What is ioh and iol?


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Question: What is ioh and iol?

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IOL is the current into the pin (sinking) when the pin has a logic level of zero. Gate drivers are often confused as continuous current sources because of the IOH and IOL specifications in the datasheet. For the chip ADV7391BCPZ, can you please let know what is the IIL and IIH for digital inputs P7 to P0, CLKIN, HSYNC, VSYNC, SFL and. IOH = 400 uA, IIH = 60 uA, IOL = 16 mA, IIL = 1. In a school assignment I get a question, in which I have to consider the output capabilities of the 741s00 chip with respect to the IOH and IOL.


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Kochi, India

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