What is rpd in networking?


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Question: What is rpd in networking?

Topics: networking

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The RPD platform is a physical layer converter device whose functions are to convert downstream DOCSIS data, MPEG video and out-of-band (OOB) signals received from a CCAP Core over a digital fiber network such as Ethernet or passive optical network (PON) to analog RF for transmission over the coaxial cable; and to. The routing process (rpd) is the main task that uses Routing Engine memory. Containerized routing protocol process (cRPD) is Juniper's routing protocol process (rpd) decoupled from Junos OS and packaged as a Docker container to run in Linux-based environments. Networking RPD abbreviation meaning defined here. Remote PHY nodes (RPD) · Product information · Related content · HFC access networks · Proactive network maintenance · R-PHY and MACPHY distributed access. Remote PHY is an approach to distributed access architecture (DAA) in a digital hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) network.


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