What is rdw-cv in blood report?



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Adah Hora

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Red blood cell distribution width (RDW or RDW-CV or RCDW and RDW-SD) is a measure of the range of variation of red blood cell (RBC) volume that is reported as part of a standard complete blood count. A red cell distribution width (RDW) blood test helps measure variation in red blood cell volume and size. What is it used for? The RDW blood test is often part of a complete blood count ( CBC), a test that measures many different components of your. Red cell distribution width (RDW) test identifies the sum of red blood cell variation in volume and size. A red cell distribution width (RDW) blood test can help detect the presence of anemia, along with what could be causing it. Blood routine is one of the commonly used test methods in clinical practice, in which the red blood cell distribution width (RDW-CV) is an.