What is dgs in antenna?


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Question: What is dgs in antenna?

Topics: antenna

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DGS has been used in the field of microstrip antennas for enhancing the bandwidth and gain of microstrip antenna and to suppress the higher mode harmonics, mutual coupling between adjacent element, and cross-polarization for improving the radiation characteristics of the microstrip antenna. A defected ground structure (DGS) is proposed to reduce the cross-polarized (XP ) radiation of a microstrip patch antenna. The concept of Defected Ground Structures (DGS) has been developed to improve the characteristics of many microwave devices. Abstract: A wide band Microstrip antenna with defected ground plane structure is proposed for Ku Band applications. 1 is not only a DGS element, it is a slot antenna—a highly efficient radiator. Defected ground structure (DGS), increases the performance of the system.


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