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How to install the app in laptop?


Avanish ofoxw answered

  1. Go to the Start button, and then from the apps list select Microsoft Store.
  2. Visit the Apps or Games tab in Microsoft Store.
  3. To see more of any category, select Show all at the end of the row.
  4. Select the app or game you'd like to download, and then select Get.

How to eradicate cyperus rotundus?


kvjpqgvn Yaqoob answered

The conventional methods i.e. hand weeding and hoeing will give short term suppression of Cyperus rotundus L. However post emergence spraying of Glyphosate efficiently managed the weeds under non cropped land.

How to say ipad in japanese?


Shagun bjuuk answered

How do you say this in Japanese? iPad. iPadです!

How to retrieve nptel certificate?


Shubhashish Vasudevan answered

  1. Login to SPOC login ( )
  2. Click on Downloads, at left side of the screen.
  3. Click the link "Jan-Apr E-Certificate Download" download it as the zip file.
  4. Once you extract the zip file, you will be able to view the E-certificate.

How to create pte account?


Chitrapu Chadda answered

Visit the official Pearson PTE website and click on the “Sign in” button. Register for a Pearson account: Click on the account creation button to initiate the PTE login account creation process. Fill out the form with your personal information, including your preferred user name and password.

How to call data from another sheet in excel?


Rishabh qqruya answered

  1. Click the cell in which you want to enter the formula.
  2. In the formula bar. , type = (equal sign) and the formula you want to use.
  3. Click the tab for the worksheet to be referenced.
  4. Select the cell or range of cells to be referenced.

How to email bt sport?


Prateek ffpdde Wen answered

You can give us feedback or complain about an advert you've seen on Please send a description of the advert you wish to comment on, the time and date you saw it, and your comments to: .

How to cancel caxton fx account?


Mahajbin Thiagarajan answered

If You are the Cardholder and You wish to cancel the Payment Services or terminate this Agreement at any time, You must request cancellation or termination online by sending an e-mail to informing Us of Your wish to cancel or terminate and to claim a refund of Your Available Balance.

How long for nyquil to work?


Naveen tbse answered

A: This depends on many factors but it usually takes 30 minutes for NyQuil to start working.

How to print slide notes in powerpoint?


xjsfgx Weir answered

  1. Click File > Print.
  2. Under Printer, choose the printer you want.
  3. Under Settings, next to Full Page Slides, select the down arrow, and under Print Layout, select Notes Pages.
  4. Click Print.

How to eject hard drive from chromebook?


bkrtizr Wadhwa answered

  1. You'll see your USB drive in the left sidebar. All you have to do is click the eject icon.
  2. Alternatively, you can right-click the drive and select “Eject Device.”
  3. If your USB drive has a built-in LED status light, it will blink a few times and then stop.

How to create txt file?


dlqh Ibrahim answered

Another way to create a text file is to right-click an empty area on the desktop, and in the pop-up menu, select New, and then select Text Document . Creating a text file this way opens your default text editor with a blank text file on your desktop. You can change the name of the file to anything you want.

How to validate mandatory fields in selenium?


Mervyn Granville answered

  1. Inspect the web element.
  2. Check “Styles” tab at right hand side.
  3. Here you can check all css attribute applied on inspected web element.

How to backup chats in whatsapp from android to iphone?


Niranjan Ramakrishnan answered

  1. Launch the WhatsApp app on your Android device.
  2. Go to “Settings” and choose “Chats” settings.
  3. Tap on the “Chat History” option to get to the chat history screen.
  4. Tap on “Export chat” to export WhatsApp chats.

How to solve cmd problem?


Tayla Ruben answered

  1. Check Antivirus. Some antivirus software are known to cause problems with Command Prompt.
  2. Command Prompt Shortcut.
  3. Create New User.
  4. Update Path of System Environment Variables.
  5. System File Checker (SFC)
  6. DISM.
  7. Remove Context Menu Items.
  8. Safe Mode.

How to start swing trading?


