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What is a peacock as a pet?

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The scientific name of the common peacock is pavo cristatus, which means peacock in India. This bird has been a symbol of elegance for many years.

The green neck peacock is native to Southeast Asia.

The largest populations of wild peacocks are found in India and Sri Lanka.

This bird has been collected in historical documents and has been illustrated in ancient mythology with the Roman goddess Juno or the Egyptian Isis, which is indicative of the importance and consecration that this bird has had since ancient times.

It is thought that Alexander the Great exported it to other places. It is thought that it was in Ancient Greece around 450 BC. Being introduced before.

In the past, the peacock was valued for its beauty and elegance, but also for its high quality meat and eggs.

The animals are omnivorous, but they only eat fresh vegetables, insects, worms and worms. hatchlings are fed corn when they are in captivity They begin to eat fresh vegetables, insects, and industrial feed when they are adults.

Peacocks use their tails for many rituals. They open their tail in a big way. Polygamous males can have harems with several females, each of which usually lays three to five or even eight eggs. peacocks form groups on tree branches

The male peacock begins his journey by fanning his tail.

When the female gives in, it chases her and makes sounds similar to a whistle to get her attention. Once fertilization is complete, the female separates from the group to start her egg-laying career. Each male can have 6 different relationships with different females.

They are usually found in forested areas in America, Europe and Asia. It is a calm bird that can be controlled, but it can become aggressive if it feels in danger.

It sleeps on the branches of the trees that form large groups.

They form small groups in the morning to start searching for food.

These birds are going to rest and preen at noon before they begin their search for food and water. They go back up the tree to sleep when night falls.

There are more and more people who want to own a peacock. The specimen can be as young as 15 to 20 years of age.

The peacock gives a beautiful touch to our garden.

An adult specimen can either be adopted or raised from the chick stage. It will be more complicated if we raise it from a turkey, but the result will be better because we will have an exotic bird in our family.

Fresh vegetables can be added to a chick's diet if they are fed corn and small worms. They are able to eat corn, rice, and animal feed in the adult stage.

It is important to create an ideal habitat for the chick, we can use a drawer with food, fresh water and a thermometer to keep the temperature at 20oC. The peacock needs an area of 50 square meters of sand or grass to run around in.

See more about the diseases of peacocks.

The sex of the peacock is not known until it is 6 months old, and it is the same as the female. Three years is when the males begin to develop their feathers.

The peacock is larger than the female and has more showy feathers to ward off predatory females.

The female has a brown head with a white face and a crest similar to that of the male, and she has a larger body than the male.

Females don't have the fan of feathers that males do.

According to research published by the biorXiv magazine, peacocks use their feathers to communicate with their kind without being discovered by predators.

The feathers are a symbol of royalty, nobility and elegance. They are used to decorate bridal bouquets.

The shine of the peacock feathers is due to a structure that reflects light in a certain way.

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Answer # 2 #

There are other reasons why you should adopt a peacock.

Some of the peacock's behaviors can get you into trouble, and it's a challenge to have a peacock because of the specific care that it needs. Before purchasing one, pay attention to this.

The blue or Indian peacock is the most common peacock as a pet or ornamental bird, there are three other species. You will know the characteristics and behaviors of the blue peacock if you read this.

The colors of male peacocks are mostly a brilliant blue with some golden feathers on the sides like their wings. The appearance of the feathers is scaled before it reaches the tail.

The ocelli have a combination of brown, black, gold and green colors that aids the males in courting by perching at different angles of light.

The females have a combination of grey, brown and cream colors.

White turkeys are capable of reproducing because of a genetic variation called leukemia, which makes them white. The males have brown eyes and tail ocelli.

Some turkey feathers are white due to a genetic fault, but there are other variations in which they are dark in color with green and blue segments.

The peacock has a wingspan of 1.6 and 1.5 meters and a height of 1.5 meters.

Male peacocks are the ones that stand out the most because of their tail, which is used to court females by extending their tail like a fan.

Do peacocks with more ocelli have a better chance of reproducing?

