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What is ntc in phone?

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When I had to bring my 2-month old iPhone 6s Plus to the Apple store because the camera’s software was acting really iffy, I was really surprised to find out that Apple refused to touch my phone. Of course, I know that a then-2 month old iPhone is still covered in Apple’s Limited Warranty, and so I was ready to prove my case. I brought out my ORs to prove to the store that A: It’s still relatively brand new, and B: It’s still covered under your warranty, but they slowly (and apologetically) told me something that shocked me. According to Apple, because my iPhone 6S Plus lacked an NTC sticker, the Apple Limited Warranty is automatically voided, and thus, they can’t send my phone to a service center for repairs. To be honest, I’m not a techie guy at all, and so because I knew nothing about these government tech rules and regulations, I told the employees that I’d ask the NTC (whoever they are) to certify my phone. Good thing I had the proper sense to Google more information about this NTC sticker thingy, otherwise I probably would’ve found out the hard way that to get an NTC sticker is not as easy as it seems. But before I get to that part, I wanna share to you guys what the NTC is, and what their stickers signify.

The NTC, otherwise known as the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), is the country’s official telecommunication’s licensing agency.  They have two main roles: to install, maintain and operate both public and private radio stations, and to regulate and supervise the Philippine’s public telecommunication systems. As telecommunication systems comprise communication devices from mobile phones to radios, it’s their job to make sure that all of these communication devices comply with the government’s telecommunication laws, and so they go great lengths to ensure that the public get mobile gadgets from accredited sources. These accredited sources are various sellers (some physical, some online) that have applied for accreditation by the NTC, and so the fact that they decided to go through a rather expensive and lengthy process just to be accredited shows that they are brands that can be trusted. So every time you do buy a smartphone that has a sticker, it means that the phone was imported legally, and as such, is given full benefits, like full warranty!

One thing I noticed is that a lot of online retailers often sell smartphones that are (surprisingly) cheaper than the suggested retail price (SRP) posted by the manufacturer. These phones are brand-new, never damaged, and come with everything in the box, so I find this quite suspicious, especially when you note that to make a decent profit, these stores have to have bought these phones at even cheaper prices from whoever supplies it to them. To help you guys understand better, here’s a simple screenshot of a price comparison for a phone that’s often price compared: the Vivo Y71! For reference, Vivo officially sells the 3GB RAM version for Php 8,990.

If that doesn’t make you rather suspicious, then I don’t know what will! These stores all sell the iPhone X for more than Php 10,000 less than it’s official SRP, and with the exclusion of Shopee and CMK, most of them don’t indicate if the phone has NTC Certification or not. In the realm of online, it’s hard to know if a phone is truly NTC certified or not, and so one should be a careful and discerning buyer when trying to buy a phone online! Since asking for a NTC Certification is a question that will always give you a sure ‘yes’, be sure to ask the seller if it’s fine for you to send you a picture of the phone’s NTC sticker, which can actually be found in the phone’s  ‘About’ or ‘Regulatory’ tab in the Settings. The extra sense of security, along with the manufacturer benefits you will have when you buy an NTC-certified phone, should be reason enough for you to shell out a few extra pesos to buy an NTC-certified phone.

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