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what is eems department?

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The state’s chief minister, Manya Ashok Gehlot, launched the Rajasthan Berojgari Bhatta Yojana to help the state’s young who are unemployed. The state government would offer a monthly unemployment benefit of ₹ 3000 for educated, jobless youth in Rajasthan and ₹ 3500 for unemployed women under this program. This program will give financial aid to educated, jobless youths who have received their high school diploma or equivalent. This program is open to all the state’s jobless youth. However, you must determine your eligibility before applying for the Rajasthan Berojgari Bhatta.

VakilSearch has actively collaborated with the government on its initiative to help the poor by offering its ever-helpful hand in assisting individuals to complete different forms and applications and providing support in the face of legalese. To learn more about VakilSearch and this fantastic program that addressed the lives of the poor as a beacon of hope in times of despair and agony, continue reading our blog.

Under this scheme,  initially state government would pay a financial help of ₹ 650 to educated unemployed youths and ₹ 750 to females; however, the unemployment allowance has recently been enhanced by the Rajasthan government under Rajasthan Berojgari Bhatta Yojana 2023. A monthly unemployment benefit of ₹ 3000 for educated jobless youth and ₹ 3500 for unemployed women would be offered under the program. Interested state residents must submit an online application to benefit from the Rajasthan Unemployment Allowance Scheme 2023. The state will pay for this for two years.

Beneficiaries of the state who are interested in applying under the Rajasthan Berojgari Bhatta should use the process outlined below.


As you are all aware, the issue of unemployment is getting worse across the nation. And despite receiving an education, young people in Rajasthan cannot find employment. The state has recognised this issue and is working to address it. The government has launched the Rajasthan Berojgari Bhatta Yojana 2023 to address this issue. This program offers an unemployment stipend of ₹  3000 per month to the state’s educated unemployed male students and ₹ 3500 per month to the girls. You may, of course, visit the Vakilsearch website to be informed about further similar schemes.

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