What is egwp?



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Tanvi Dar

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Medicare Advantage employer group waiver plans (EGWPs, pronounced EGG-whips) are customized Medicare Advantage plans developed exclusively for employer and union groups. This page provides important information on Employer Group Waiver Plan ( EGWP) coverage under Medicare Parts C and D. An EGWP, commonly referred to in retiree benefit plan parlance as an “egg whip”, is a group Medicare Part D prescription drug plan option that is offered to retirees who have been promised prescription drug coverage as part of their Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB). Group Medicare Advantage plans are also called employer group waiver plans (EGWP), pronounced “egg-whips. Express Scripts has been successfully transitioning clients to the Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP) program since the inception of. The EGWP provides the standard Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage only to the Medicare-eligible retirees and covered.