Dane citcpviw answered

  1. Open a live trading account. Open a live trading account to start swing trading stocks.
  2. Research markets using technical analysis.
  3. Choose an asset to swing trade.
  4. Use risk management conditions.
  5. Monitor your position.
  6. Exit trade.

How to hydrate fine thin hair?


Bin sfphe Marwa answered

Drench your hair in a moisturizing mask . Applying a thick mask 1 or 2 times per week as needed can target dryness even more than your regular conditioner. Apply to damp hair concentrating on the ends and leave on your hair for as long as possible to allow the mask to really penetrate your strands.

How to say akka in hindi?


Pune Jules answered

  1. AKKA = ऐका [pr. {aika} ](Noun) Usage : In point of time the Akkanna - Madanna cave at Vijayawada in its present form comes first. उदाहरण : और समूद और लूत की क़ौम और 'ऐकावाले' भी, ये है वे दल +17.
  2. AKKADIAN= अक्कादी भाषा [pr. {akkadi bhaSha} ](Noun) +1.
  3. AKKADIAN PEOPLE= अक्कादी जन [pr. {akkadi jan} ](Noun)

How to teach good manners and right conduct?


Denise Wasserstein answered

  1. Lead by example: say please when you ask your child to do something for you.
  2. Let them wait their turn: The root of good manners is to respect others.
  3. Show them how to accept compliments: Teach your child to accept compliments politely, by saying thank you at the appropriate time.

How to temporarily stop your gag reflex?


Drew tjktoq Dominic answered

  1. Using a soft toothbrush to brush your tongue until you reach the area that makes you feel like you might gag.
  2. For about 15 seconds, brush that area.
  3. Repeat the process once a day until you no longer feel the urge to gag begin.

How to get duplicate bill of mgl?


Amyth Goretti answered

may be contacted on 68674500 / 61564500 or an e mail be sent to A duplicate bill will be provided.

How to get flowers to breed acnh?


Saroj gtzgwd Dhananjaya answered

To cross-breed, all you need to do is arrange your flower bed in a checkerboard pattern . In practice, it should be one flower, a gap, one flower, etc. The two nearby flowers of the same breed will cross-pollinate, producing a new color variant. To ensure this happens, make sure to water your flowers every day.

How to turn off an iphone 11?


Panchal Vitalik answered

  1. Press down one of the two volume buttons AND press down the side button.
  2. Soon, a slider with the text “Slide to Power Off” will appear.
  3. Use the slider to power off your iPhone.
  4. Done!

How to check emi on debit card?


Chawhan nanor Humaira answered

To check the EMI on Card, you can call the bank's customer care number or send SMS to check your eligibility. You can also check online by going to the payments section on the checkout page of e-commerce websites. If you can see EMI in your payment checkout page, then you are eligible for it.

How to lower vram usage warzone?


Shailash Tipnis answered

  1. Lower your graphics settings to 1080p or less.
  2. Disable any hardware monitoring tools you have running.
  3. Play the game in full-screen mode instead of borderless or windowed mode.
  4. Ensure that your graphics drivers are fully updated.
  5. Cap your frame rate to be no more than 60fps.

How to keep nails white?


Waqar Surya answered

  1. Use denture cleaner.
  2. Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.
  3. Use lemon juice and soapy water.
  4. Use white vinegar.
  5. Scrub your nails.
  6. Use baking soda paste.
  7. Rub lemon juice.
  8. Use lemon juice and baking soda paste.

How to duplicate custom designs animal crossing?


Sumit wbzx answered

The one you need to select for QR code scanning is the one labelled, 'Designs. ' Selecting this option will open up the QR code scanner and all that's left to do is scan your chosen QR code. Once the code is scanned, select the option to 'Save' and it will be transmitted to your copy of New Horizons.

How to get to lhr?


Yograj Bhalla answered

Heathrow Airport is located west of central London. You can travel between Heathrow Airport and central London by train on the Heathrow Express , the Piccadilly line on the Tube, taxi, the N9 night bus and National Express and easyBus coaches.

How to call google assistant when phone is locked?


