


fkxemebf Adam answered

  1. Open an account with or log in.
  2. Find the currency pair you want to trade.
  3. Choose your position size – ensuring it balances any existing positions.
  4. Place the trade and monitor the market.

How to call javascript function in c#?


Zebunissa Shahjahan answered

  1. Use WebMethod as attribute in target methods.
  2. Add ScriptManager setting EnablePageMethods as true .
  3. Add JavaScript code to call the methods through the object PageMethods .

How to setup cmg in sccm?


Tanu Insignificant answered

  1. Verify a unique Azure cloud service URL.
  2. Configure Azure Service – Cloud management.
  3. Configure Server authentication Certificate.
  4. Configure Client Authentication Certificate.
  5. Configure Cloud Management gateway.
  6. Configure SCCM-generated certificates.
  7. Add the Cloud Management Gateway Connector Point.

How to voice over google slide presentation?


Sakthi Roger answered

  1. Step 1: Create your audio files for each slide and upload it to google drive.
  2. Step 2: Insert audio to your slide, and configure play settings. Next, you can insert audio from your drive into each slide individually.
  3. Step 3: Configure your audio settings.

How to deactivate esim in iphone xr?


Umar Raghavachandra answered

  1. Settings. Cellular. .
  2. From the 'CELLULAR PLANS' section, tap the desired number. This option is only available when both the physical SIM card and eSIM are activated.
  3. Tap. Remove Cellular Plan. .
  4. To confirm, tap. Remove Verizon Plan. .

How to estimate nitrogen in soil?


spjfen Klein answered

The Kjeldahl method permits the available nitrogen to be precisely determined in the plant and in the soil. The method of determination involves three successive phases which are, Digestion of the organic material to convert nitrogen into HNO 3 . Distillation of the released Ammonia into an absorbing surface or medium.

How to ride lava strider?


Alfrey vjaqt Ladla answered

  1. Find a Strider. In Minecraft, you can find striders in the lava seas in the Nether dimension.
  2. Put a Saddle on the Strider. Before you can ride a strider, you must first put a saddle on it.
  3. Mount the Strider. Now you can mount and ride the strider.
  4. Hold a Warped Fungus on a Stick.
  5. Dismount the Strider.

How to broadcast using vlc?


Vitalik mlaobjx answered

  1. Open your VLC player on your computer.
  2. Next, choose the media you wish to play.
  3. Once you have chosen the file, click on the button that says Stream, which will lead you to another window.
  4. Press next.
  5. Choose the option to stream all elementary streams.

How to fix eye pain?


Smith qmwuzzh Divyang answered

  1. Home care. The best way to treat many of the conditions that cause eye pain is to allow your eyes to rest.
  2. Glasses. If you frequently wear contact lenses, give your corneas time to heal by wearing your glasses.
  3. Warm compress.
  4. Flushing.
  5. Antibiotics.
  6. Antihistamines.
  7. Eye drops.
  8. Corticosteroids.

How to disable creative mode in minecraft?


Sabal Ruia answered

You can change your default server gamemode under the Settings tab of your server. Then click Save and after that, restart your server. Also, the command to change gamemode is /gamemode survival or /gamemode creative. Hope this helps.

How to set lock to apps?


Marilee Cuesta answered

Go to Settings and select “Biometrics and security.” Tap on “ Secure Folder ,” then “Lock type.” Choose between Pattern, PIN, Password or a biometric option like fingerprint or iris, and create that password. Go to your app drawer and tap “Secure Folder.” Tap “Add apps.”

How to earn quick money in india?


Rodriguez eiplvgyt KC answered

  1. #1. Become a Freelancer.
  2. #2. Learn Stock Market Trading.
  3. #3. Become a Consultant.
  4. #4. Earn Online Money from YouTube.
  5. #5. Make Money from Facebook, Instagram.
  6. #6. Buy & Sell Domains.
  7. #7. Income from Writing Work.
  8. #8. Start Blogging to Earn Money Online.

How to enter bluetooth pairing code?


Jan bbheyfk answered

If a passkey* is required on the display of the BLUETOOTH device, enter “0000 .” A passkey may be called “Passcode”, “PIN code”, “PIN number” or “Password.” Make the BLUETOOTH connection from the BLUETOOTH device. When the BLUETOOTH connection is established, the (BLUETOOTH) indicator stays lit.

How to write fraction in decimal form?


Adbhut zubnz answered

The line in a fraction that separates the numerator and denominator can be rewritten using the division symbol. So, to convert a fraction to a decimal, divide the numerator by the denominator . If required, you can use a calculator to do this. This will give us our answer as a decimal.

How to calculate ny sales tax?


czqonaa Bansode answered

To calculate the amount of sales tax to charge in New York City, use this simple formula: Sales tax = total amount of sale x sales tax rate (in this case 8%).

How to stop hiccups fast?


Shafiq Siddqui answered

  1. breathe into a paper bag (do not put it over your head)
  2. pull your knees up to your chest and lean forward.
  3. sip ice-cold water.
  4. swallow some granulated sugar.
  5. bite on a lemon or taste vinegar.
  6. hold your breath for a short time.

How to negotiate with piglins?


byhxuu Mohssen answered

In order to barter with them, you'll have to wear at least one piece of Gold armor . If you don't wear at least one Gold piece, they'll attack you when you approach. After you're equipped, you'll have to give the Piglin in question a Gold Ingot. It'll look at the ingot for a bit and then toss you a random item.

How to help someone with nvld?


