What are the Top five tourist destinations in Mumbai and Why are they popular for?

I have been planning to travel to Mumbai along with family and friends. I am wondering which five tourist spot should we visit for sure.


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Question: What are the Top five tourist destinations in Mumbai and Why are they popular for?

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Following are the top five tourist destination in Mumbai. 

Gateway of India

Gateway of India is the top best tourist spot in Mumbai. It was built by British empire during British rule in India. It is near to Chatrapati Shivaji Railway Station, also known as CSTM. You can get taxi from the station. Church Gate station also near to this spot. The best time to visit this spot is evening. Saturday and Sunday is bit over crowded. 

Elephanta Island

If you visit Gateway of India, then just behind it, there is a mini port where plenty of Boats waiting to take visitors to Elephanta Island. The best time to visit this spot is at early morning. Elephanta Island is an island near to Mumbai and there are caves at the top of the mountain. The only way to reach the top of mountain is climbing through the stairs. 16th century caves are present there. The mountain is not big. It hardly takes fifteen to twenty minutes to reach the top. 

Borivalli National Park

Another tourist attraction in Mumbai is the Borivalli National Park. It is a zoo cum garden. Best time to visit is during monsoons. 

Juhu Chowpati Beach

It is just beach. People who are from middle part of India and have not seen beach, they are more excited for such place. It is crowded in the evening. The sea is not clean. There are plenty fast food points at this beach. This beach is near to Santacruz railway station. 

Film City

Film city, is not a tourist destination. But tourists have curiosity always to look at it. There is a management system at the film city which keeps on tracking outsiders and impose penalty. However there are tourist bus available in the city which is allowed to move inside. So you can witness film shooting, serial shooting if you travel in these bus. 

I hope you have got clear vision of top five tourist destination of Mumbai.


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