Dhotre sthqw Bong answered

The first toggle button allows the Google Assistant to answer users' requests even when their phones are locked. All users need to do is say 'Hey Google' followed by their request .

How to frame masonite painting?


Rana Teach answered

Squeeze a line of wood glue onto each strip of wood and use a brush to spread the glue around. Press each strip down onto the back of the board and hold it for 30 seconds. Let the glue dry for at least 24 hours before trying to hang the painting.

How to throw origami ninja stars?


Jeannette Jenney answered

  1. Step 1: Technique. First you are going to hold the ninja star by one of the corners like this.
  2. Step 2: Throwing the Ninja Star. You are going to want to throw it like a baseball like a curveball.
  3. Step 3: Just Release and Enjoy the Fun. Throwing a ninja star is always fun but making them is even more fun.
  4. 3 Comments.

How to upgrade version in angular?


Gulzar Ayyappan answered

To update the local CLI in your Angular project follow this steps: Starting from CLI v6 you can just run ng update in order to get your dependencies updated automatically to a new version. With ng update sometimes you might want to add --force flag. You can also pass --all flag to upgrade all packages at the same time.

How to get off ghost mode on gta?


Yogita Mohanlal answered

  1. Open the Interaction Menu.
  2. Look for the Passive Mode option.
  3. Toggle it on/off.

How to dry jollof rice?


Charo Musuraca answered

If you're afraid that it is really soggy, then place it in a cool place such as an open fridge (closing the fridge means that condensation will pull on your food, so don't). You might want to throw the cooled down rice in the oven so that it completely dries out for good measure.

How to know operating system of server?


Hemangi Rao answered

  1. Open the terminal application (bash shell)
  2. For remote server login using the ssh: ssh user@server-name.
  3. Type any one of the following command to find os name and version in Linux: cat /etc/os-release.
  4. Type the following command to find Linux kernel version: uname -r.

How to crop screenshot ubuntu?


Amj Praveen answered

  1. Take a screenshot of a whole desktop by hitting printscreen.
  2. Open the screenshot using GIMP.
  3. Press SHIFT + C to crop the portion.

How to save vpn name in cisco anyconnect?


JC Siguenza answered

  1. Log in to the VPN normally per the instructions at How do I connect to VPN with Enhanced CWL .
  2. Open a Windows Explorer window.
  3. Copy this file path: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.
  4. Paste the copied path into the Address Bar in Windows Explorer.
  5. Press Enter.

How to print bmc water bill online?


Alayana Shiral answered

  1. Step 1: Go to the MCGM Aqua portal page –
  2. Step 2: Select 'Download Bills/Receipts' from the dropdown menu > Enter your CCN (Consumer Number printed on your bill) > Click on the Proceed button.

How to plot zeros in matlab?


Beyoncé Chung-chang answered

Click the Pole/Zero Plot toolbar button, select Analysis > Pole/Zero Plot from the menu, or type the following code to see the plot. To use zplane for a system in transfer function form, supply row vector arguments.

How to forward iphone calls to another phone?


Ghulam tmdm answered

  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding.
  2. Tap the white slider to turn it green.
  3. Tap Forward to.
  4. Enter the desired number to forward calls to (use your own number to have calls forward to your voicemail).
  5. Tap Call Forwarding.

How to email mp4 video files?


Campira ftlikhoe Heba answered

After composing your email, click Attach File. Find the video you want to attach. Right-click the video file and click Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder. After Windows zips the video, attach it to the email and send it on its way.

How to stop cnn autoplay?


Sathya Ramanesh answered

Settings → Show Advanced Settings → Content settings... → Plug-ins → Manage exceptions... and make the behavior "Ask" (or " Block " in recent builds). This will make it such that when you open a CNN article, you have to click the video to run Flash player, which effectively keeps it from auto-playing.

How to edit oem info in windows 10?


Andrey Biswabhusan answered

Select the OEM key (left), right-click in the right section of the window and select New > String Value. with value type REG_SZ and give it the name “Manufacturer”. Next, double-click on the value to open the Edit String window and enter your custom information into the Value Data box.

