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What is izara system?

Asked By: Naitee Rattan

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Deaf Students Teacher Counseling Ghaziabad India

Izara is system in which tax collection authority given by bidding process and highest bidder chosen. Ijara/Izara means Revenue Farming in the time of Mughals. what is differene between ijarah system of mughals and zamindari system of britishers? Asked by kunals1713 18th July 2019, 6:36 AM. Izaredari system was introduced in 1773 by Warren Hastings in Bengal whereby he assumed that all land belongs to State. Modern Indian History - Jahandar Shah - After Bahadur Shah’s death, a new element entered Mughal politics i. Ijarah system in Mughal administration/revenue farming / UPSC Civil Services Exams.


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