What is lakshadweep?


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Question: What is lakshadweep?

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Lakshadweep is a tropical archipelago of 36 atolls and coral reefs in the Laccadive Sea, off the coast of Kerala, India. Lakshadweep formerly known as the Laccadive, Minicoy and Aminidivi Islands (/ ˌlækədaɪv ˌmɪnɪkɔɪ. Lakshadweep, the group of 36 islands is known for its exotic and sun-kissed beaches and lush green landscape. Lakshadweep, union territory of India that is a group of some three dozen islands scattered over some 30000 square miles of the Arabian Sea off the. Lakshadweep, formerly the Laccadives, is a group of islands situated some 400 km off India's west coast in the Arabian sea. Lakshadweep Islands or Laccadives is located 250 miles off the South West Indian Coast on.


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