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How to get all wax out of ear?


Trisha lfwv answered

  1. Soften the wax. Use an eyedropper to apply a few drops of baby oil, mineral oil, glycerin or diluted hydrogen peroxide in your ear canal.
  2. Use warm water.
  3. Dry your ear canal.

How to name ip address?


onad Jayanih answered

Your IP addresses should use a sub-domain of the domain name of your server . For example, if your server is “” then name your IP addresses something like “”, “”, etc.

How to run css file in vs code?


kqtsrnvb Jahan answered

  1. Step 1: Install a Sass or Less transpiler# For this walkthrough, let's use either the sass or less Node.
  2. Step 2: Create a simple Sass or Less file# Open VS Code on an empty folder and create a styles.scss or styles.less file.
  3. Step 3: Create tasks. json#
  4. Step 4: Run the Build Task#

How to split screen in rdp?


Vetri Mourya answered

Open the remote machine in the RDP session and click “Preset Splits .” Select the “2×1” option. (Select another option if using more monitors). Click “OK” and then hit “OK” again to close the configuration mode. Your monitor should now be divided into two virtual monitors inside of the remote desktop session.

How to dry basil in microwave?


Vipasha Tiwari answered

  1. Wash and dry the basil leaves. Remove them from the stem.
  2. Microwave on High for 45 seconds.
  3. Remove the plate, spread out the leaves in a single layer.
  4. Microwave again on high for one more 30 second interval.
  5. Cool completely to allow to become perfectly crisp: the leaves will crisp more as they cool.

How to create lvm thin proxmox?


Avantika Rama answered

  1. Install the hard disks and check if they are visible under Disks.
  2. To prepare the disks for LVM group creation, first wipe them.
  3. Create physical volumes on the disks using pvcreate.
  4. Next create a volume group with all the disks.
  5. Go to PVE web interface.

How to deactivate sims on cnic?


Shabir Lenin answered

A customer can get the count of each mobile company's SIMs registered against his/her CNIC by sending his/her CNIC number to short code “ 668 ”. In case of any data mismatch, the customer can remove extra SIMs against his/her CNIC by requesting respective operator.

How to exit audio only mode in webex?


vbujvxu Balakrishnan answered

Open settings from your profile picture, tap Video, and make sure that Audio-Only Mode is toggled on. While connected to the audio portion of the meeting, swipe right to turn on audio-only mode. Swipe left to turn off audio-only mode.

How to save putty session?


Nethra Layton answered

  1. First open the PuTTY configuration.
  2. Select the session (right part of the window, Saved Sessions)
  3. Click Load (now you have loaded Host Name, Port and Connection type)
  4. Then click Logging (under Session on the left)
  5. Change whatever settings you want.
  6. Go back to Session window and click the Save button.

How to set leave on outlook calendar?


ztmxe Patil answered

  1. In Calendar, on the Home tab, click New Appointment.
  2. In the Subject box, type a name for your time away.
  3. In Start time and End time, click the dates when your time away starts and ends.
  4. Select the All day event check box.
  5. Change the Show As setting to Out of Office.

How to prevent skin rashes?


Carroll Marschall answered

  1. Bathe with lukewarm – not hot – water.
  2. Always use “fragrance-free” lotions, soaps and detergents to minimize irritation.
  3. As directed by your dermatologist, apply medications before moisturizing.
  4. Wear loose-fitting, cotton clothes.

How to calculate university of ilorin aggregate?


C oflci Mehak answered

In order to calculate your aggregate score, UNILORIN gives equal weight to your JAMB score and your Post Jamb score . Both scores are placed on a scale of 0-400 and then added together to come up with your final score.

How to check stats valorant?


Anju jfclpr answered

  1. Launch the game.
  2. From the game's main menu, navigate to “Careers.”
  3. In the “Careers” section, you can view the stats for last 10 games. This includes the game's score, kill/death ratio, map, and agent.

How to evolve it into umbreon?


Panda puoj Jayant answered

  1. Make the Eevee you want to evolve your Buddy.
  2. Walk with your Eevee Buddy for at least 10 KM and earn two Eevee candy.
  3. While that Eevee is still your Buddy, hit the Evolve button during the day to get Espeon, or at night to get Umbreon.