How to eat oats for weight loss?


Nana D'Costa answered

  1. Phase 1: Eat oatmeal for three meals each day for the first week. During this time, you should be eating only whole oats and not instant oatmeal.
  2. Phase 2: After the first week or phase, you'll eat oatmeal for one to two meals a day with a healthy and low-fat option for the other meals.

How to destroy oral thrush?


Samarth Randhawa answered

  1. fluconazole (Diflucan), an oral antifungal medication.
  2. clotrimazole (Mycelex Troche), an antifungal medication that's available as a lozenge.

How to port on mtn?


Rajbeer Birbal answered

  1. Visit any MTN outlet with your current phone number.
  2. Present valid ID (driver's license, Voters card, national ID etc.)
  3. Complete port-in form and submit.
  4. Complete port validation by sending 'PORT' to 3232 by SMS or dial 3232 and follow the IVR voice prompt.

How to move sms from android to iphone?


Stefen Yeun answered

  1. Download and Install SMS Backup+
  2. Connect the App to Google Account.
  3. Download SMS on iPhone.
  4. Install Move to iOS.
  5. Select the Option on iPhone.
  6. Choose the Data to Move.
  7. Transfer SMS from Android to iPhone.
  8. Install on both Phones.

How to calculate work cost?


JC Tejada-Flores answered

  1. Total Job Cost = Direct Materials + Direct Labor + Applied Overhead.
  2. Predetermined Overhead Rate = Estimated Overhead / Estimated Activity.
  3. Total Job Cost = Direct Materials + Direct Labor + Applied Overhead.

How to message an ex after years?


Abbas-Mustan Zaetta answered

  1. Remind Them Of A Good Memory.
  2. Take Their Temperature.
  3. Let Them Know You're Thinking Of Them.
  4. Send Them Something Funny.
  5. Don't Be A Weirdo.

How to revert android studio update?


Ian Manoj answered

Currently there is no direct way with which a downgrade can be done. I managed to do the downgrade by downloading Android Studio 3.0. 1 from here and then running the installer. It will prompt whether to uninstall previous version, and when you allow and proceed, it will remove 3.1 and install 3.0.

How to revert branch merge in bitbucket?


jtvbhckr Edwards answered

From the pull request, click the Revert button in the top right. (Optional) From the Revert pull request dialog, change the Branch name for the new branch you're about to create. Click the Revert button. Once you click Revert, Bitbucket creates the new branch.

How to download music on spotify?


Thomas bziqrrtg answered

To download music from Spotify, select the album or playlist and tap the "Download" button on Android or the downward-facing arrow on iPhone . When the download completes, you'll see a green downward-facing arrow next to each song.

How far ahead to forward mail?


Patricia Abella answered

How soon to change address when moving: You can set your mail-forwarding start date up to three months in advance of your move . We recommend doing it as soon as you close on your home or sign your lease.

How to use isabgol for constipation?


Arora bwirpw Iraitech answered

The insoluble fiber present in Isabgol causes the stool to soften and expand, thereby improving gut movement. Add two teaspoons of Isabgol in a glass of warm milk and consume it before you go to bed every night for a few weeks.

How to give nda exam after 10th?


Bhatti Zubair answered

If you want to join the army wing of NDA then you can choose any subject after 10th because the eligibility criteria states that for Army Wing of NDA the candidate should be 12th passed by State Education Board or a University but for Air Force and Naval Wings of NDA AND 10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme of Indian Naval Academy

How to watch az cardinals game online?


Srividya Reshma answered

  1. CBS All Access. Stream the NFL on CBS with CBS All Access!
  2. FOX Sports. Watch your local FOX game for free across all devices — just sign in with your TV provider credentials.
  3. NBC Sports.
  4. ESPN.
  5. Amazon Prime Video.
  6. DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket.
  7. NFL Sunday Ticket.
  8. NFL Game Pass.

How many oz to fly?


Vinayak Tirandas answered

You are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. These are limited to travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item. You are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes in your carry-on

How to prevent spider veins?


