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What is canada visa application center in cvo?

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Due to the contract awarded by the Government of Canada, VFS Global will provide Canadian visa application support services through a network of Canada Visa Application Centres.

This global network of Canada Visa Application Centres will provide increased access and enhanced administrative services to applicants through a consistent service delivery approach, which will also support biometric collection.

The Canada Visa Application Centre will provide exclusive service for the Government of Canada, and is authorised to accept applications for all temporary resident categories (visitor visas, study and work permits) and travel document applications from Canadian permanent residents in Bosnia Herzegovina.

The Canada Visa Application Centre is authorised to provide administrative support services, such as scheduling appointments, collecting visa applications, enrolling biometrics and returning passports in sealed decision envelopes to applicants.

The Visa Application Centre only provides general information and administrative services related to temporary resident applications, including study and work permits, as well as travel documents for permanent residents of Canada. The Visa Application Centres is not authorised to provide any information, or respond to any inquiries, regarding permanent resident applications and Canadian consular services. This includes Express Entry for skilled immigrants, online application support, Canadian citizenship and any specific information about the visa application forms, the supporting documents or any advice related to the visa application process. Please visit Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s website for more information on these programs.

The decision to issue or refuse a visa is made solely by immigration officers of IRCC, in accordance with Canada’s immigration visa policies and guidelines. Please note, VFS Global, including the CVAC, is neither an agent nor a representative of the Government of Canada. The CVAC has no role or influence over the outcome of an application, and will not offer any evaluative advice. For more information, please visit

Your visa application will be processed by the Government of Canada, who makes all decisions regarding your visa application. VFS Global and its staff do not play any part in or influence the outcome of your visa application. VFS Global can only provide services to ensure that your visa application is correctly filled in and submitted.   For more information, please visit

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