How to check operating system php?


Amin Hydari answered

php_uname() returns a description of the operating system PHP is running on. This is the same string you see at the very top of the phpinfo() output. For the name of just the operating system, consider using the PHP_OS constant, but keep in mind this constant will contain the operating system PHP was built on.

How to make x gal?


Hisham Status answered

X-gal is 5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl-β-D-galactoside. Make a 2% (w/v) stock solution by dissolving X-gal in dimethylformamide at a concentration of 20 mg/ml solution. Use a glass or polypropylene tube. Wrap the tube containing the solution in aluminum foil to prevent damage by light and store at -20°C.

How to change bf emojis on snapchat?


Muhammad Radeva answered

Tap ⚙️ in My Profile to open Settings. Scroll down and tap 'Manage' under 'Additional Services' Tap ' Friend Emojis ' and customize to your 🍕's content!

How to lower migraine pain?


whsfr Verzoletto answered

  1. Rest in a Quiet, Dark Room. Many people with migraine report sensitivity to light and sound, which can make headaches worse.
  2. Apply a Warm or Cold Compress to Your Head or Neck.
  3. Hydrate Aggressively.
  4. Massage Your Temples.
  5. Try Meditating.
  6. Smell the Lavender.
  7. Prevent Attacks With Exercise.

How to remove kde wallet service?


Cooper yivrgib Faisal answered

  1. (1) go to the KDE menu.
  2. (2) Type wallet, this will show KWalletManager .
  3. (3) Goto settings.
  4. (4) Uncheck "kwallet system active" .

How to order cylinder online?


Ciji Hussain answered

To book a cylinder online, just visit the website of your LPG provider (HP, Bharat Gas or Indane) and register yourself. Once you have done so, you will see an option to book a refill online. Follow the instructions and make your payment online or cash on delivery.

How to share a meal on mfp?


Alcantara Lakshmi answered

Load the MyFitnessPal app, and navigate to the settings screen under more. Then choose 'Diary Settings'. Select “Diary Sharing ”, and set the option to 'Public'.

How to teach puppy not to pee in house?


Gregory pzdl answered

  1. Take your puppy outside frequently—at least every two hours—and immediately after they wake up, during and after playing, and after eating or drinking.
  2. Pick a bathroom spot outside, and always take your puppy (on a leash) to that spot.
  3. Reward your puppy every time they eliminate outdoors.

How to allow safari to use microphone on mac?


Winton Karasick answered

On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy , then click Privacy. Select Microphone. Select the tickbox next to an app to allow it to access the microphone. On your Mac, choose Apple menu

How to write lsat personal statement?


S Sien answered

  1. Tip 1: Focus on you.
  2. Tip 2: Brainstorm broadly.
  3. Tip 3: Be genuine.
  4. Tip 4: Just write.
  5. Tip 5: Remember your “why”
  6. Tip 6: Be specific.
  7. Tip 7: Grab our attention.
  8. Tip 8: Know what makes the school tick.

How to export sketchup file to revit?


Sara Karande answered

  1. Create an in-place family in a Revit project, or create a family in the Family Editor.
  2. Click Insert tab Import panel (Import CAD).
  3. In the Import CAD Formats dialog, navigate to the folder that contains the SKP file.
  4. For Files of Type, select the SKP file type.
  5. Select the file to import.

How to help abdominal pain?


Mainak mnqivb answered

  1. Place a hot water bottle or heated wheat bag on your abdomen.
  2. Soak in a warm bath.
  3. Drink plenty of clear fluids such as water.
  4. Reduce your intake of coffee, tea and alcohol as these can make the pain worse.

How to oil waffle iron?


Taapsee Bharathwaj answered

The best way to grease a waffle iron is to use a soft brush, such as a silicone basting brush or a pastry brush . This will get between the grids easily, leaving every area of the waffle iron suitably non-stick, without having to spend ages working the oil or butter into the cracks. The best way to grease a waffle iron is to use a soft brush, such as a silicone basting brush

How to calculate iron content of blood?