Beri Immad answered

  1. Exercise regularly to improve your leg strength, circulation, and vein strength.
  2. Control your weight to avoid placing too much pressure on your legs.
  3. Do not cross your legs when sitting and try to elevate your legs when resting.

How to share wyze home monitoring?


Kurian Uzma answered

No, HMS is not a shareable service. Currently we do not support sharing Wyze Home Monitoring Service. We plan to support role-based Home Monitoring sharing in the future. For now, you can share access to your cameras with people you trust in the Wyze app.

How to put azelaic acid?


Taj dsyskolh Jamie answered

Shake the azelaic acid foam well before use. Apply a thin layer of gel, or cream to the affected skin . Gently and thoroughly massage it into the skin. Apply a thin layer of foam to the entire face including cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose.

How to retrieve deleted photo on lg phone?


Anushka Bella answered

  1. Open the Gallery app.
  2. Tap the Drawer menu icon at the top left and select Trash.
  3. Tap the restore icon at the top of the screen to restore the selected album. Alternatively, you can open a single photo and tap the Restore button to restore it.

How to register mfa azure?


Tarla Krishen answered

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. On the left, select Azure Active Directory > Users > All Users.
  3. Choose the user you wish to perform an action on and select Authentication Methods.
  4. Click Require re-register MFA and save.

How to learn ayurvedic medicine online?


Eric ejtlxr answered

  1. Basic Certificate Course in Ayurveda (7 days)
  2. Advance Certificate Course in Ayurveda (14 days)
  3. Baby and Mother Care through Ayurveda (7 & 14 days)
  4. Marma Massage - Theory & Practical (3 & 5 Days)
  5. Prevention and Lifestyle Disorder Management (14 Days)

How to keep rivers clean?


Manti Chaudhry answered

  1. Use less water.
  2. Keep your car repaired.
  3. Use organic gardening techniques.
  4. Compost and contain yard waste.
  5. Deal with household chemicals and medicines properly.
  6. Go sustainable.
  7. Don't litter.

How to buy dwarf fortress?


Sujata Thandi answered

Dwarf Fortress is freely available from the Bay 12 Games website ( . To download Dwarf Fortress, simply find the SDL version that matches your operating system and click the link. You will be prompted to save a zip file.

How to identify ego states?


Blunt Techy answered

Selfish – In the Selfish ego state, people are reckless and demanding. They try to have fun without thinking of the consequences. Pleaser – People who are Pleasers obey the rules, but do not necessarily believe in the rules. They are obedient in the hopes of “flying under the radar”.

How to lower anxiety heart rate?


Jag Bajaj answered

  1. Sit or lay down and close your eyes.
  2. Slowly inhale through your nose.
  3. Exhale slowly through the mouth.
  4. Repeat this as often as needed.

How to screenshot in samsung a12?


Isla Ford. answered

Press the Side key. At the same time, press and hold the lower part of the Volume key and keep them both pressed to take a screenshot. The picture is saved in the phone gallery.

How to forward others whatsapp status video?


Arch Brummer answered

  1. Open WhatsApp > Status.
  2. Select the status update you wish to forward.
  3. Press Forward.
  4. Search for or select the contact or group you want to forward the update to.
  5. Press Send.

How to open vf page in developer console?


Hasmukh Johar, answered

  1. Open the Developer Console under Your Name or the quick access menu (
  2. Click File | New | Visualforce Page.
  3. Enter HelloWorld for the name of the new page, and click OK.
  4. In the editor, enter the following markup for the page.
  5. Click File | Save.

How to broadcast to lg tv from iphone?


Madhua Sumalatha answered

To cast iPhone to LG TV, go to your iPhone's Control Center . Then, tap Screen Mirroring. Select the TV's name once it has been detected. Your iPhone will then be mirrored to your TV thereafter.

How to put ugliness in a sentence?


Sounak Shukla answered

He was remarkable for ugliness , and was an object of aversion to his parents . That way, you don't have the ugliness of cord clutter on your countertops.

How to remove microsoft account from laptop?


