What is fyers 30 day challenge?


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Question: What is fyers 30 day challenge?

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Essentially, if you are in net profits for a period of 30 trading days, the brokerage charges incurred during the period will be refunded. Since we have introduced our flagship offer, FYERS 30 Day Challenge to incentivize the active trading community in India and devised a. Off late, we conducted closed-door surveys and decided to introduce “FYERS 30 Day Challenge. No! You don't have to be profitable for every single day, but you should be profitable at the end of the 30 Day Challenge period after accounting. Fyers 30 day challenge is a reward program intended to keep traders focused on profitability. The Fyers 30 day challenge is a brokerage refund programme offered by the Fyers Stock Broker to their clients.


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