What is gcb g money?


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Question: What is gcb g money?

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In January, GCB Bank launched G-Money, a mobile money service which allows individuals and businesses to store and make transactions on their phones and other personal digital assistant devices (PDA). The industry-first product called G-Money is fully interoperable to facilitate the sending and receiving of funds from any mobile money wallet or bank accounts by. GCB is Africa's most welcoming bank, offering accessible financial support wherever it's needed through helpful service and expert solutions, to encourage. As part of GCB Bank's commitment to driving financial inclusion in its strategic objectives, the Bank will officially launch “G-Money”, an industry first mobile wallet. You can send money 24/7, 365 days a year to any G-Money wallet holder or non wallet holder on G-Money at any time in the day. What happens to the cash on my wallet if my phone/SIM is lost or stolen? G- Money.


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