Digi laenoy answered

Click the Start button, and then click Settings. Click Accounts , scroll down, and then click the Microsoft account you would like to delete. Click Remove, and then click Yes.

How to port to airtel from vi?


Rajendra Vyjayanthimala answered

  1. SMS “PORT” space “YourMobileNumber” to 1900.
  2. Save your UPC.
  3. Take your ID proofs and last Bill to the nearest Airtel Store.
  4. Receive, verify and activate your new Airtel Sim Card.

How to be sweet talker?


Iqbal Ogunlana answered

  1. Be respectful. Aretha Franklin once glibly observed that all anyone really wants is a little respect.
  2. Make them laugh. When learning how to sweet talk, remember: One of the keys to persuading others is putting them in the right frame of mind.
  3. Appeal to their ego.
  4. Discreetly remind them of favors past.

How to solve algorithm problems?


Jorge Tiurean answered

  1. Analyze the problem.
  2. Restate the problem.
  3. Write out examples of input and output.
  4. Break the problem into its component parts.
  5. Outline a solution in psuedo-code.
  6. Step through your example data with your psuedo-code.

How to enable keyboard in laptop?


Shomu Naji answered

Go to Start , then select Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard , and turn on the toggle under Use the On-Screen Keyboard. A keyboard that can be used to move around the screen and enter text will appear on the screen.

How to block rupay debit card?


Madhusudan Vatsalya answered

  1. Step 1: Login to with your username and password.
  2. Step 2: Select "ATM Card Services>Block ATM Card" link under the "e-Services" tab.
  3. Step 3: Select the Account, under which you want to block your ATM cum Debit Card.
  4. Step 4: All the Active and blocked cards will be displayed.

How to quit worrying about everything?


Cristina hnaddmiz answered

  1. Mindfulness and meditation.
  2. Deep breathing.
  3. Practice self-compassion.
  4. Do a body scan.
  5. Share your fears with friends and family.
  6. Practice gratitude.
  7. Keep an emotions journal.
  8. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

How to own air rights?


Martin hykfb Shweta answered

There are two ways of securing the air rights to a property, which include: Purchasing the property : If a developer wants to build a 72-story building where a 2-story building currently stands, they can buy that building, knock it down, and build a new structure that maximizes the air space how they want to.

How to turn on ucf 20xx?


rxiym Khan answered

You can toggle it in the 20XX Menu, which you access by going to VS Mode -> Tournament Melee .

How to sort amazon by delivery date?


Said Marwa answered

To get your order in two business days, you need to select the Two-Day Delivery option during checkout . The charges for Two-Day guaranteed delivery are 99 per order. However, for a limited period, this option will be available for 49 per order for all eligible items that are Fulfilled by Amazon.

How to on guided access in iphone 12?


Melanie Cheng answered

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility, then turn on Guided Access.
  2. Tap Passcode Settings, then tap Set Guided Access Passcode.
  3. Enter a passcode, then re-enter it. From here, you can also turn on Face ID or Touch ID as a way to end a Guided Access session.

How to become a boxing judge uk?


zqth Abella answered

After having been a Judge for 12 months , a Grade C Judge can then take a Grade C Referee written exam, providing you have judged at least 50 bouts. The papers are held by, and will be marked by, the Regional Assessors. If you are successful in passing this element, you will be asked to referee at least five contests.

How to cite niv bible?


D.R. Standen answered

Edited by Editor's First and Last Name, Bible Version, Publisher, Year of Publication. Example: Holy Bible. New International Version, Zondervan Publishing House, 1984.

How to put png into pdf?


idjq Totti answered

Once the PDF document is open, click on "Edit" in the main menu and then click on the "Add Image" icon to browse for the PNG image you would like to add to the document.

How to qualify for florida food stamps?


Sudheer Digitaldeepak answered

  1. You have a current bank balance (savings and checking combined) under $2,001, or.
  2. You have a current bank balance (savings and checking combined) under $3,001 and share your household with one of the following: A person or persons age 60 and over or.

How to learn lcm and hcf?


