What is a wxga screen?



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Kahaan Munshi

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WXGA (1280x800 pixels, 16:10 aspect ratio): WXGA is the widescreen version of XGA — delivering the same vertical resolution but providing 20% more horizontal resolution. Wide XGA (WXGA) is a set of non standard resolutions derived from the XGA display standard by widening it to a wide screen aspect ratio. Wide XGA (WXGA) is a display class (or standard) that supports a resolution of 1366 to 1280 pixels horizontally and 768 to 720 pixels vertically. Generally, WXGA is used to describe a native screen resolution of approximately 1280 x 800 with 16 million colors. Screens XGA, SXGA, WXGA, WSXGA+. Monitor screens are pretty specific when it comes to screen size and mounting.