What are the most important points in Seattle?

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Answer #1#
San Francisco, United States

Just get in a car and drive.There is no specific water.All of them, all of them.On every road and side road.The day and the night are the same.Any season, any year.You just go.I recommend going deep into the market, even though it is on every tourist list.Get lost in that place.The alleys are across the street.You can either go in or out of every door.Every time, I find a new book.

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Answer #2#
Trotter Koglu
Charlotte, United States

Depends on what you mean by best.If I have an out of town guest, and we have a limited amount of time, I usually take them to Capitol Hill and visit the following all within 1 block.

  1. Oddfellow's cafe.A local, organic cafe.Molly Moon has an ice cream shop.Right next door is ice cream.
  2. There are books by the name of Elliot Bay.The bookstore is local and independent.
  3. There is a park called Cal Anderson Park.There is a bike polo.

There is more than one thing to do in Seattle, but it is a big slice.

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