Sapna Vera answered

The formula that shows the relationship between their LCM and HCF is: LCM (a,b) × HCF (a,b) = a × b . For example, let us take two numbers 12 and 8. Let us use the formula: LCM (12,8) × HCF (12,8) = 12 × 8. The LCM of 12 and 8 is 24; and the HCF of 12 and 8 is 4.

How to minimize screen on pc?


Vijval Shetty answered

  1. Open a recently closed tab in your internet broswer: Ctrl + Shift "T"
  2. Switch between open windows: Alt + Tab.
  3. Minimize everything and show desktop: (or between the desktop and Start screen in Windows 8.1): Windows Key + "D"
  4. Minimize window: Windows Key + Down Arrow.
  5. Maximize window: Windows Key + Up Arrow.

How to quit tv watching?


Sunjay Samson answered

  1. Keep track of how much you watch. To get a better idea of how much TV you usually watch, try keeping a log of the time you spend watching each day.
  2. Explore your reasons for watching TV.
  3. Create specific limits around TV time.
  4. Distract yourself.
  5. Connect with others.

How to eliminate yard moles?


Meera Bawa answered

  1. Eliminate Their Food Sources. Moles love grubs.
  2. Apply A Repellent. In some cases, a mole repellent is an effective solution for an infestation.
  3. Use Plants As A Barrier.
  4. Dig A Trench.
  5. Create An Unfriendly Environment.
  6. Keep Your Lawn Tidy.

How to evolve nosepass pokemon go?


Mawra Sandilya answered

To evolve Nosepass into Probopass, you'll need to be around a Magnetic Lure Module placed on a PokéStop . Once you're in its range, you can evolve it using 50 Nosepass Candy. The prompt to evolve your Nosepass will turn green from red once you can evolve it.

How to ripen romano peppers?


Guddi Kaleskar answered

Simply leave your peppers on a sunny windowsill in a warm room for a few days . They will begin to turn color and ripen in the sun. Once ripened to your liking, store them in the refrigerator or use them right away. If they start to go soft, throw them out.

How much money does a psychology make?


Sabina Manuel answered

In addition, they often offer their services through private practice as well, thereby increasing the scope of their earnings. A clinical psychologist makes on average ₹355,326 per year .

How to wash indigo clothes?


Manc dlxijyl Kerry answered

Wash your indigo-dyed garments in cold water , separately from other items, using a mild detergent. Do not soak the garment for a long time. Do not rub it. You may notice blue running out into the water - this is normal and will stop after a few washes.

How to assign vmware license key?


Jan bbheyfk answered

  1. In the vSphere Web Client, navigate to the host in the vSphere inventory.
  2. Click the Manage tab.
  3. Under System, select Licensing.
  4. Click Assign License Key.

How to watch emmys in india?


Fashion Safora answered

The 2021 Emmys will be broadcast exclusively on Lionsgate Play in India. Disney+ Hotstar used to air the Emmys, but it dropped the license last year. Lionsgate Play is not free, so you'll have to subscribe in order to watch the awards.

How to move america from india?


Sudhendu Meshram answered

Generally, an individual must have a petition approved by the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) for immigrating to the US. This is the prerequisite for applying for a Non-immigrant Visa. The petition is submitted either by a potential employer or a qualified relative at the office of the USCIS in the US.

How was stalin able to gain power?


Wadhwa okaqdsks Mads answered

After Lenin's death, a struggle for power in the party broke out in the open. Stalin, through his office as General Secretary, took advantage of his knowledge of the existing antagonisms among the Bolshevik Party's leaders. Soon after Lenin's death, Stalin joined Zinoviev and Kamenev in a Politburo Triumvirate.

How to move vm template to another datastore?


George Mateen answered

  1. Convert templates to VMs.
  2. Leave powered off.
  3. In the Virtual Machines tab, select all the VMs you want to move > hold down Shift and Right-click > Migrate.
  4. Migrate Datastore - go through the wizard.
  5. Will migrate 4 at once and queue the rest, will migrate them as the others complete.

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