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What is aci certification?

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Answer # 1 #

The concrete construction Industry decided that any one working with concrete need to present a certificate that proves he know what he should. This was needed as the construction need many workers and it is difficult to know who knows what?

There are many types of work related tasks such as block builder, floor finisher, concrete truck operator, concrete batching operator, concrete pump operator, finisher, vibrates, supervisor, engineer, inspector, quality Control, and so on. If any one is asked HE WILL SAY I HAVE EXPERIENCE!!! this could be true or false?

The ACI developed coded and design publications and needed to insure that the workers implement such codes and design specifications.

Now the ACI developed means to evaluate such experiences in specific subjects or tasks. Therefore you can be ACI Certified as a Shot Create expert, or as industrial floor finisher.

In order to succeed in this direction ACI decided that the Civil Engineer must be part of this Certification. If you work with concrete you must obtain the ACI Field Testing Technician Grade I, a simple certification that is a must for both Civil Engineers and technicians.

Once you have this certification then there are many possible paths depending on your tasks in the field.

If you are a Civil Engineer you can follow the path of Inspection and become Concrete Inspector or Transportation inspector. Or you can follow the path of Quality Control. Or you can follow the path of Laboratory Engineer, materials engineer or Consultant.

If you are a construction professional then you can follow the path of an advanced level technician in laboratory testing. up to laboratory manager.

If you are a construction worker then you can follow the path of expert in a number of tasks. There is a certification for Expansion Bolt Installer. He will be the one to fix all the seats in a stadium. Or the person conducting Dry Shot-crete or Wet Creating, or prestressing etc etc.

Coles Romancito
Chief Brand Officer.
Answer # 2 #

Certification Programs. The AAMI Credentials Institute (ACI) awards certification credentials to health technology professionals in industry and healthcare delivery.

Shriram Kozelka