Param Bhandari answered

– Occupational therapy builds fine motor skills, and can teach the meaning and importance of facial expressions. – Typing , instead of printing, can help children with NLD who have poor handwriting to better express themselves.

How to broadcast ps4 to youtube?


Inessa Alcantara answered

  1. Start the game you want to stream.
  2. Press the Share button on your controller.
  3. Select "Broadcast Gameplay."
  4. On the Broadcast Gameplay page, choose the streaming service you want to stream to — either Twitch or YouTube.
  5. Before you can start streaming, choose your video options.

How to put cell borders in excel?


Meenu Navkanth answered

  1. Click Home > the Borders arrow .
  2. Pick Draw Borders for outer borders or Draw Border Grid for gridlines.
  3. Click the Borders arrow > Line Color arrow, and then pick a color.
  4. Click the Borders arrow > Line Style arrow, and then pick a line style.
  5. Select cells you want to draw borders around.

How to transfer ez tag to new car?


Rehab xhnw answered

To add a new license plate to your account, log on to on your desktop or mobile device, and follow the menu to EZ TAG Account > Vehicles and EZ TAGs > Update Existing Vehicles.

How to claim urbn power bank warranty?


Anjan Kumarasamy answered

Customer need to contact manufacturer on or call on toll free number 1800222468 .

How to buy fha foreclosed homes?


Ving Eid answered

  1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage. Today, foreclosed homes in fairly good condition and in prime locations are rare gems.
  2. Negotiate a purchase price. Before making an offer, you and your agent should assess the local real estate market.
  3. Get a home inspection.

How to turn off sky shield?


Sean Joe answered

  1. Go to the main Sky Broadband Shield website.
  2. Enter your Sky ID username and password.
  3. Scroll down the page until you see the Switch off button.

How to add uefi boot options windows 10?


Cho FaHad answered

  1. - Navigate to settings.
  2. - Select Update & security.
  3. - Select Recovery from the left menu.
  4. - Click Restart Now under Advanced startup.
  5. - Click Troubleshoot.
  6. - Click Advanced options.
  7. - Select UEFI Firmware Settings.
  8. - Click Restart.

How to measure i beam?


Kusumakar Mannan answered

In Canada and the United States, steel I-beams are commonly specified using the depth (in inches) and weight of the beam (in pounds per foot) . For example, a “4 x 13” I-beam is approximately 4 inches in depth (the measurement taken from the outer face of the first flange, to the outer face of the opposite flange).

How to register hana database in sld?


Rajneesh Aalam answered

  1. Installing Diagnostics Agent on HANA system host.
  2. Setup monitoring User in HANA.
  3. Setup HDB User Store in HANA.
  4. Register HANA in SLD.
  5. Check SLD and LMDB content for the system.
  6. Add Managed System in Solution Manager.
  7. Report the system to SAP and check the results.

How to quit application in mac?


Ikram Fun answered

Press these three keys together: Option, Command, and Esc (Escape). Or choose Force Quit from the Apple menu  in the upper-left corner of your screen. (This is similar to pressing Control-Alt-Delete on a PC.) Then select the app in the Force Quit window and click Force Quit .

How to renew uae employment visa?


Shri Divan answered

  1. a copy of a valid firm card.
  2. a copy of a valid trade licence.
  3. a copy of renewed labour card of the sponsored.
  4. a copy of labour card renewal receipt for those who reached (60) years and above.

How to get eyesight back?


Sadat Maheshwari answered

  1. Eat for your eyes. Eating carrots is good for your vision.
  2. Exercise for your eyes.
  3. Full body exercise for vision.
  4. Rest for your eyes.
  5. Get enough sleep.
  6. Create eye-friendly surroundings.
  7. Avoid smoking.
  8. Have regular eye exams.

How to turn pivot table into table?


Sheena xkcllq answered

  1. First, you have to create a pivot table from your table (Insert >> Tables >> PivotTable).
  2. After you add a pivot table, you have to choose fields.
  3. Check if the PivotTable is updated.
  4. Create a new sheet and paste the data there.
  5. Or, you can right-click a cell and choose paste by values.

How to see kota factory season 2?


Nusrat Shikrani answered

Watch Kota factory season 2 on Netflix . The web series released on 24th September. And all the episodes of 2nd season are available on the streaming platform. You can subscribe to Netflix starting Rs.

How to get freeze dry on gmax lapras?


Macy Fogg answered

Put the Gigantimax Lapras in the Nursery with 2 open moveslots, then put an offspring with Sparkling Aria and Freeze Dry and the moves will transfer over.

How to calculate rda for protein?


Armour Rinku answered

The answer, as established by the National Academy of Medicine, is that the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of protein for adults is 0.8 g per kilogram of body weight. To determine your RDA for protein, multiply your weight in pounds by 0.36 .

How to give cdn link in html?


Sameep eojbuusg answered

  1. Build a Basic HTML file. You can use your preferred code editor to create the file.
  2. Convert the File to a Bootstrap Template. Include the Bootstrap CSS CDN and Bootstrap JS CDN files, and Popper and Bootstrap jQuery through their CDN links.
  3. Save and View the File.

How to be iceland citizen?


uuomucn Lam answered

  1. Marry an Icelander.
  2. Attend a university in Iceland. Students are granted a residence permit and sometimes a limited work permit.
  3. Acquire a work permit. This requires that your skills be in demand.

How to upgrade xbox one gpu?


Konkona Scholz answered

There is no real way to upgrade the graphics in the Xbox one manually like you would in a computer. It might be possible to solder and remove the other card but I suggest that is not what you do as that isn't possibly true or logical. The only real upgrade you can do is upgrading storage.

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