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What is dry hcl gas?

Asked By: Sneha Bail

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Dry HCl gas does not contain H+ ions. It is only in the aqueous solution that an acid dissociates to give ions. Since in this case, neither HCl is in the aqueous form nor the litmus paper is wet, therefore, the colour of the litmus paper does not change.


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In dry state, HCI gas does not give any H+ ions. It does not behave as an acid. That is why the colour of litmus paper does not change. · : We know that the colour of litmus paper is changed by H + ions because of acid.Dry HCL it


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HCl is acidic only when moist or aqueous. Hydrogen Chloride gas will turn blue litmus paper red only if either the gas is moist or the litmus paper is wet with


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Answer · Dry HCL it does not dissociate to give H+ ions. Acids dissociate to give ions only in the aqueous solution. In this, HCL is not in the aqueous form nor the


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