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What airport is hcx?

Asked by: Kashvi Rau

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Nirav Bhat (Software Engineer for JavaScript, React, Node Security Clearance Matlab) From: Omaha/United States

List of airports by IATA airport code: H. ZK-HCX / ZKHCX (Airwork) - Aircraft info, flight history, flight schedule and flight. Airport, Type, City, Country, IATA, ICAO, FAA. Corporativo Cervantes Heliport heliport (AG10867) located in Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México, Mexico. Aircraft S5-HCX - EC20 - AirNav RadarBox Database - Live Flight Tracker, Status , History, Route, Replay, Status, Airports Arrivals Departures. Flight status, tracking, and historical data for P2-HCX including scheduled, estimated, and actual departure and arrival times.


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