The ones that have few and show their tail less are more likely to spend their energy fighting an infections due to the presence of Heterophils in their body.

The legs of peacocks are grayish-brown in color and are spurred, this means that they have spurs (bony formation covered with an extra horny layer that males have on the back of their legs) of about 2.5 cm, which help them males in the mating season to fight against other competitors.

They are strong and long to be able to hide in bushes and escape from predators.

The beak of peacocks is strong, pointed and slightly curved, which means that it can adapt to different situations, even though it doesn't have a specific shape that allows it to eat a specific type of food.

Peacocks, despite being raised by man for a long time, retain a behavior that is a little more wild than domestic chickens and turkeys, contrary to how it can happen with other species of the same family.

The male peacock is aggressive towards other males when they are having sex. One way to intimidate others is by extending their tail, but in physical fights they will do so by flapping their wings and attacking with their talons.

Do people keep peacocks in their chicken or turkey pens to intimidate potential prey?

The Peacock is having sex.

The sexual maturity of peacocks is much longer than other species, from 2 to 3 years for males and 2 years for females.

A male can mate with up to 6 females and a female can lay between 3 to 5 eggs, although there can be a maximum of 12 eggs.

The incubation period lasts for 28 days and they do it in a way that uses branches and dry leaves.

When they are born, the chick comes out feathered and with good motor skills, which allows them to fly a week after birth and remain in the care of the mother for another few weeks.

The habitat for the turkey should be large enough for the bird to find food on the ground.

This way is the most recommended, although it has its drawbacks, such as exposing your peacock to the attack of a predator, but it will not be a problem if you find a way to protect it. It is necessary to care for a peacock outdoors.

The function of the pens is to keep the peacock safe if it is exposed to a predator, although the most common is that the owners place it inside other pens to help protect other birds inside it, since it is capable of taking on an intimidating appearance.

If you decide to keep one or several in one, the pen size should be 2.5 meters long or more, so that the bird can stretch its feathers and wings.

It is important that you have a place where your peacock can sleep and feel safe at night. The shelter should be about 30 to 60 square meters and made of plywood to conserve heat.

Peacocks, being from temperate and tropical climates, at altitudes between 900 and 1,200 meters above sea level, will prefer warm environments over cold ones, although they are quite flexible when it comes to adapting to the conditions in which they find themselves since they were born. lived in them since they were chicks.

Peacocks don't usually bathe in water unless they accidentally get wet, which is when they drink water in a pond, and then dry out.

Sand or dirt baths are the best for peacocks since they are able to deal with parasites and insects that enter their feathers.

It's only necessary to leave a large container with special sand for chickens inside the pen for the sand bath. Depending on how clean the container is and how much sand remains, you can do this weekly.

The shelter where your peacock is should be cleaned monthly, although this may vary depending on the conditions in which you see it.

The pen should be cleaned monthly, but you should take into account the number of birds in it and the dirt they accumulate.

The health of your birds depends on the way your feeders and drinkers are kept, as well as the size of the pen you have and whether or not your peacock or birds can access them.

It's important to clean them daily or weekly to remove any trace of feces, food, or water that may be in them to prevent the spread of parasites.

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Answer # 3 #

The common peafowl is a large bird that is also called the blue peafowl. Sexual dimorphism in adult specimen is very obvious. The long and elegant tail can be measured by mature males.

It is seventeen-nineteen years in some climates.

It needs a lot of gardens and farms where it can live. The corral where they are to be collected must be at least 50 square meters. They need protected facilities in cold and humid climates.

It consumes a variety of seeds, which must be complemented with vegetables, such as lettuce, escarole, dandelion, ray-grass, testuca, and insects. It only requires a couple of times a day when it is semi-freedom to habituate the birds to congregate.

Four or five hens should be kept for every male. They climb the branches of the large trees to sleep or rest, and then they are free to walk around the garden the rest of the day. Several adult males should not be together.

They do not lack clean and fresh water, so they need to distribute food. They must be housed in pens in the winter.

Shamsudin Govitrikar
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