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What is fks in cats?

Asked By: Rebecca More

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Fading Kitten Syndrome: Fading Kitten Syndrome is a life threatening emergency in which a kitten, often one that was previously healthy, “crashes” and begins to fade. Signs of Fading Kitten Syndrome in Cats · Extremely low birth weight: Kittens that develop FKS are often the smallest of the litter. Fading kitten syndrome is a set of symptoms that are associated with a failure to thrive in neonatal kittens. Fading kitten syndrome refers to the death of a kitten within the period of life from birth to weaning (approximately 4 to 5 weeks of age). Trauma and hypothermia are two causes of fading kitten syndrome that truly come on suddenly. There is now a scientific explanation for kittens born alive, but don't live long.


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