What are bgz files?


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Question: What are bgz files?

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Game map file used by Blood Frontier, a first-person shooter (FPS) game previously developed as Red Eclipse; contains data for a game level, such as terrain definitions, waypoints, weapons, and other map settings; can be used for storing single and multiplayer maps. But I need to uncompress this bgz file into regular vcf - I need to process it locally variant by variant. I wish to work with the information in gnomAD Exome VCF file, however I did not manage to open or unzip the file 'gnomad. Would make it very clear what type of file is being dealth with. It looks like it's a "block gzipped" file and should be viewable with anything that knows gzip files (tar, gzip, etc). Bgzip compresses files in a similar manner to, and compatible with, gzip(1).


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Ahmedabad, India

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