What is cql drama?


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MDZS VS CQL: The Difference, MDZS has other adaptations such as comic, audio drama, animation and of course the live action known as CQL or The Untamed, purposefully having a different title so as to dinstinguish itself from the original work. Anonymous said: Whats CQL mean? I keep seeing it used but i dont get it??? Answer: It's [陈情令] Chen Qing Ling which is the chinese title of. A 20-episode special edition of the drama aired on WeTV starting December 25, 2019. Earlier this year, a wonderful thing happened to me: I fell hard for a Chinese drama series called The Untamed (Chen Qing Ling), a sweeping. ❤ [參照:X, X, X] Art by 千景繪STUDIO; do NOT remove links.


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