Shingare Beepingme answered

Two thirds of body iron is present in circulating red blood cells as hemoglobin . Each gram of hemoglobin contains 3.47 mg of iron; thus, each mL of blood lost from the body (hemoglobin 15 g/dL) results in a loss of 0.5 mg of iron.

How to block the atm card sbi?


qqfmghr Shinde answered

You can call on SBI Card's Toll-free Number 1800 180 1290 or SMS BLOCK XXXX to 5676791 from your registered mobile number. You can also block your card via SBI Card Netbanking or Mobile App.

How to obtain a hc1 form?


Shuja Mamgai answered

You can order an HC1 form online, or download an HC1 form (PDF, 451KB) and print it yourself. The form may also be available from your local Jobcentre Plus office or NHS hospital . A doctor, dentist or optician may also be able to give you one.

How to attract painted buntings in oklahoma?


Jonny Allcroft answered

To attract these stunning fliers to your yard, offer millet seed in a feeder with perches . Painted buntings are wary and easily scared off, so hang a feeder with a protective cage around the tube to discourage larger bully birds.

How to play xbox on laptop with hdmi?


Nandish Mills answered

  1. Switch the Xbox off.
  2. Ensure all running PC programs are ended.
  3. Connect HDMI cable to Xbox and laptop.
  4. Connect the Output Port of HDMI – Xbox One, and the Input Port Of HDMI – Your Laptop.
  5. Switch on the Xbox.

How to justify text in ssrs textbox?


Manu boqw Hashtag answered

So to justify text, we basically need to divide the text into paragraphs by carriage returns, then by words with spaces , and measure the size of how each word will render in the selected font to determine how many words will fit on each line, and as a result, how many Unicode "hair space" characters are needed between

How to stop judging yourself?


Blayne Hubbs answered

  1. Catch your negative thoughts and words.
  2. Practice mindfulness and being in the present moment.
  3. Stop overgeneralising.
  4. Don't believe your negative thoughts.
  5. Accept compliments with gratitude.
  6. Focus on the positives about yourself.
  7. Love yourself in your entirety.

How to become a kqed member?


Siddhant Sanghvi answered

Please sign up for On KQED to get on the events mailing list. If you need a new Member Card, please email Member Services or call 415-553-2150 . Not a member? Become one today!

How to find less than ogive?


Sanu Marwad answered

  1. Draw and mark the horizontal and vertical axes.
  2. Take the cumulative frequencies along the y-axis (vertical axis) and the upper-class limits on the x-axis (horizontal axis).
  3. Against each upper-class limit, plot the cumulative frequencies.
  4. Connect the points with a continuous curve.

How to handle pre game jitters?


Jabuwantrao Devi answered

  1. Develop a Game Day Routine.
  2. Engage in Positive Visualization.
  3. Calm Yourself Down with Deep Breathing.
  4. Listen to Music.
  5. Don't Interpret Nervous Feelings as a Bad Thing.
  6. About Rocky Top Sports World.

How to start watching marvel movies?


zddhg Magera answered

  1. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER is something of an extended introduction to the MCU.
  2. Captain Marvel (2019)
  3. Iron Man (2008)
  4. Iron Man 2 (2010)
  5. The Incredible Hulk (2008)
  6. Thor (2011)
  7. The Avengers (2012)
  8. Thor: The Dark World (2013)

How to install backup cd windows 7?


Abhigyan Pareek answered

  1. Place a blank CD or DVD in the CD or DVD writable drive.
  2. Click Burn files to disc.
  3. Enter a disc title and choose Like a USB flash drive.
  4. Windows formats the disc.
  5. Open the Computer window or Windows Explorer and browse to the files to back up.

How to attach gif in email body outlook?


Miranda Chamaillard answered

  1. Select Insert in your inbox.
  2. Choose Online Pictures and select a GIF.
  3. Once you get it, select and click Insert from the bottom of your email dashboard.

How to less percentage from amount?


Jividha Abraham answered

  1. Subtract starting value minus final value.
  2. Divide that amount by the absolute value of the starting value.
  3. Multiply by 100 to get percent decrease.
  4. If the percentage is negative, it means there was an increase and not an decrease.

How to elevate bassinet for reflux?


