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What is dizziness in hindi?

Asked By: Taahira Pradhan

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Bba from Kurushetra University Software Development Retention Lean Outsourcing Virginia Beach United States

आइये जानते हैं Dizziness ka matalab hindi me kya hai, ( डिज़्ज़िनेस्स का हिंदी में मतलब. वर्टिगो का अर्थ है – सिर घूमना या चक्कर आना ( chakkar aana)। यदि आपको अक्सर चक्कर आने का आभास. Have you ever stood up and felt a bit dizzy? In this video of Aaj Ka Prashn, we have tried to answer just that. Definitions and Meaning of dizziness in English. चक्कर आना - Dizziness in Hindi. If you feel dizzy, you feel that you are losing your balance and are about to fall.


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