What is ktkln card?


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Question: What is ktkln card?

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KTKLN is a form of identity card for Indonesian Workers which serves as evidence that the worker has fulfilled the procedures needed to be able to work abroad. Well, it seems the KTKLN card is no longer needed (called an agency today and the person confirmed this with me). The government of Indonesia introduced a card called Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri (KTKLN) or in English, Overseas Worker Card. Hi friends for many years, Indonesian helpers needed a KTKLN card issued in Indonesia to get through Indonesian immigration and fly back to. EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT ยท Indonesian domestic worker: work permit and valid passport. Can an Indonesian maid go back for home leave and be back at Singapore, without KTLKN card? Suppose I renew my maid's work permit for.


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Dhanbad, India

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