Suneil Munshi answered

Raising the head of your infant's crib can also help relieve the symptoms of acid reflux. You can do this by placing a towel underneath the head of the mattress. For adults, lying on their stomach can help decrease acid reflux.

How to buy ncd from secondary market?


Frederik Bhowmik answered

NCDs are initially issued by the company in the exchange and later traded in the secondary market. So, you can either choose to subscribe when a company announces NCD or buy later in the secondary market when it is trading. Listed companies issue NCDs in BSE and NSE, where these instruments are also publicly traded.

How to observe furnace genshin?


Sudharshaan a.k.a."Rebecca" answered

After interacting with the Electro-Seelie , use the Electrogranum nearby to boost into the air and follow the Seelie. Once players have touched the Electro-Seelie a second time, the observation point will appear on the ground in front of the barrier.

How to check my name pmay?


Yogita Bhalla answered

  1. Visit
  2. Click on 'Select Beneficiary' and select 'Search by Name' from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your Aadhaar number.
  4. If your Aadhaar number is present in the database then you will find beneficiaries detail. Explore the Benefits of Applying home loan under PMAY Urban.

How to reach someone on dnd?


Saluja Thomas answered

  1. Call again within 3 minutes. Settings → Do Not Disturb → Repeated Calls.
  2. Call from a different phone. Settings → Do Not Disturb → Allow Calls From.
  3. Call at a different day time. If you cannot contact someone, this may not be caused by the “Do Not Disturb” mode.

How to play xspf in vlc?


Brand Julia answered

Just open the file in VLC and then go to the Media > Save Playlist to File option to convert it to M3U or M3U8. Online Playlist Creator might be helpful in saving to the PLS or WPL (Windows Media Player Playlist) format. You can convert an XSPF file to JSPF with the XSPF to JSPF Parser.

How to create a hyperlink aweber?


Ganesh cxqccpqb answered

When you are working in a message, first highlight the text you'd like to turn into a link. When you click within your content block a toolbar will appear directly above it. Click the "Link" button from the toolbar (it looks like a chain). A window will pop up where you will enter in your URL.

How to identify range in vba?


Tanishaa Tun answered

  1. Select all the cells of a worksheet. Cells.Select.
  2. Select a cell. Cells(4, 5).Select.
  3. Select a set of contiguous cells. Range("C3:G8").Select.
  4. Select a set of non contiguous cells. Range("A2,A4,B5").Select.
  5. Select a set of non contiguous cells and a range.
  6. Select a named range.
  7. Select an entire row.
  8. Select an entire column.

How to get airtel gprs configuration?


Guzman Sourabh answered

You can request for Airtel GPRS setting by sending an SMS type in the message “MO” and send it to 54321 . In case, the SMS service doesn't work then Airtel also provides an alternative way to get the GPRS setting.

How to buy tether in india?


Muzzammil Dav answered

  1. Create an Account. Register with your phone number, and submit your KYC documents.
  2. Make a Deposit. Add crypto to your ZebPay wallet, or link your bank account to buy crypto for the first time.
  3. Start Trading! You can even buy Bitcoin in fractions, for as little as a ₹100! Bitcoin.

How to win cash by playing games?


Mehak Uy answered

  1. Swagbucks. Swagbucks pays people to do specific tasks, including playing games.
  2. InboxDollars. Inbox Dollars allows you to earn some cash while playing games online.
  3. Point Club.
  4. Bingo Mania.
  5. Pogo.
  6. Gamesville.
  7. Paid Game Player.
  8. Second life.

How to not import photos from iphone?


lmksat Kapoor answered

Navigate to iPhone Settings, select iCloud , and then Photos. Check if the iCloud Photo Library option is enabled. Additionally, check if the Optimize Storage option is turned on as well. If this option is active, disable it and wait until your iPhone has finished downloading the photos from iCloud.

How to turn off mdm on ipad?


ozqpxmyg Rishi answered

  1. Open Settings on the device.
  2. Go to General > Device Management.
  3. Select the MDM profile.
  4. Select 'Remove Management'.

How to earn keys in bloons td battles?


Satvinder Madaan answered

Keys are granted equivalent to 2% of medallions won rounded up . Every clan has a logo, created by the clan leader. A clan logo is made up of a coloured outline, with a Bloons-related picture within it. If a player is part of a clan, their clan logo will show up in place of their profile picture when they join a game.

How to apply for tds certificate online?


Joey Gupte answered

  1. Step – I. Visit
  2. Step – II. Enter the Captcha code and click on Proceed.
  3. Step – III.
  4. Step – IV.

How to add hobbies in resume?


Tanko Veera answered

  1. Find what specifically you enjoy about that hobby.
  2. Focus on it's unique aspects.
  3. Don't feel obliged to be too creative.
  4. Create a separate section under a "Hobbies" or "Hobbies & Interests" heading.
  5. List up to 5 personal interests.
  6. Don't list anything generic.

How to upgrade dstv subscription?


Vera Shah answered

Whenever you want to upgrade your DStv package, you can simply do so by typing "Upgrade" + (your smartcard number) + (preferred package) and sending via SMS to 1731 . It's simple, smart and hassle-free!

How to know if photo is copyrighted?


Sagar bvuhfa Shan answered

  1. Look for an image credit or contact details.
  2. Look for a watermark.
  3. Check the image's metadata.
  4. Do a Google reverse image search.
  5. Search the U.S. Copyright Office Database.

How to add mkv files to ipad?


Sayani Bagri answered

  1. Download WALTR 2 and install it on your Mac or PC. No worries, it's a Free Download.
  2. Connect your iPad (or iPhone) At first, connect the iPad to your Mac / PC via USB when prompt.
  3. Add your MKV files.

How to raise hcg levels?


Chaithra Utekar answered

  1. Some FruitsLimited oranges, strawberries, apples, and red grapefruit.
  2. Nonstarchy Vegetables Lettuce, celery, cabbage, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes.
  3. Lean Meat Chicken breast, lean ground beef, shrimp, lobster, and white fish.

How to convert zsh to bash?


Jamie Divgikar answered

  1. Change to zsh: chsh -s /bin/zsh.
  2. Change to bash: chsh -s /bin/bash.

How to split 3 eggs in half?


Siddhanth Shetge answered

If a recipe calls for 3 eggs and you want to divide the recipe by 1/2, you'll need 1 1/2 eggs . The "one" part is easy—it's right there at your fingertips. The 1/2 egg can be measured out by whisking another egg and using only 1/2 of it, or by using 2 tablespoons.

How to check odbc driver version?


Bobcat Cowling answered

To check the ODBC SQL Server driver version (32-bit ODBC): In Administative Tools, double-click Data Sources (ODBC). Click the Drivers tab . Information for the Microsoft SQL Server entry is displayed in the Version column.

How to take cytolog 200 mg?


Michael Nishu answered

Cytolog Tablet is given alone or in combination with some other medicine to attain the maximum benefit. It should be taken with food or as your doctor's advice. It should be taken orally , by swallow the tablets whole with a drink of water.

How to activate ozone 8?


Dargan jonln Fred answered

  1. Open the software as a standalone application, or restart your DAW before locating and launching an instance of the software.
  2. You will be prompted by a window click 'Authorise'.

How to uninstall vga driver in windows 10?


crpchkoe Scotorenko answered

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time, then type devmgmt. msc into the box and press Enter.
  2. Locate and double-click on Display adapters (aka. Graphics card, Video card).
  3. Click Uninstall in the pop-up window.
  4. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

How to prevent hiv infection after exposure?


J.P. Faria answered

PEP, or post-exposure prophylaxis , is a short course of HIV medicines taken very soon after a possible exposure to HIV to prevent the virus from taking hold in your body. You must start it within 72 hours (3 days) after a possible exposure to HIV, or it won't work.

How to reset oil change?


Lili Kovack answered

Turn the ignition back to the ON position while holding the reset button. Watch the oil change or maintenance light carefully. It should start to blink. Allow the light to blink ON and OFF for a few seconds, then release the reset button and turn the ignition OFF.

How to use bb cream on face?


Waqar Kazi answered

  1. Apply BB cream to cleansed skin after any additional serums or moisturizers.
  2. Use a foundation brush, sponge, or your fingers to apply the cream.
  3. Apply foundation for more coverage and concealer in any problem areas.

How to control male dog in heat?


Vera Aham answered

  1. Keep the male away from the female until she is no longer in heat.
  2. Put the dogs in separate rooms on opposite sides of your home.
  3. Keep the female indoors and the male outdoors if space is limited in your home.
  4. Board the male in a kennel until the female's heat is over.

How to revert radeon drivers?


Naama alttmmh answered

Open Device Manager. Expand Display adapters, right-click on the AMD Radeon driver, then select Properties. Click on the Driver tab, then select Roll Back Driver .

How to reset reebok zr9?


Shatabdi Makkar answered

Locate the power switch on the Reebok treadmill. It is near the power cord on the frame of the treadmill. Press the power reset button and wait five minutes before you resume exercising on the treadmill. Locate and check the power switch to see if it has been tripped.

How to tell if tcp or udp?


Alani Kleszy answered

TCP is a connection-oriented protocol , whereas UDP is a connectionless protocol. The speed for TCP is slower while the speed of UDP is faster. TCP uses handshake protocol like SYN, SYN-ACK, ACK while UDP uses no handshake protocols.

How to turn ruler in snip and sketch?


Hassan lkpc Wissam answered

To use the ruler, go to the top menu and click or press the Ruler button. A virtual ruler should appear in the centre of the Snip & Sketch window. Drag the ruler around with your mouse, finger, or pen to move it. Additionally, you can rotate the ruler by using the mouse scroll wheel or two fingers .

How to put cbse paper for rechecking?


Neelamani Aurora answered

  1. Step 1: Apply for Re-totalling. To start, students need to apply for Re-totalling of the marks.
  2. Step 2: Apply for Photocopy of Answer Sheet.
  3. Step 3: Apply for Revaluation.

How to find nbi number?


Shantanu Venkataramanan answered

The NBI ID number is located at first column and second row of clearance or you may scan the QR Code (See the first picture in the page.). The NBI ID number is case-sensitve, so enter them as indicated on the clearance, all-caps and including dash.

How to overcome squint eye?


Rakhee Jayalalithaa answered

  1. In-office vision therapy. Vision therapy is a type of physical therapy for eyes.
  2. Eye patching. This requires covering the stronger eye with an eye patch for 2 to 6 hours or longer every day.
  3. Corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  4. Eye drops.
  5. Surgery.

How to prevent peyronie's disease?


Ramsay Chhabria answered

  1. Your healthcare provider may prescribe oral medications (Viagra®, Levitra®, Cialis®) if you have erectile dysfunction and sexual intercourse is either difficult or impossible.
  2. You should make sure to use adequate lubrication during sexual activity.

How to download dl online?


Jeff Shoukat answered

  1. Search for mParivahan app in the search bar.
  2. It then displays the search results.
  3. Select the mParivahan app from the results.
  4. Click on the Install button under the app.
  5. It then installs and downloads the mParivahan app on your mobile device.

How to access value of object in javascript?


Farhan Nodelman answered

  1. Dot property accessor: object. property.
  2. Square brackets property access: object['property']
  3. Object destructuring: const { property } = object.

How to get wrinkle free skin?


Hussnain Funds answered

  1. Protect yourself from the sun. It's a well-known fact that exposure to the sun can damage your skin, leading to premature aging and wrinkles.
  2. Use a retinoid.
  3. Moisturize.
  4. Stay hydrated.
  5. Eat vitamin-rich food.
  6. Sleep on your back.
  7. Don't smoke.
  8. Relax your face.

How to find dsn name of sql server?


Yashodhra Fox answered

  1. Open the library.
  2. Right click in the library and choose Properties.
  3. In the "Data Source" tab, review the "Primary data source" field to see which DSN is being used.
  4. Choose Start (> Settings, on Windows XP or Windows 10) > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC)

How to start a business in bvi?


Steven xylufd answered

  1. STEP 1 – SUBMIT INCORPORATION ORDER FORM FOR BVI COMPANY INCORPORATION. Please provide us your email address in the package details and we will email you the necessary incorporation forms.

How to pick up gold xp coins?


Onslow Fellows answered

The only Gold XP Coin on the map is located right in the center, a part of the map that's relatively easy to move around. You'll need to head north from the Zero Point and you should be able to see the Gold XP Coin in between purple crystals .

How to set up it company?


Kam Arpit answered

Register your software company under ROC. While registering it is necessary to file an application to the same office where the head office is situated. Choose the place where you want to set up your office. After getting the certificate from ROC, you shall start hiring employees.

How to make ahimsa silk?


Bankey Rina answered

Ahimsa tussar is produced by allowing the moths to hatch the cocoons before harvesting . Non-ahimsa tussar, which represents most of India's production, is produced by boiling cocoons with the moth still inside. Single, continues filaments are pulled off the cocoon to create very long fibres.

How to register for cxc?


Kadar Bakhri answered

Registration forms are available from the Examination and Assessment Section of the Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training , “Elsie Payne Complex, Constitution Road, St. Michael. The local entrance fee of $30.00 covers all examinations which the candidate may be writing in January 2021.

How to convert youtube video to audio on android?


Srinivasan abcdiphc answered

  1. Step 1: Open your browser and type and select your downloading source.
  2. Step 2: Click On Download Button and install the apk file.
  3. Step 3: Download one more app “Video MP3 Converter” from the Google Play store.

How to break up over text?


Sri Madan answered

  1. Keep it short and sweet. No one wants an essay detailing all the reasons why you don't want to date them.
  2. Re-read the text before sending.
  3. Avoid clichés.

How to differentiate epicenter and focus?


Ramzan bvevu Bruce answered

The focus is the place inside Earth's crust where an earthquake originates. The point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus is the epicenter .

How to take svn checkout?


tcohuaj Weber answered

  1. Open windows explorer.
  2. Create a folder where you will store project files.
  3. Right-click on the folder you created and select "SVN Checkout" (see image below).
  4. When prompted, enter your username and password.
  5. If everything worked, you now have a copy of the repository in your directory.

How to do zoom background blur?


Hitesh Rahul answered

While in a Zoom meeting, tap More in the controls. Tap Virtual Background (Android) or Background and Filters (iOS). Tap the Blur option . Your background will become blurred behind you, obscuring your surroundings.

How to order lost drivers license?


Zaira Jiten answered

  1. If you have lost you driving license, as a first step please go to the local police station and file an FIR and bring a copy of it to the RTO office.
  2. Download and fill up the appropriate application form from LLD the from the RTO website.

How to launch squadrons in vr?


Gib Teller answered

  1. Connect and power up your VR headset.
  2. Make sure the software for your headset is updated and running.
  3. Download and install SteamVR, if you haven't already.
  4. Click Play on Star Wars: Squadrons.
  5. Choose your settings and customize your pilot.

How to watch cw shows in india?


Pucky Walzde answered

  1. Subscribe with one of the VPNs we recommend for CW.
  2. Download and install its application on your device (look for it on the official website).
  3. Log in to the VPN with your credentials, and connect to any server based in the USA.

How to email resume to company?


Saad szvhwka answered

  1. Use an effective subject line.
  2. Address the hiring manager by name.
  3. In the first paragraph, tell the hiring manager who you are and why are you contacting them.
  4. In the second paragraph say what value you'd bring to the company.
  5. Close the resume email body with saying you're eager to meet in person.

How to stop leakage current?


imrgrd Utekar answered

The best ways to prevent leakage current are to always use shielded cables on motor installations and to make sure that these cables are grounded at both ends. Also, check cables and insulation for damage and replace ones that are broken or damaged.

How to empty overflow tank?


Xavier Meriwether answered

Place a large drain pan under the radiator and remove the radiator cap. If your radiator doesn't have a cap, remove the pressure cap from the coolant tank. Then open the drain cock and drain the radiator. Drain cocks come in several different styles—screw threads, quarter-turn twist, and quarter turn and pull.

How to access icloud drive on iphone?


Olleras colc Adil answered

  1. Tap Browse at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Under Locations, tap iCloud Drive. If you don't see Locations, tap Browse again. If you don't see iCloud Drive under Locations, tap Locations.
  3. To open a folder, tap it. See View files and folders in Files on iPhone.

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